Opinion: Lakewood Township Should Get Serious About Public Transportation

Dear Lakewood Community and Township Officials,

As we continue to grow and thrive K”H, it’s essential that we address the pressing issue of congestion on our roads – a topic many have brought up in the past here on TLS.

I’m writing to urge our elected officials to shift their focus towards improving our public transportation system, a solution that will not only ease traffic but also prove more cost-effective in the long run.

A robust public transportation system will:

– Reduce the number of cars on the road, decreasing congestion and travel time
– Provide affordable and convenient alternatives for commuters
– Enhance our quality of life and environment (I threw that in for the liberals)
– Support our growing population and business community

Here are a couple ideas I think can help:

– Increase the frequency and coverage of bus routes
– Introduce new transportation options, such as shuttles and ride-sharing services
– Improve infrastructure, including bus stops and pedestrian access
– Encourage community engagement and feedback

I think investing in public transportation (similar to Brooklyn or Israel) is a win-win for Lakewood.

Signed, a Lakewood resident.

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  1. County line route
    Route 9 route
    New Hampshire route
    88 shuttle
    James st/pine street route
    You could throw in a Ridge Route
    And an oak shuttle
    And of course a cedar bridge route
    Should cover most of Lakewood
    Put 2-3 Jays A/C busses on each route to start
    Should clear most cars off the roads
    $1 a ride/a day for all
    Student pricing
    Advertising on the sides of the busses
    Speed limit 25
    No more car insurance
    No more traffic
    Less school busses
    Less accidents
    Add your ideas below

  2. Gossage thinks adding public transportation will have be disastrous and horrendous.

    Go to the Lakewood bus terminal and tell Gossage what you see.

    A bunch of homeless bums on unemployment (that’s if they were lucky enough to figure out how to fill out the application)

    Adding public transportation will spread these Einstein’s & Churchill’s to wherever you put the public transportation

    Because that’s who primarily uses public transportation.

    The highest producing citizens amongst us.

    Gossage says widen the 9 (we voted for a guy who said he’d do that and get vouchers, so far he’s done nata) stay far far away from public transportation.

  3. I think it’s a lousy idea which will never take off with the general public in Lakewood and the surrounding regions. The majority of people want to be in control of their own schedules and will have no patience for public transport.

    If anything, it can only help seniors, bachurim going to or returning from school, or the minor segment of the community that don’t drive cars as a way of life.

    • Not a Lakewood resident but Jackson.

      How would Lakewood fund this money losing idea? Redirect funds from other services? Raise taxes or charge high rates for the bus?

  4. I think they should issue bus passes to a public transportation system for older elementary and all high school students instead of dedicated bussing. That’ll kick start and subsidize a massive amount of public bus transportation and allow for very robust routes.

  5. The outcomes you discuss will take years if not decades to manifest, and require stable support throughout that entire time span.
    While it would likely be beneficial in the long run, if not properly supported through the growth phases it will be a terrible system like the ones ones you touted at example to replicate.

  6. Start with having a system where you can find out if the bus is coming.
    The hot line only covers some routes not all of them.
    It would also be nice if the township updated it’s website, some of the routes are out of date.
    The web site should have where the bus stops not fugue locations like west Gate and Sea Gull square.

    • This can be done in an automated fashion with digital signs at the bus stop and then also online and/or through an app and automated by phone. This is a simple tracking IoT services these days and not crazy expensive to implement. Under $100 a month per bus stop and related one time equipment fees.

  7. I think if you want city life you should have stayed in the city and not try and destroy the township that I have called home for over 40 years. I understand people like city life… move to a city.

    • Lakewood IS a city, precisely because so many people have moved here. The only reason it’s a township is because of the form of government.

      Whether good public transit exists is not a matter of whether it’s a city. Rather, it is a factor of how many people need to move around the same space in a similar time frame. Cars are the least efficient way of moving a lot of people around quickly. Buses are great, trans and trolleys are better, and nothing beats trains.

      Next time you are stuck in you’re commute, remember: you’re not IN traffic, you ARE the traffic.

  8. widen the 9!!! just widen the 9 from cross st to hurley! there needs to be a second lane and it will be more effective than any other bright ideas! and btw public transportation will barely help, between me and you, noone is using a shuttle unless its a block away which would just be impossible unless you add 500 busses constantly running around lakewood with 20 different routes like they have in other cities! youre 5 little lakewood shuttles aint doing jack to the traffic except slowing it down when its gotta stop… some ideas are great until you think it through!

