Overturn On GSP-A Kiddush Hashem [Featured Story]

Overturn GSP yungerman_wm(PHOTOS & VIDEO in extended article courtesy of Simcha Weinman. Taken from phone camera) The following incident was relayed to TLS by two readers who witnessed it. At approximately 2:15 p.m. last Thursday afternoon, there was an accident in the local lanes of the GSP north bound, right before exit 114 leaving an SUV overturned. A Lakewood Yungerman who witnessed the accident, ran over to the vehicle and assisted the elderly driver miracously  crawl out of the crushed car suffering only a few cuts and bruises over is face head and body. Another Yungerman-an EMT happened to drive by on the express lane and saw what was going on and immediately stopped his car and jumped into action. He bandaged up the man until additional assistance arrived. Needless to say, all observers on the scene were amazed. Mi Ke’amcho Y’isroel. (Mobile users click here for photos and here to view video on youtube).


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  1. Attaching the word “Kiddush Hashem” when you are saving a Human life is not in place.

    Imagine if your child is CH”V in danger, and a person comes along and jumps in, and saves her life. He later tells you that he took the action in order to make a Kiddush Hashem, because he realized someone was filming it.

    Wouldn’t you feel that he is deminishing the human value of your precious child?

    Also, when people of all nationalities ran into the Twin Towers to save people they never knew, they did not say on themselves ‘Mi Ke’Amcho’.

  2. Just because you would have also done it or someone from another religion would have alse helped doesn’t mean that it’s not a Kiddush Hashem. It’s marbeh kvod shamayim when someone does something good even if it is something that they should do anyway.
    Besides, how many out of the hundreds of cars that passed by actually stopped? It is out of the ordinary that they stopped t help.
    You don’t have to belittle every time someone says something nice about a fellow jew or about Judaism in general.
    It’s quite disturbing, and I’ve seen it here many times, where people are bothered by jews getting credit and have to write that “non-jews are just as good”, “jews are not better” etc… Are you so uncomfortable with being jewish?

  3. just because he is doing the right thing by stopping and helping doesnt take away from the fact that since it was a JEW that stoped to help it automaticaly is a Kiddush Hashem. I dont understand why the word Kiddush Hashem bothers you. Just like when a jew does something wrong it is a CHILLUL HASHEM even if he didnt do it to make a Chillul Hashem. The same goes for a Kiddush Hashem!! and yes this goes to show that the jewish nation does not stand idly by when someone is in the meed of assistance no matter race or religion yes MI KE’AMCHA YISROEL What a great Kiddush Hashem!!!!

  4. To all those commentators out there, yes I happened to have been on the scene. Hundreds of cars passed by only trying to eliminate getting stuck before the emergency personal block of the road. The only ones to stop were a few off duty cops driving by and the avreichim mentioned in the article. It was a true kiddush hashem!!

  5. Be vcery careful getting yourselves on videos and pictures like these. If any of you are in fact a NJ State Certified EMT- you open yourselves up to a different standard. The story states there was a Bachor who was an EMT on scene. If met many Bachorim call themselves an EMT but cannot ever produce a certification card. If you are an EMT remember the basics you are taught-Personal protection and scene safety to you and your crew/bystanders THEN your ABC’s. Your on video taking care of a patient with vehicle rollover, at least 90% vehicle intrusion and signaficant mechanism of injury. Remember- Your on video now-(and so is your personal liability now), who’s got scene safety, who has cervicle stabilization and why is your TRAUMA patient sitting up????? With the glory comes the responsibility. Take that extra minute and do the right thing-There are a lot of goyim who would like to put a damper on a Kiddush Hashem-Lets not give them a reason do. **Every scene is different, and pictures taken at different points. This is just a heads up to the first responders. If you do it right, nobody can daught you.

  6. Hey Mendy (see comment #1), If YOU saw someone in need of help, would you stop to help? if the answer is ‘yes’, then you must be like the guy who stopped in this situation. do you honestly think he stopped because he thought someone would film him, thereby making a kiddush Hashem??? it so happens that in this case it was filmed, and yes, for those who saw it, and saw a yarmulka on the rescuers’ head, it did make a nice impression. thereby a Kiddush Hashem!

    and you are right that people of all religions help others they do not know… there are genuinely nice people out there! but an obviously Jewish person going out of his way to assist another creates a general feeling of good will toward us, and definitely elevates the Kavod of Hashem

  7. Avi says:
    September 29, 2009 at 7:10 pm
    To all those commentators out there, yes I happened to have been on the scene. Hundreds of cars passed by only trying to eliminate getting stuck before the emergency personal block of the road. The only ones to stop were a few off duty cops driving by and the avreichim mentioned in the article. It was a true kiddush hashem!!
    I dont see you mention that it was a kidish hashen for those off duty officers to stop, only for the yid. why not? Isnt that a kiddish hashem too since every person is born with a tzelem elokim even goyim so why are you getting all hyped up about a kiddish hashem? The answer is that everyone has a responsibilty to stop and help be kit yid goy arab or hindu so yes if was a wonderful gesture to stop and help but to call this a kiddish hashem? Do you go daven every day? i dont see you calling that a kiddish hashem? thats right , because it an understood thing that you daven three times a day so too it a moral obligation to help put a person who was thrown from his vehicle

  8. The fact is, that when children hear us using the term Kiddush Hashem, when we are doing Hatzoloh on a Non-Yid, they get the impression that the fact that the person got saved is not that significent. They get the impression that the significent part is the beautiful show, and nice scenery, we have just created.

    When we are Matzil a Yid, we would never use the words Kiddush Hashem; because the fact that he stayed alive is the overwhelming objective.

    This, among many others, is what causes them to talk such unkind language between themselves, on the bus or in school, when relating to any Einu Yehudim.

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