Opinion: How Trump Won – by Ben Avrohom

trumDespite the predications of the elite media and the Washington elite, Donald Trump will be our next President. The reason for this, is a rejection of the political elite and career politicians and an embrace of populism by the Blue collar working class.

Clinton, who had close ties to Wall Street and even had paid speeches for Wall Street, represents the establishment. Blue collar workers who have voted Democrat in the past, voted for Trump because they are tired of being ignored. Whether on trade, or immigration, the rust belt and blue collar workers are tired of being forgotten about. This lead to victory in states like Michigan and Wisconsin. These are typically Democratic states, but Trump’s movement changed the map.

Michigan has not been won by a Republican since the 1980s. This was part of the populist sweep, this election the people want tough steps on immigration, renegotiate trade deals and repeal Obamacare.

The Pundits predicted the Blue collar workers would not come out in the numbers they did. The closing of Midwestern factories and jobs headed overseas helped bring these voters out in droves. The revival of Reagan Democrats was seen across the country. Though Clinton won the popular vote, the electoral college went overwhelmingly to Trump. White working class people flocked to the polls to vote Trump.

This election was a peaceful uprising against globalism like NAFTA, TPP – unfair trade deals which cause jobs to be shipped overseas. They are tired of promises to secure the border which go unfulfilled and of having Islamic refugees dumped in Southern and rural neighborhoods. The terrorist attacks by Islamic immigrants and their children definitely did not help support Clinton’s claim that we could properly vet a 500 percent increase in Syrian refugees. Trump was the candidate of law and order and America wants law and order not the lawlessness of the Clinton-Obama policies.

Clinton’s lack of support for the coal industry was yet another gift to the Trump campaign.

The corruption endemic to the Clintons has had an impact on the voters of America. Whether on the Clinton Foundation or the infamous email scandal, the Clintons just seemed marred in scandal. America had enough of the Clintons and wanted real change in Washington. This election was a rebellion against the establishment. The pundits were wrong, the Trump rallies really did indicate the widespread support Trump had throughout the country.

Finally, the cynical outlook of the elite propelled resentment in small town America and in the rustbelt. For too long they feel both parties have lead them astray. Clinton was the establishment, precisely what the people are tired of. Added on to her out of touch policies is her constant investigations stemming from the email server and the American people rejected Washington as usual in favor of a candidate of change. Trump has a lot on his plate, but by electing him the first steps have been taken to elect a President who will bring outsider sensibilities to a city with far too many career politicians.

America has shown its tired of the Washington elite and wanted change.

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  1. Donald Jackson Trump doesn’t know how he won, why would anyone pretend the can sum it up. If you didn’t predict it, don’t talk about it.

  2. Wait until the prices of every product people buy shoots through the roof after the trade deals are scrapped. People are gullible for sound bited and have no ability to think through the consequences. Two years from now we’ll be looking at inflation and interest rated many times higher than where they are now.

  3. This article isn’t based on factual evidence in the least bit. Actually investigating the story gives a very different picture.
    Trump didn’t win because he awakened a popular spirit amongst the blue-collar less educated working class. He didn’t either win because he started a coup against the establishment. He most definetly didn’t win because he awakened the Reagon Democrats.
    Trump won because Clintons camp stayed home.
    Trump won because people were so disgusted by Clinton, they wouldn’t vote for her EVEN against a so strongly reviled Trump. The Democrats traditional base of urban, minorities and more educated voters didn’t turn out for her. People didn’t like Trump, but still couldn’t get themselves to vote Trump. Clinton was supposed to win on a wave of anti-Trump sentiment, but she is so reviled that people just wouldn’t pull the lever for her.
    This was seen throughout the country. In Michigan which Obama won by 300,000 votes, Clinton lost by approximately 10,000 votes, but she received 300,000 less votes than Obama did in 2012. In Wisconsin, Trump received the same amount of votes as Romney did, but Hillary received 230,000 less votes than Obama did. This mostly true across the entire country.
    This writer throws out a lot of assumptions without facts to back up his thoughts.

  4. @truth seeker. Ur 100% right. Trump was such a flawed candidate that I would’ve voted Democratic, which I’ve never done for a president in my life, had there been a good candidate. But Clinton was horrible, vile, cruel, crooked, corrupt and absolutely impossible to vote for. Imagine, she was so bad, she was worse than Trump !!

  5. Wow, so many negative comments! 😉 . On a serious note, most of what’s written in this article is straight out of a lot of different news outlets, and I think it’s a good and concise overview of the media’s outlook. All the previous comments should really be directed towards the mainsteam media. But I guess the New York Times doesn’t have a comments section…

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