Opinion: Why Lockdowns Aren’t Working And How To Fix It | Aaron Neuman

For the past eight-or-so months, our elected and public health officials have been collaborating on strategies to keep COVID-19 from spreading. But even a cursory look at the numbers in the United States shows that their attempts are not even remotely working. The number of confirmed cases across the US are growing exponentially, and hospital systems are becoming overwhelmed at the sheer volume of people who need help. The question is, why?

It’s not really debatable whether a coronavirus infection can be deadly – it absolutely can be, despite the radical few who call it a hoax and a sophisticated plan by the government to take over control of our lives. The fact is that many, many Americans, including over 200 from Lakewood alone, have succumbed to the coronavirus. Even more suffered for a long time, and some continue suffering from the illness and its aftereffects. So again, why are the lockdowns, social distancing, occupancy restrictions, and mandated mask-wearing working?

The answer, I think, is pretty simple, and requires our leaders to rethink their entire approach towards combatting this pandemic. The issue lies in the fact that COVID isn’t deadly¬†enough. That may sound odd, but human nature is to prioritize threats that will affect us, and ignore or not give much heed to those that will not affect us, or not affect us seriously. For the average American, the coronavirus is no more than an illness that they will get over within a few days, no different than they would the flu. While there are some exceptions, the average healthy person can get sick with coronavirus and recover without having their lives turned upside down. Now, that isn’t to make light of the people and families whose lives are being torn apart. But for the majority of people, being locked up to save themselves from a virus that won’t kill them isn’t an option. They need to feed their families; they need clothing. And they don’t want to, nor will they, follow guidelines intended to protect other people at the expense of their being able to not go to bed hungry. If coronavirus were killing young, healthy people at a rapid clip, it would be a whole different story, but it’s not. And people won’t stop their lives because they might catch it or spread it.¬†That’s just human nature.

This doesn’t mean there is no answer. We can still protect the vulnerable population – older people and those with underlying conditions. Right now, governments are spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to keep the economy going despite the restrictions, but still, businesses are going under left and right. I believe we should divert all that spending and change the strategy completely.

Instead of shutting everyone down and giving stimulus payments to people, open it all up. Let the virus run rampant among the people who it won’t badly hurt. Let the economy roar once again. What about vulnerable people? That’s where the government can step in. They can spend the millions they’re already spending on strategies that don’t work on one that will – paying for personal shoppers so that the vulnerable don’t need to leave their homes, providing them with stimulus payments so that they don’t go broke, and perhaps mandating that stores must reserve one hour a day in which only people who are over 65 and/or have underlying conditions are allowed to shop.

Shutting down the economy doesn’t work because young people don’t care about the virus and blanket rules that apply to everyone apply to no one and protect no one because some won’t follow those rules. So instead of locking everyone down, our public officials would be a lot wiser to use a surgical approach – providing the necessary services for those who be around other people – rather than trying to get everyone to comply by the same rules. It has not worked, and it will never work.

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  1. Don’t confuse lockdown with social distancing and masking. Lockdown is a last resort when people don’t listen to public health experts. If people wore masks things would be a lot better. Also get the facts straight about only elderly people being at risk. The fact is that there are plenty of people that have preexisting conditions that they themselves are not aware of. Diabetes, hypertension, Renal disease, obesity etc… all put people at higher risk.
    In addition, there is a significant percentage of people with even mild to moderate cases of Covid that have long term complications that can be seen on heart, lung, and brain scans, and there are many people who were otherwise healthy that have died from Covid.
    Letting the disease run it’s course without proper intervention would have dire consequences.
    Please listen to public health experts. Get information that is evidenced based not based on emotions or some idea that you might have thought of on your own.

  2. HIgh levels of vitamin D improve the outcome regardless of how high risk you are. Your levels need to be at least 50 to 100. Most doctors say only 30 but for COVID it needs to be higher.

  3. THe hoax is not whether or not there is a virus that people have died from. or not The hoax is what they are doing as a result of this virus that is only dangerous for people with weak immune systems. It is something unprecedented and if you actually research the numbers and deaths well you will find that many were actually killed etc.

  4. This wont work because there are plenty of non vulnerable people or people with unknown underlying conditions that the virus harms.
    People need to grow up, wearing a mask , etc. is not that bad.

  5. Many doctors and scientists, etc agree with the letter writer. Check out the Great Barrington Declaration

    Also Dr Zelenkos’s hydroxy case studies have been published and peer reviewed. There is no reason now why doctors in Lakewood or elsewhere should not be prescribing his protocol to all who may need it.

    Finally google cormandrostenreview.com/report and you will see information about major scientific flaws discovered in the PCR tests – on the molecular and methodological levels. Please show this report to your personal doctors and see what they have to say about it.

  6. Masks are only a psychological protection, for those who believe in them. Nutrition and homeopathic remedies are the way to go. Boost your immunity and keep a positive attitude. Trust in Hashem and know nothing can harm you unless Hashem wills it to. People attract things they fear, so don’t be afraid. Staying home in isolation is very bad for a person’s well being.

  7. If masks work why is the “2 wave” happening now? It should have happen in the summer. In the summer the # kept dropping even throw there were parties, protester, riots, ect.
    Why did the # not go up then? Why now?

  8. Over 200 from Lakewood succumbed to covid and still our doctors refuse to use Dr. Zelenko’s protocol.
    Don’t we have a commandment not to stand idly by the blood of thy brother, not to mention their other patients?
    At some point we have to blame ourselves.
    Are these guys called up to the Torah?
    Are they welcome in shuls?
    Are they greeted warmly?
    If yes, why?

  9. to RN:
    My spouse and another close relative (who has diabetes, is elderly etc.) were very ill from Covid 19 a few months ago. Both were put on the Zelanko protocol (which, pathetically and tragically, was difficult to obtain), and both had a dramatic turnaround and were better within a few days.

    It is simply mind boggling that so many people in this country still believe all the lies being spread and don’t care enough to do their own research and find out the truth at the risk of their lives and lives of their loved ones!

    There ARE treatments out there for Covid 19 that work!!! (not just Zelanko’s protocol – but there are other treatments that work, too) Don’t believe the lies!! Do your research. Don’t allow your relative to die in vain! Don’t allow your relative to die (be killed) for political reasons!

  10. To “This is nuts”:
    You are very right. It is VERY nuts. Masks do NOT work. I happen to be very careful to always wear one to avoid chillul H_shem but I believe that not only do they not work, but they make the situation worse. They give a false sense of protection and distract people from the true preventions that are needed – such as building up their immune system, having safe social interactions (social isolation is TERRIBLE for people’s health), getting fresh air and sunshine and knowing what to do if and when they do come down with the virus (ie always monitor oxygen levels, treat with PROVEN treatments such as Zelanko’s protocol and treat early, if hospitalization is needed, make sure to go to a hospital that treats the virus correctly and has a record of good outcomes etc. etc.)

  11. Both RN and PA said it the way it is! Also high risk patients must go to hospitals that have the best and latest COVID treatments. Unfortunately most local hospitals do not have these. Call a referral agency before going to any random hospital.

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