    • gotta say, i agree to the retzay! make 20 routes (give or take) with 500 busses which means 25 busses per route, the busses should be going every 5-7 minutes and keep circling the route all day. you also have to have small bus routes circling each neighborhood or (few neighboring neighborhoods) to and from the local bus stops to make this a convenience for people to get to the main bus stops without having to walk a 15 minutes in the heat… so i think with a lot of planning its possible to work out such an idea with an unlimited budget!

  9. Everyone’s reaction will be the same. Now that there’s public transportation, there will be no traffic so I’m going to be able to drive. That will result in even more traffic because there will be the same amount of cars, plus these busses making stops- causing everyone to change lanes to get around them.

  10. The idea of public transport for bmg is doable and would save lots more money for the people than aderai hatorah bonus . Also would cut back on a ton of traffic.

  11. 1. Being public transportation can not discriminate by having separate seating or a Mechitza, how long before the Kanoyim convince the Rabbanim to Assur it?
    2. Part of running a cost effective public bus service is advertising. What happens when these ads have pictures that don’t fit with our Helige community standards?
    Will we act like our brethren in E”Y & vandalize the buses?
    3. G. Gossage has a point. Where I’m from a county that was 96% White & an ex-burb of a major “urban” city banned inter-county transportation making it difficult for a “certain element” of society to move there or even just go there at all without a vehicle.
    I think this is a bad idea all around

  12. u cant have a total of 4 busses that are longer then a trailor and barely hold people service the lakeowod community.
    the bus holds minimal amounts of people and comes every 45 minutes. in boro park and flatbush-the B6 and B11 came every few minutes except on sundays-public transportation means coming very often.

  13. I think that safe bike lanes for bikes and scooters seems to be a much more practical idea, as more and more people are using e-bikes and scooters. It will make the roads safer for them and encourage others to join them.

  14. been to brooklyn lately? how well does it work for frum people who cant ride the bus in the summer? stop looking to brooklyn for answers for lakewood. if is soo good there why did you move here? for better garbage pickup? we need better roads less wild drivers/parkers and a widened route 9.

  15. I recently saw a piece on adding lanes & it’s been proven time & time again it doesn’t help.
    The problem is due to the current traffic there are drivers that either take a different route or schedule to drive when there’s less traffic or use other types of transportation. When another lane opens those that were avoiding the busy times thinking it’ll be better with another lane start using it until the backup with the new lanes causes some to take a different route or travel off-hours. But at the end of the day one lane will have bad traffic, two lanes will also have bad traffic, etc., etc.
    It’s called “Induced Demand” many people prefer to drive but with traffic so bad they don’t. A new lane eases traffic for a short period which induces more to drive which just clogs up the new lanes & the process repeats itself over & over.

    • The point of having a second lane is to be able to pass slow drivers, which is (on certain streets) the primary reason for the traffic. I don’t know where you’ve been driving, but based on my personal experience, the more lanes the quicker it goes.

  16. The transportation in Lakewood is so 1980, what a shame.

    There is a shuttle till 1 pm
    No Sunday shuttle (the most important time)
    You cannot get to most of Lakewood

    And tell me why the BP / LAKEWOOD bus Monsey trails only have 2 stops, Westgate and Kennedy, why don’t they make at least 1 more stop or 2 stops, 1 in belz and 1 in oak and vine, someone should tell them that we are passed 1990, at least 20,000 people moved lately to the other side of lakewood, they don’t know yet.

  17. Looks like the Scoop has limited comments to all the previous articles, maybe because people would wonder why we’re publishing an article about honoring Mr. Gottheimer, and not a word about honoring the Gedolei Hador in Eretz Yisrael. What a disgrace. I will bl”n not be partronizing a single advertiser of yours, and I will tell as many of them as I can that this is the reason.

  18. theres no busses before 1pm because the busses were made for the chasdisha froyin that dont drive, and they dont need to go out untill then!

  19. the buses were lobbied for by the investors that needed to bring the chasidisha oilom to lakewood , so they can sell a few large parcels to them.The busses drive around all day empty, you can ask the drivers they will tell you that. Would be cheaper to send out a car service anytime a froy needs a free ride

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