Opinion: Dictators Fail and so will Vladimir Putin | Yoel Ackerman

It’s fair to say that Russian President Vladimir Putin is now part of the infamous Dictator club of the likes of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Belarussian president Alexander Lukashenko, Saddam Hussein, and others. By definition, a dictator is somebody who holds absolute power over a country, running it with brute force and stifling any opposition.

If one looks at world history, there is a theme with all Country leaders who rule by force and without Democracy. Benito Mussolini of Italy (1883-1945) was summarily executed by communists. Adolph Hitler  of Germany (1889-1945) committed suicide as world allies closed in on him. More recently, Moammar Gaddhafi of Libya (1942-2011) was captured, beaten and killed by his own people. Of course we can’t forget Saddam Hussein, Iraq (1937-2006), who was tried and executed for committing crimes against his own people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, was indeed a Democratically elected President in 2000. Fast forward 22 years and Putin is still in power. He controls and regulates the public media in Russia, limiting free speech. He Poisons his political rivals. He also circumvented Russia’s own constitution, making him eligible to remain the country’s President until 2036. Now, he decides when its war, and the world watches as innocent Ukrainians, including women and children get killed.

Dictatorships don’t survive in the long term. Even before Putin invaded Ukraine there were reports of members of his inner circle trying to poison him. Because of this fear, Putin terminated close to 100 government employees.

The longer that the Russian invasion of Ukraine lasts, the greater the failure of Putin will be. Reports have already indicated that 15 top Russian Army Generals have been killed, along with thousands of Russian troops. Putin is turning to Syria for volunteer fighters as his own fighters continue to get killed or captured. This also comes as Protesters within Russia continue to publicly protest the invasion.

Even if Russia wins, or a ceasefire is declared, Putin has already damaged his standing amongst most of the world Countries. His ambassador to the United Nations will be booed and shunned at every chance that he gets to speak, if that at all. Russia’s economy will never be the same. Russia’s miliary arms will never be the same, as many Countries will no longer conduct arms trades with Putin. Even the Russian soldiers who survive, will no longer have the same spirit, or mental capacity as do soldiers in other Countries.

If Putin succeeds at overtaking Ukraine, what will he have accomplished? Will his soldiers actually want to rule against innocent people? What chance would Russia have at forming a mock government within Ukraine?  What other Country would want to help rebuild Ukraine with a fake Russian government  there?  Does Putin think that the Ukraine people will bow to him?

The questions are clearly abundant with very few or little answers. The world watches, without the audacity to challenge the dictator himself. Innocent people die, lives and families get shattered, world order gets changed. Yet one thing remains crystal clear: Dictators fail in the end, and so will Putin.

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  1. Our democratic leaders are also not in power.Look at Barack Obama,Bill Clinton,George Bush,Donald Trump.They weren’t dictators and they lost power.Dictators fail in the end,that is true but so do elected leaders.

  2. In the times of the Torah there was no such thing as an elected leader.There were kings.Guess what a king is?You guessed correctly.It is a dictator.

    • A dictator is someone who rules against the will of the people. This was not so with Dovid Hamelech, Shlomo Hamelech, etc. Some of the subsequent kings were evil, but not all kings are dictators.

  3. It’s easy to be myopic and cherry pick what you consider a “Dictator” But look at it from a real perspective. How many Dictators ruled until their natural deaths in Russia, Rome, Greece, Persia, Babylonia, France, Spain, China, Japan, Africa and many other places?

  4. The assertion is a cute example of wishful thinking, because, throughout history, the vast majority of dictators rule until their natural deaths, and kept “dictating” throughout their reigns.
    Seemingly forgetting every king, queen, or emperor in the world, focus on the last century Europe, where Franco and Salazar ruled their respective western countries, while In Eastern Europe, almost all the communist leaders left their positions in coffins, and those who were deposed, were replaced by more of the same.
    It’s a nice thought, anyway, even if unrealistic.

  5. Hashem is the ruler of the entire world and the king of kings. Klal yisroel doesn’t need a physical king like the other nations when we have a true master king and ruler of the entire world.

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