UPDATED: Over 1,700 Lakewood JCPL Customers Without Power

UPDATED SUN. 3:37 PM: [PHOTOS] Over 1,600 Lakewood JCP&L customers are without air condition and electricity after a strong storm which swept through Lakewood took out power lines.

Over 2,000 in Brick are without power, over 5,000 in Jackson, over 8,000 in Howell and over 12,000 in Toms River are out.

There is no word yet when power will be restored.

PLEASE NOTE: Chaveirim is responding to provide power for emergencies only.

LCSW is patrolling the various areas around town which have lost power.

UPDATE 12:25 AM. There are now over 1,700 without power in Lakewood. There is no word yet on when it will be restored.

UPDATE 12:55 AM. Committeeman Meir Lichtenstien – who is contact with JCP&L – says there is no current ETA as to when electricity will be restored. He says however, that the company said they would contact him when they do have more information. TLS will in turn notify our readers.

There is currently a detour on Hope Chapel, due to a downed pole.

If you have not yet called JCP&L to report your outage, call them at 1-888-544-4877. Although your neighbor may have called, it is important that you call as well.

UPDATE 9:50 AM. As per JCP&L, there are still over 1,700 without power in Lakewood.

Most of Toms River cutomers had their power restored. They went from over 12,000 to approximately 1,500 without power.

UPDATE 10:15 AM. Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein tells TLS the crews overnight have removed trees from primary power lines in the Hope Chapel area and are continuing to work on a substation which is responsible for about 95% of the outages. There is no word yet on how much longer the repairs will take.

UPDATE 2:30 PM. At this time, over 1,600 Lakewood customers are left without power – nearly 20 hours after the storm. Approximately 9,500 in New Jersey are still out.

UPDATE 3:25 PM. Power has been restored in Westgate.

UPDATE 3:37 PM. Power has been restored to most of the affected Lakewood customers. Only about 120 customers remain without power at this time.

Photos: TLS/Ricardo Delgado/Lakewood Shopper.

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  1. It might have something to do with the storm than blew through here about 2 hrs ago…give it time..JCPL is on storm standby..they don’t give a time when the lights will go back on and the more you call them the longer it gets..their dispatch center is in Ohio…and not NJ so every time you call them it pushes back the time by at least an hour..give them a break..the guys are working as hard as they can..if you think working with high voltage electricity is easy..You do it..

  2. Sorry #2 your comment makes no sense at all. What does calling have to do with the workers on the ground?? JCPL never really cared much about their customers. The only thing that drives them is threats of lawsuits and losing their monopoly.
    So everyone keep on calling until they get sick of hearing from us!

  3. @lakewood guy…..everytime you call it pushes it off by an hour?? is the same guy whos fixing the line traveling to ohio to answer the phone? nobody seems to be knocking them…no need to defend YET

  4. Westgate outages are out of control the best part is that most outages happen on shabbos and we can’t call no one cares about us!!!

  5. There are multiple officers at Jackson high on hope chapel maybe something is there. Ironically there is an event outside by the school and all power is on

  6. Whats wrong with some of you slandering jcp&l?! I live in Lakewood many years and they have been excellent I getting power restored in a timely manner by all the storms we ever had. Just because the twnp is having an issue with them now is no reason to talk total falsehoods about them

  7. All of you need to wake up. JCPL could care less about your calls. Do you think the upper management know how many times you are calling. WAKE UP This is payback for the lawsuit and non payment of the JCPL bill. We are last on the JCPL’s repair schedule

  8. Jackson high school is having an event.. Perhaps they can shine a light from there field into westgate so we can see and not just hear them

  9. I guess u don’t live in Westgate we loose power 10 to 15 times a year all JCPL does is gives us the run around in 6 years that we are experiencing this we called politicians we called the utility company countless times yet nothing was done to prevent it from happening unless there is no monopoly we will never have our issues resolved

  10. wow what a perfect time to lose power-on Shiva asar b’tamuz-the beginning of 3 weeks of mourning. losing power is a sign of mourning.

    Perhaps those of us that still have power, can show our appreciation to Hashem for giving us electric & everything else in life etc…
    THEN WE WILL NOT NEED TO LOSE POWER to see the difference between it & feel gratitude to Hashem.

