P.G. Waxman: Attempt To Push Out Candidates Will Be Very Detrimental

pg waxmanWith the current elections taking place for Fire Commissioner, and the latest attempt to place Loigman and Rozsansky in, P.G. Waxman submitted the following message to TLS: “This crass attempt to push out both candidates being promoted by the Board of Fire Commissioners will Chas V’shalom boomerang and be very detrimental to the Kehilla’s interest and safety”.

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  1. P.G. Can you please elaborate? I personally think ALL “our chevra” should get themselves out of politics in this town. However,why do you single out these positions??

  2. PG…What would boomerang? Is the kehilla not entitled to a voice? Do the Fire Commissioners OWE you something???
    Give us ONE good reason why this should continue to be a boys club without accountability!!
    And if fire fighters are threatening to quit if these two guys arent put in, then so be it. We will enroll 200 people in the Fire Academy and they will join the department. It is not wise to threaten.
    This is a Democracy, not an Egyptian Dictatorship! You all know what happened to them.

  3. There will always be those who prefer the status quo.
    What is the “chilul hashem” about?
    What’s wrong with participating in a democratic process?

  4. If there is a fear that voting against their agenda and not following it hook line and sinker will cause a drop in response time efficiency etc. To the frum community , then such people can’t be trusted at any time to do the job to the best of their ability . What happens if some yid ticked him off by cutting off his car that morning and when he gets a call in the afternoon to a jewish development , do we have to worry that he will slow his response time , sorry such firemen are dangerous and unnecessary and their is every reason to form an open revolt against such type of volunteers , lives are at stake.

  5. I would like to clarify what I posted . In no way am I insinuating that our dedicated volunteer firefighters aren’t nobly dedicated the their jobs and don’t deserve the utmost credit . However I’m referring to the fear mongering that the establishment (isn’t that what they do best ?) is trying to sow that a vote against will result in slower response times for jewish areas.. If they feel that to be true they should be leading the revolt to get rid of such volunteers before people c”v die

  6. Chas Vsholom there is a fire who will come put it out?? It will not be able to be extinguished by a Lakewood Cheder graduate. Let those that know fire, be the commissioners!

  7. I don’t know anything about this Fire Commissioner election, however, based on past experiance, if Mr. Waxman is against, I’m for… I speak for myself, and perhaps many many others.

  8. I don’t get it the proposed budget from the Fire Commisioner actually reduces the Tax LEvy.
    Uf thats the case is this where the Kehilla wishes to focus their energies?
    Why not focus on the places where the tax levy has not been reduced?

  9. #5 well said. If there is any problems immediately after elections firefighter resignations etc. don’t be nervous, we can replenish the volunteers easily. I know close to a dozen volunteers ready to fill any vacancies and eager to learn the ropes. I think we might be able to get enough volunteers to even lay off the new hired firefighters(this is not a promise).

  10. HOW YOU DOIN: i appreciate your voice. and yes you have a right to vote. unless you are a firefighter in lakewood or any other town than you will know that its not “a boys club” rather its a unit of people that have one goal. a goal to help protect other (strangers) from danger. these commissioners are lakewooders from the beginning and know that no one especially them want taxes to go up. the gentlemen who wish to be “written in” did this whole thing behind everyones backs. Do you want to have a commissioner in office who has done that? do you want him in office moving around your tax money behind your back? the records of the fire dept are open to the public. they are honest straight forward people who will show you what they are doing and spending on what. i fear that you have made a decision without knowing your facts and now have put not only the entire fire dept in jeopardy but your community as we. please sleep well tonight and know that you should apologize for your mistake in voting these gentlemen in if you have indeed done that.

  11. Does anyone even know who the people on the ballot are, that we should support them. I don’t know a thing about who and what they are. I’m not giving them my vote.

  12. for me, the fact that “Mayor M.Miller and Committemen Langert and Lichtenstein are unequivocal in their strong opposition to the write-in campaign” is a reason to do it!

  13. To #5 What do you suggest these 200 people will do on shabbos or yom kipper or any other yom tov? Will they run out to fight a fire on those days? Your wrong for attempting to remove the fight fighters. Your taxes will only go up when you will have to hire Non-Jews to work on Jewish holidays, and they wont do it part-time they will want full-time. I hope next time you open your mouth, you will use common sense.

