Opinion: Counterpoint to Trump love

In an article posted on TLS the other day, we were subjected to much fawning over Trump and his Russia”strategy”. I think a counterpoint is sorely needed for the readership to have some balance in their view of our President.

That’s right, I said “OUR” President. For better or worse, he is our president and we must accept that fact.

Still and all, we must not fall into the trap of swinging too far to the right (Trump is perfect and brilliant) or the left (Trump is the worst and a total disaster and an idiot to boot). The sometimes uncomfortable truth lies somewhere in the middle.

While there have been many moves by Trump and his administration vis-a-vis Russia that have been laudable, some of which were listed by the writer IMC(?), there have also been glaring errors and missteps in normal diplomacy and long-standing policy, which are then defended in the most immature foot-stomping manner by the President, his Press Secretary and his shadow cabinet (Fox News).

I can almost understand it. If they were to begin owning up to these flubs and fumbles, they might lose all credibility. At least this way, they maintain blustering rights to stay in the game. Not the way most political observers would like it, but if it’s working overall, it’s hard to compellingly advocate for his ouster. And certainly he has been oafish and selfish but not yet so egregiously so for his low standards so well and long established.

Still, it is premature to wave the NoKo engagement as some shining validation of his brilliant strategic approach. The final chapter of that story won’t be written for some time. There is ample time to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, or actually to see it through to success. Let’s be patient.

In fact, patience is the best strategy for our citizens. It is perhaps the most valuable aspect of our system of democracy, that with patience and the passage of time, most things tend to settle from extremes to the middle. Presidents have relatively short periods within which to assert their vision and ethos onto the national psyche and trajectory – 8 years at the max and that ain’t too long. Even Trump, who came in guns a’blazing (too much NRA symbolism?) has moderated from that harsh Inauguration speech to a somewhat more centered but still principled stance on many matters.

I think the biggest effect he has had is actually in his unpredictability, which I suspect is less strategy and more pathology. Still, as a closet anarchist who wishes to see the moribund systems shaken if not torn asunder, I cannot help but thrill at some of the drama that is our daily bread from this twittering nattering nabob of narcissistic self promotion. Maybe our stodgy system needs just this jolt to right itself.

Still I think the most disturbing effect of this administration has been to discourage and essentially drive away the reasonable voices within my Republican party. So many prominent Congressmen and Senators calling it quits and choosing not to run for re-election is not some coincidence. Rather it is probably better characterized as an unintended consequence of this Presidency. Our system is best when the checks and balances actually drive us to that center so the fringes remain fringes. When the reasonable voices choose to retreat, and the new entrants choose only to retweet, well then…we are in danger indeed.

So, my fellow citizens hoping for the president to be successful without burning down the whole country in the process, remember to seek the middle ground. Don’t so quickly annoint him as the great strategist and don’t write him off as a fool and a boor. Judge each day and its events with a reasoned eye and thought process. That is the hallmark of good citizenship.

And be patient…no administration is forever, no policy is forever and no economic cycle is forever. The only thing that goes on forever is…Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


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  1. Good read. I definitely think that being moderate, or centrist, is the way to go. It lets us evaluate the President with minimal bias, which is needed since mainstream media seems to be completely polarized. Remember that if the right is calling you a liberal, and the left is calling you a bigot, you’re doing things correctly.

  2. Sounds alll good but the problem is we have hyper partisan politics in dc led by our very liberal senator booker. Senator booker will say or do anything to oppose our president at all costs ( and truths) . What should president trump do ? Act middle of the road , he wouldn’t survuve a day. Look at McCain and Romney 2 upstanding middle of the toad individuals who got clobbered by mains stream media and the democrats… unfortunately there are way to many democrats who feel more beholden to their party than this country!!including senator booker.
    I do t see a real way for president trump. To go middle of the road especially while he is under daily attack with the inappropriate mueller investigation

  3. As the author of the previous article, I happen to agree with a lot said in this article. I also agree with comments from Marcus & Chaim Yankel (& disagree with Dave).

    As far as North Korea is concerned, absolutely it is not settled yet & may not end well. That being said, the strategy & the effect of the strategy is sound & has already provided some results (the release of 3 prisoners, the dismantling of a facility, the return of the remains, no rockets fired… & the prospect of peace). As far as I’m concerned, it was a successfully approach whether it ends up where we would like it or not.

    Yes, there have been many flubs & errors by the president & his administration. This is to be expected from an outsider that doesn’t know the system. & even an experienced administration would have difficulty with the challenges presented by the special counsel (yes, it is a witch hunt), the Democrats & the liberal media espousing 24/7 negativity.

    By no means do I agree with everything the president has done & tweeted… But we need to take the whole package, which I believe overall is very good.

    The electorate threw out the establishment by voting for President Trump. & if the Rhino’s are leaving, I don’t view that as a bad thing.

    As a matter of fact, I don’t think the ones leaving were really doing the bidding of the people anyway. The president got elected because he resonates with the people, who want real change. Congress should get behind the president & help him do what he said or get out of the way.

    Is he unpredictable? Somewhat. But believe it or not, if you understand how he operates, he is very predictable. & the sooner congress realizes this, the sooner they will start getting more done.

    I agree with you that we need patience (I ended the article that way!) & that we have to see how all this plays out, but the hysteria from the liberal media & 2nd guessing everything he does before it even gets a chance to play out, has to stop.


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