    Hodu L’hashem ki tov…

  11. I called the Jackson police about the noise at the high school and they said they are busy now when they are done they will check it out

  12. Jackson pd number is 7329281111
    Someone should video the event and the noise and file a complaint to the attorney general of NJ because Jackson police is not doing anything about this

  13. Major storm damage in all areas of Ocean and Monmouth. 100s of wires and poles down. By the sound of the radio chatter the electric company is trying to make all areas of trouble safe for the general public first, then they will work to restore power to all those affected
    Many broken poles in front of the Jackson High School will most likely prevent power being restored quickly on the west side of Lakewood- could be long time. the web site for power company has over 70,000 customers out of power and the list is growing. This was a Major storm just like the one that hit the mid Atlantic area two Fridays ago which still has 35,000 folks out of power.

  14. past 10PM you can complain or if Noise is more than 50 Feet from property line during day

    Jackson Police now this rule. So does LPD

  15. A thank you to all the volunteers and their families for being out there patrolling setting up generators etc on an erev taanis and iam sure they will be out there 2moro in the heat if need be. You guys are great

  16. We live in a newer develoment near Joe Parker, and yesterday’s outage lasted for us under two minutes. Our electric wires are underground, and we’re never affected by blackouts.

    Isn’t there anything the Township could do in conjunction with JCP&L to dulicate this setup in the other areas of town?

  17. If there weren’t so many people living so close together in such a small area the likelihood of you losing power wouldn’t be so high. I live in Lakewood and lost power for 30 seconds.

  18. Jackson had a Marching Band event they don’t have to answer to Lakewood for loud music complaints. Unfortunately the storm we are all suffering from delayed the event in Jackson as well thus the Competition must be completed to count. Sorry you don’t understand Marching bands because Lakewood used to have a really good one..Now you barely have a High School..
    There is no one officer that will go by and tell the marching bands to shut off their music..some people there actually enjoyed the evening. Grin and bear it..sometimes we have to deal with all that traffic that comes out of that neighborhood near the school..and we are not excited about that…but what ever

  19. I personally want to thank LCSW # 43 for making my elderly mother feel safe and providing her with cold water 3 in the morning and the whole Lcsw team for constint vigilance in there patrols through out the black out

  20. to #40 – I live in a congested area in Lakewood and I have never lost power for more than a couple of minutes – maybe an hour once. It has to do with how the wiring is done. If you notice, it is always the same parts of lakewood that lose power.

  21. I can’t believe JCP&L is in with mother nature. Just think the two of them planning a storm just to knock the power out. How dare they. For the people living near Jackson high school just remember you moved there. The power company has been very busy the past couple weeks. If you look at the map Toms River had the most people out. I don’t see them filling a lawsuit. Just take a moment and enjoy the quiet time. You could always move to tent city then you will have no power company to complain about.

  22. lets take things in perspective. this is not the end of the world. but at the same time we should not ignore the apathy that jcp&l shows and their lack of improving their system since last years fiaso. i propose that anyone affected by this not pay their bill this month they can not legally shut off your electric for being one month late. enough complaining lets do something for a change.

  23. You are right marching bands are a great thing during the day not when people are trying to sleep, and Lakewood was a beautiful town let’s hope that it’s possible to make it beautiful in the state that it’s in now

  24. To #44 Chesed and all others: Any food that wii not last can be donated to Tent City. They have a refridgerator run by a generator and coolers with ice.

  25. It is time for a MAJOR uprising against the city and JCPL for these issues which come up at every storm. The rates are high enough they could fix things so they don’t happen ESPECIALLY for westgate where the the power is lost yedin muntig & dunishtik!

  26. Excuse me #58?

    You blame JCP&L for a freak storm which knocked down trees and completely destroyed power poles and wires and substations and transformers and you think its unacceptable that all the damage is not fixed within 12 hours??? You get the vote for the most foolish comment of the day!

  27. I’m here a long time and B”H, rarely get a power outage that lasts more than a minute. Last summer we had one because of a transformer that was knocked out, that lasted a few hours, but, on the whole so far so good. My house is more than 60 years old by the way, if that makes any difference. I think it’s all those new developments that have more problems and their wire are underground, so what gives?

  28. We are blessed to have Lakewood PD on the move, checking on damage, outages, and preparing cooling stations for the areas in need.

    Storms happen. The response by the Utility and Emergency Services is what matters.

  29. Lake pd is not doing anything. The entire westgate and surrounding areas are still and rumors are flying around about the possibilty of another massive power outage today. I have elderly neighbors and they are holed up at my place-lake pd didn’t offer a thing. If ur power is still out, go to your relatives with power, this will take a while. If you don’t have relatives, buy water from shoprite and go into your basement.

