Opinion: Who Are They Looking Out For? | Shlomo Rudman

As health officials across the country continue to demand that people take their advice about social distancing and other measures seriously, there are serious concerns over whether state health boards are reporting Covid-19 deaths accurately, with allegations that they are being deliberately skewed to make the crisis appear worse than it is.

In Arizona, the Department of Health published data on new Covid-19 deaths, many of which turned out to have been deaths that occurred months ago, and not the previous day as the Health Department implied they were. On July 7th, the Arizona Department of Health reported 117 Covid-19 deaths, data which CNN used to claim that Arizona had a “record” number of coronavirus deaths. But it wasn’t true. Of the 177 deaths, only 53 had actually occurred in the previous 24-hours.

Just recently in New Jersey, Governor Murphy announced more than two dozen new deaths from Covid-19, only to begrudgingly admit that all but a few of the reported deaths happened months ago and not the previous day.

In Florida, the death of a young man reported as being from coronavirus turned out to be false; the man had actually died in a motorcycle accident and a postmortem Covid-19 test came back positive, prompting officials to attribute his death to the virus.

Towards the beginning of the crisis in the United States, the New York Times ran a sensationalist piece that named hundreds of supposed victims of the virus. The problem was that already by the sixth name on the list, they were making mistakes. The death of a man they reported as having been coronavirus-related actually had nothing to do with Covid-19.

A nursing home operator that I recently spoke to told me that one of his facilities had, according to the state, seven Covid-19 deaths. But, the operator said, four of the seven had Covid-19 but died from age-related issues. Even so, the state marked his facility as having seven, not three, coronavirus deaths.

All this raises the question, are our leaders really looking out for our best interest? Sure, there is a pandemic raging in the United States, but are the numbers reported by our politicians accurate, or have they politicized the crisis so much that facts are no more than an obstacle to achieving their aims? Have some politicians concluded that extending the crisis for as long as possible benefits them? Recent happenings sure make it seem that way.

To be fair, there are certain things that have been put into place that probably make sense. There is some evidence that wearing a mask can halt the rate of transmission of the virus; the director of the CDC, Dr. Robert Redfield, who is apparently a Trump supporter, said the entire crisis can be over in 4 to 8 weeks if everyone wore a mask when around other people outside their homes. I think following his advice might do us a lot of good.

But, in general, we really have no idea whether the data we are being given or the restrictions being imposed on us, really represent the reality of what is happening and the scientific evidence. Misleading your constituents is not only unethical and, in this case, possibly illegal; it also leads to complete distrust of elected leaders, which is not a good thing for a functioning society.

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  1. These kinds of “opinions” are very dangerous. One needs to understand data and statistics before minimizing a potentially fatal disease. The COVID risk is very real! Mr. Rudman should leave the science to the professionals rather than rendering an unscientific opinion that has the potential for leading the public astray.

    • Please explain what opinion is being expressed in the article. All i read is that I am being lied to by the Politicians and the Press, They are inflating bad numbers to support their agenda.
      There is a big difference between dying of COVID-19 and having COVID-19.
      New York and New Jersey have admitted to including ALL deaths as COVID-19 when the patient died no matter the cause as long as the patient tested positive.
      These are the type of lies that make people distrust the Government.

  2. How can you be so ignorant to make such a remark, look how many died right here in your own backyard in Lakewood??? How about in Brooklyn?
    The Novominsker Zt”L???
    How can you be so ignorant?
    Mr. Rudman, do you have no value for the life of a Yid? Even one?
    Are you an anti-masker?

    • Please check the end of the article again- He clearly states that he is not an anti masker and that it would do us all well to follow Dr. Redfield’s advice about wearing masks.

  3. “אין פורעניות בא לעולם אלא בשביל עמי הארץ” (Bava Basra 8:A) Mr. Rudman, perhaps you should take it seriously, Refuah and Sakana are not Pashute Sugyas

  4. There’s another report out now (I can’t vouch for its validity), that many states are reporting positive antibody tests as positive COVID tests, obviously making the numbers grossly inflated.

  5. Ignorant.

    K’shmoi Kayn Hu.

    You cite the Novominsker Rebbe zatzal who was not niftar from the dreaded virus.

    You just made the exact point that Mr. Rudman was making.

    And he wasn’t minimizing the terrible loss of life; he was emphasizing the inflated numbers of death due to the virus which have been deliberately over exaggerated.

  6. By now anyone who doesn’t realize that there is “also” a government agenda meaning political… has been successfully indoctrinated by those politicians. Congratulations!

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