Opinion: How Trump Can Win The Debate – by Ben Avrohom

opinionAs the second debate approaches, even with the recent scandal of comments from Mr Trump, Mr. Trump should focus on national security, immigration and trade as well as the Clinton foundation. He should not focus on the recent scandal, but rather point to the many scandals Clinton is involved in. Should Mr. Trump do this, while appearing presidential and responsive to the people at this upcoming town hall style debate, he can win the debate and gain momentum going forward.

The horrific terrorist attacks in NY and NJ have the potential to impact the presidential elections. Clinton has consistently been seen as soft on the radical Islamic threat. She won’t even call them Radical Islamic terrorists. Mr.Trump however has consistently stood strong against the scourge of Radical Islamic terror. This discussion benefits Trump since he has called for a halt to refugees from terrorist regions. In the coming debate, Mr. Trump should contrast his stance on Radical Islamic terror with Clinton’s.

After the attack, it became apparent Clinton would use this as an opportunity to attack her opponent. Clinton criticized his rhetoric in the immediate aftermath of the attack which injured 29 people. Instead of embracing Trump’s ideas and realizing Muslim refugees should be more strictly vetted, Clinton harshly denounced Trump. Mr. Trump, on the other hand, emphasized the need to be tough and vigilant calling for profiling as well. Clinton’s politicization along with a perceived weak response to this terrorist attack does not help her for the upcoming election. Donald Trump however stands to benefit by articulating where he differs from Clinton on the critical issue of national security and how he would protect the United States from attack.

Should Mr. Trump be asked about his ban of refugees from terrorist regions he should respond as he has done in the past. At a rally after the terrorist who attacked NY and NJ was arrested, Trump made the point that “immigration security is national security”. This is a very important point which resonates with the American people. The American people favor vetting of refugees which Mr. Trump has championed since beginning his campaign. Mr. Trump has made immigration security a staple of his campaign. Clinton, on the other hand, has called for an increase in Syrian refugees. This contrast is vast, and in the wake of terrorist attacks seem to vindicate the position of Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump should emphasize this going forward, he should contrast his position with that of Clinton and show how his is the correct position.

Mr. Trump pointed out accurately that in reality Mrs. Clinton speaks harsher towards Trump supporters whom she called deplorable and irredeemable. On the other hand, her tone seems very measured and cautious when it comes to Islamic terrorism. This alienates more Americans and shows that Clinton is out of touch with America on terrorism. He should hammer this home at the debate, should he be asked a question about temperament. He should argue he has the right temperament to defeat the terrorists and rouge states.

In addition to the immigration and terrorist aspects, Mr. Trump should do something he failed to do in the first debate. He should bring up the Clinton foundation and its record of taking foreign money, including from the Saudi’s while Clinton was secretary of state. Trump should point out that this shows further corruption on Clinton’s part and plays right into the narrative of dishonesty and corruption in Hillary Clinton’s history even as secretary of state.

Mr. Trump should spend much more time on the email scandal than he did at the last debate. While the Clinton campaign will try to raise the most recent Trump scandal and video of his comments, he should not engage in this issue but rather turn the question around on the email scandal. This issue resonates with Americans, many of whom believe that a lower level government official would have been found guilty had they done what Clinton did. Trump should emphasize in this age where hacking has become all too common, Clinton put American security at stake by having classified information on a private email server. He should argue that this yet again illustrates why Clinton cannot be trusted with the presidency.

Finally, on the TPP trade deal, Clinton has called it the “gold standard” while now claiming to have opposed it. Mr. Trump should yet again point out this inconsistency and articulate his position on the importance of fair trade for America. He should emphasize that while he is for free trade, he is for fair trade and unlike Clinton would renegotiate trade deals which are deemed unfair to America and which have taken away American jobs. This issue resonates not just amongst Trump supporters but among Sanders supporters as well and perhaps he can win over some of them as well. His message on fair trade has helped fuel his campaign so far and thus raising this issue would be good for Mr. Trump.

As the second presidential debate approaches, Mr. Trump should spend less time on defense to Clinton’s attacks, instead he focus on the theme of “immigration security is national security”. In the aftermath of San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Boston and most recently the bombing in NY, this message is relevant and could lead to a vote of confidence in Mr. Trump’s policies. This together with an emphasis on fair trade deals can help Mr. Trump to regain momentum and bring his poll numbers upwards or as Mr. Trump would say “big league”.

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  1. After what Trump said about women, how can anyone bring themselves to support or vote for him? There is no way he can win this debate after what was released about him.

  2. Trump won the debate, and likely would have liked to sidestep the issue, but it was brought up, and he did what he has been doing to get this far. He fought back, and fought back harder.

    While his words were wrong and inappropriate, which he admitted, in pales in comparison to actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton, in Hillary’s attack on victims.

    He didn’t stop at that, he attacked on the issues. The economy, illegal immigration, national security, and the fact that the Clintons enriched themselves at the cost of taxpayers, then shredded evidence that was SUBPOENAED, a serious crime.

    Yes the words were wrong, although they pale in comparison to the Clinton’s actions, the real issue is the future long term economic viability of this country.

  3. How can you vote for Hillery after what she DID to women! The women the her Husband assaulted she went after them and destroyed their reputation.
    Aren’t action more than words?

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