Parents Angered By Bus Driver Using Profanity And Racial Slurs At Children

bus tlsParents are outraged after their children’s bus driver repeatedly used profanity and racial slurs against them while transporting them from school, TLS has learned. Several children –  from the same bus – repeated to their parents words and finger motions that a bus driver used against them over the last two weeks -including slurs such as “all your parents are frauds”, as well as four letter words – which the children repeated to their parents.

One of the parents contacted the bus company as well as the Transportation Department to report this inappropriate behavior. The district said they would ‘look into the matter’ and was told by the bus company that the accused driver of the bus would be notified of her accusations, despite her objecting in fear of her child’s safety.

TLS contacted Board Of Education member Chesky Seitler to questioned the legality of the department or bus companies passing on personal information and complaint to the drivers, and what actions are being taken in regards to this specific incident.

“We take these complaints very seriously, and we are actively looking into the matter”, BOE member Chesky Seitler said.

Parents of children who may have experienced similar incidents are urged to contact the Transportation Department to file a complaint. When doing so, be sure you have the bus, bus route, time and driver information available in order to properly file the complaint.

TLS will continue to monitor this incident as well as other incident which may jeopardize or compromise on the safety and well being of the children of Lakewood.

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  1. there is definately more to this story. i can tell u first hand that these kids prvoked the bus driver. how do u expect the driver to respond?

  2. booshed.

    Are you nuts. I don’t care what the kids did. The driver can’t use profanity, racial slurs and disgusting comments about the parents. PERIOD. There are ways for the driver to deal with behavioral issues and curses and racisim are not the right way.

    Is it right when a police officer looses his cool when he’s being provoked? NO.
    Is it right when a teacher looses her cool if she is being provoked? NO.

    So if you are excusing the actions of one human being, would you be so lenient if during a traffic stop a cop (also a human being) starts ripping you a new rear, and acts unprofessionally – would you be so understanding? i think not.

    Bottom line, we all have patience. we all have common sense. we all have self-control. some people are just more selfish then others. those selfish people choose to feed into the selfishness & act out in a manor deemed by society to be ‘inappropriate.’ Unfortunately that comes with consequences.
    [If its done by one adult to another adult- you can walk away and forget it happened. But when an adult does this to a child, it has greater consequences & ramifications.]

  4. How about safety of our children?? yesterday i saw a bus in coventry chase after a car that sort of (not really) cut it off and went into oncoming traffic to go around the other car!! is that whom we trust are kids with. Btw it was (moderated)

  5. This is what happens when you don’t care enough to spend the extra couple of bucks to hire a frum person like many mosdos do. There’s no reason for our frum girls and boys to be exposed to people who don’t share our view on many different issues. Live, Learn and pass it on!

  6. No excuse for any children to have fowl profanity spewed out at them period.
    If they were provoked they are the adults and should not lower temselves to this .
    There is an easy solution here, stop the bus and until it all stops no one goes anywhere untill evry one sits down with their mouths closed!

  7. To My Voice,
    What is fowl profanity? Is that a chicken before it’s cleaned? Or perhaps one of the ducks on the lake is quacking the wrong way? Pray tell…

  8. the correction is foul profanity. and it absolutely wrong for this driver to be saying this kind of language to children. there is excuse for this behavior and this driver should be fired immediately. we need respectful and responsible drivers on the road protecting our children. bus drivers are also considered to be role models and we need bus drivers who can play that role for children.

  9. #12 is right. It is high time to get frum drivers to transport our yiddishe kids and also to get some kosher hardearned money back into our pockets and help our economy.

  10. #15 Fowl profanity is a disgruntled chicken who is making his disgruntledness known. Sometimes, fowl profanity happens when geese are crossing the street and the traffic won’t slow down for them. I saw that happen on N. Lake Drive the other day. One of the geese spewed fowl profanity at the driver. Fowl profanity was rampant amongst turkeys last month with the turkeys getting the raw end of the deal. And finally, fowl profanity has been heard when the swans on the lake saw the swan boats riding people around this summer. They were crying foul!

  11. Wow- we’ve got some real comedians on here today! Between the Fowl jokes, the inappropriate manor, and the Native American complaining about the expansion of Lakewood on a different article I’ve got my entertainment for the evening. Thanks for the levity gentlemen!!

  12. that endanger your kids. i was traveling down miller rd. going past the lake, you know, where the road curves. i was passed by a car and there was a small child in the back seat! this area is a no passing zone people!!! thats what a double solid yellow line means…but then again it was lakewood and who really cares how you drive.

  13. perhaps then you should get your own sanitation, road, police, electric, gas, water, etc. dept’s also. then you could really stretch that old dollar

  14. There’s no reason for our frum girls and boys to be exposed to people who don’t share our view on many different issues. Live, Learn and pass it on! NOW that sounds racial. # 12

  15. I’m aware that TLS does not provide spell check, but there are a few solutions to this. One would be to actually know how to spell. This can be achieved by reading the works of others who also can spell. Not a practical suggestion for readers of TLS. Another simpler suggestion would be to cut and paste the offending word in your Google search and presto; it will almost always give you the correct spelling. I’m no computer maven (yes, this is now a word in an English dictionary) so if there is a simpler way, than great, by all means DO IT. Yet another way would be to cut your entire submission and paste it in Word, press spell check, and you are done. (If it’s worth reading, don’t forget to cut and paste back here in the comment section) In any event, whatever method you employ, SPELL CORRECTLY. There is nothing as deleterious to your salient point as a misspelled word.

  16. To #12…Not all people share the same views. This is America. There are different religions and races. Within the religions, there are different beliefs. How dare you say Frum children shouldn’t be associated with a non-frum. I am Jewish. Probably not in your eyes. The mentality that you have is exactly why Lakewood has the problem it has. Enough is enough. Maybe if you didn’t think you were better than the other people living in Lakewood, this would be a much better place to live. If that’s how you really feel, maybe you should live on a desert island where you can make your own laws and hire only frum.

  17. Besides for everyone being upset about this story, I’m so happy to see others, besides me, upset about the horrible spelling. Maybe there’s hope! Don’t even get me started on the grammar!

  18. hey NUMBER #12:

    How about this as an example: We Americans want to segregate ourselves. we want AMERICA back to AMERICANS. that means you can go back to your homeland now… thanks, see ya!

    i think you need your head checked.
    but if you really are for segregation; i know a country that you can go to that will make you happy.

  19. Precisely because this is America gives ultra religious Jews the right to be discerning in the personnel that care for their children, and to insure that they meet the stringent requirements they hold dear. Whether you like it or not the fact remains that associating with “whoever” will likely cause some sort of influence on a child. If you find the atmosphere and lessons imparted by that person objectionable then you have every right to limit that contact. Bonnie if you do not share their views then translate it into something you do and you will have to admit that what I’m telling you makes sense.

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