  30. How often does the school have a band competition? If the music was coming from one of your schools, would you still be complaining? The bands come from all over to compete. Lakewood High School,s Band won many competitions and were in many parades all over the United States. That was when Lakewood High was a school to be proud of. I know, because, I was a proud parent of a band member and a Lakewood High graduate as was all my family. I hope your power is back, and next time if there is a next time relax and enjoy the music.

  31. TO all those complaining about the Jackson Marching Band, it is sad how you show such intolerance toward other people. Just because they are doing something YOU find not acceptable to YOU, YOU want them to change their lives and traditions. The Jackson Marching Band was here before you moved to Lakewood. Sad, Sad, Day

  32. to all those sticking up for the jackson band (I don’t live anywhere near there so it didn’t bother me) and saying that if it was us… a wedding at Bais Faiga has to have the music shut off at 11 for this exact reason.

  33. To anonymous at 1:30 (you know, the YOU in caps lock):

    By YOU, you mean to say JEW. Very clever, very clever. I happen to be a non-Jew who was kept awake by the John Sousa marching band as well. Take YOUR racism elsewhere.

  34. We love marching bands we think it’s a great thing for society however when I’m sleeping I don’t like to hear it………

  35. What about the loud music on lag bomar, the loud music on purim, along with persons under the influance of whatever, i dont see anyone complaining about, neither am I, live and let live there are bigger issues in this world to worry about….

  36. If you dont like being without power then get yourself a generator until then, zip it and wait for power to come back on, no one owes you anything you spoiled brats

  37. Power should be restored within the hour…… Ironically we are the last ones to be turned on yet again Jackson was on a while ago!!!

  38. What is wrong with people,have you heard the news there is over thousands of people without power in Ocean country. JCP&L can’t be catering to just Lakewood,strong storms can’t be helped this time of the year. Get over your selfcentered self. As to the marching band competition like the music the kids learn with hard work. What is a little traffic for a school event? How about when the community has a function and the roads are so crowded you can”t drive safely?

  39. I am a resident of Westgate and will testify that there is a blatant disregard for the neighbors coming from the Jackson high school. On too many occasions loud music will be left blaring until the wee hours of the morning. I can understand that tolerance is in place for special events but the frequency tells me that there is no policy in place to be considerate to its neighbors.

  40. Any reason only one comment thanking Chaveirim??! these guys were out till 5am last night as well as the whole morning today, they had dozens of volunteers helping–come on Lakewood lets give them a HUGE thank you!!

  41. I would like to publically thank meir lichtenstein for his devotion to lakewood and all its inhabitants and the good men & women of jcpl for doing a tremendous job.

  42. to 87 Chaim Yankel: Maybe this is something you should have checked out before you moved there. The high school and band were there long before you were

  43. to 91- i also found it hard to belive that theyd have competition in jakson high till like 5 am- but hey i live in westgate right across the street from the hs and they sure did have music blaring until 5 am on a friday night at the beginning of may!!

  44. At least send a representative to hang up a sign by the Westgate shul, so we can know when events will be happening, so we can plan accordingly!!

  45. you knew that there was a high school there when you bought your place. go after the developer and insist he install a sound barrier wall.

  46. To 90 . In my book, common decency does not amount to ” I was here first! ” If the property next door to yours becomes developed, I don’t care how long you were there for – you have to respect your neighbors.

  47. My friends and I attended this competition. It was VERY well run and organized. There were delays because of the extreme heat and then the storm. It would have ended at 10pm but due to the circumstances out of anyones hands…it went later IT DID NOT GO Till 3AM! I live in Lakewood, and am handicapped. I was one of the last people out of the stands and into my car. I live in Lakewood and was home by 12:15pm. Someone in Westgate needs to get a new alarm clock! FYI the groups competing were from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Iowa and Texas. It would have been impossible to postpone.
    As a former Band Director and musician myself, I commend the leaders of the Jackson Liberty Band who sponsored this event. They did a terrific job in a very tough situation. I also say “Thank You” to the LPD, JPD and the JCPL workers who worked all through this storm and its aftermath. Most of you are so ignorant in your demands and comments concerning the electric utility. DO YOU NOT KNOW there are still people in Virginia and Maryland who DO NOT HAVE POWER YET from the storms last week! Foolish banter!….but very entertaining and educational to know who you “live next to”.

  48. I would like to clarify my position. I have no problem tolerating special events and I am proud of the accomplishments of our marching band friends HOWEVER there have been TOO many times when the music was left playing until very late – and sometimes until daybreak – raising my doubts as to whether there is any supervision or consideration at all for the hundreds of families living nearby in Westgate and without.

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