  14. Way to go #4
    If you could find 200 people to join where have they been up to now?
    Got people who will go to school nights and weekends for over a year on their own time and own dime?
    And how many that make it thru school will actually go into a burning building where hell on earth is happening. If you bothered to look at the fire department OPEN books you’d find one of the best run entities in the county.
    Ask to see any other gov’t books see what their response is.
    As a matter of fact ask to see your own first aid’s books see how fast you get a look at them. What did heated sidewalks run?
    Enjoy higher insurance rates.
    Enjoy funding taxes for a paid department 10 times higher than you pay now.
    My days of volunteering for a community that no longer appreciates what we do will be over as of Monday.

  15. If those “200” people want to be firefighters in Lakewood they still need to apply to the fire companies, be accepted, get all the required checks done and then when that is done attend fire school. That is not a simple process, it takes time. YOU just can’t apply for fire school and go..there are rules we must follow. #21 is correct, what happens when there is a fire on shabbos or one of your other holidays? and you will not respond..what happens when you throw out the blame? who will you blame?
    Each company has requirements that have to be met before you can attend any classes. That is a rule of thumb for the fire service..Jumping in with both feet is a tasking that not everyone is good at or ready for. I commend my fellow firefighters for standing their ground. We train long and hard to do what we do. It’s not easy. You just can not join a fire company today and drive the trucks tomorrow, IT doesn’t work like that.
    Show some respect to those that have been there and are there. Its not all about $$$ its about respecting those that do the job every day and night, answering your calls for help (kitchen fires, oven fires, C/O Alarms, smell of smoke..oh and the best- burnt toast).

  16. Anonymous says:
    FEBRUARY 19, 2011 AT 8:56 PM
    Does anyone even know who the people on the ballot are, that we should support them. I don’t know a thing about who and what they are. I’m not giving them my vote.
    If you don’t know them how can you say you are not voting for them. All you hear is one side of the story, show up to a meeting once and a while..they have them once a month. You can talk to them there. You prob have seen them on the streets, they live here, work here and fight fire here.
    The current commissioners on the ballot have been firefighters in this town for over 15 yrs. That says something about them. They show their dedication by doing extra work to keep the dept running.

  17. this sounds like political control of this town. everyone has a right to vote. its SHOULD NOT be the BOYS CLUB.

    if any fire person will threaten the town to let our hosues burn down if they dont get they BOYS in, then they should not be part of the club.

    I would guess there is so much internal leadership in the fire department . its maybe time for a cleanup. Many departments have been spending our of control over the years. It is time to place the fire Department under some oversight. We did this with EMS and we must do this for the FD. What od they have to hide to allow a person with FD background to win. What is with the political control to NOT allow right ins.

  18. It seems our yeshiveshe oilam has literally decided to throw caution to the wind! The oilam is playing with fire! And the masses follow blindly over the cliffs! These are dedicated public servants ready to put their lives on the line for your families, homes an businesses, and you’re going to elect some yungerman to oversee them!? This isn’t the coffe room in yeshiva! Use the brains Hashem gave you! There are other ways to affect change without jeopardizing everyone’s safety as well as being Kofui tov!

  19. #23
    Well, if you took your head out of the sane and bothered to take a little trip down to the commissioners office you’d find that the public bids to renovate a 45 year old garage on MONMOUTH Avenue into efficient living quarters for a new paid fireman required due to the large influx of new people cost less than hundreds of thousands of dollars and some of that money was returned in fines due to the contractor not meeting deadlines and the commissioners holding him accountable. And some money was saved due to the fact that the commissioners and paid men did some finishing up work on their own time.
    Hey but relax you’ll get to spend those hundreds of thousands of dollars you’re worried about for equipment , salaries, and benefits for the new paid department you want so badly and voted for tonight.

  20. You people are so ignorant! You give $104 to the volunteer Hatzaloh dept. You are quibbling over a few dollars for the fire dept. I also guarantee that you will NOT find 50 willing frum guys to join the fire dept. from our community if these other fire fighters leave. Why are you starting up with them? Hope it’s worth it when the results come in!

  21. I’m sure there are plenty of guys from our community who would not be able to resist the lights, the sirens, the shiny trucks, the ability to service, etc. etc.

  22. we owe tons of respect to the firefighters. We don’t need this nonsense of the frum olam having to run everythiing in town. GROW up guys. This is just plain stupid

  23. to #5
    Please, drop off the names of any of the 200 people you have that want to be fire fighters, at the closest fire house to them, we can use all the help we can get.

  24. One of the most respected Rabbonim in Lakewood told me privately about that the the aggressive electioneering in Lakewood”.The oilum who is so worried about taxes should remember that ch’v a pogrom in 50 years from now will cost even more…”

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