Opinion: Coronavirus Might Destroy Trump’s Chances Of Being Reelected | Shlomo Rudman

President Trump has survived through a lot in his presidency: awful gaffes, inaccurate statements, the Russia investigation and subsequent impeachment, and a myriad of other crises and scandals. Nothing has ever been able to take him down, giving him the derisive but accurate nickname Teflon Don.

But that will probably all change with the coronavirus.

The United States had two months to prepare for the coronavirus onslaught that we are now experiencing. Instead of preparing for the pandemic, Trump and his administration told everyone to keep doing things as regular and ignore the medical experts sounding the alarms. Instead of making sure that the US has enough medical equipment and financial assistance in place to weather the storm, Trump was out at campaign rallies calling the epidemic a “hoax.”

On Wednesday, after panic had already set in, Trump addressed the nation regarding the coronavirus and attempted to soothe everyone. But his speech gave little solace to those who are concerned about the continued spread of the illness. On Thursday, Trump announced a national emergency, which helped bolster the stock market, but did little else to quell the spread of coronavirus.

Even before the outbreak began, Trump removed the health advisor position on the National Security Council, severely impacting the ability of the government to foresee and react to the scenario that is now playing out.

And now we are all going to pay for it. Health officials are now worried that coronavirus could potentially infect over 150 million Americans and kill over 1 million people in the United States. Those are not pretty numbers.

Furthermore, the inaction of the Trump administration has set panic upon investors, even with Thursday’s bounce, who have been selling off their stock holdings in a frenzy, wiping out trillions of market value in mere days. Over the past 2 weeks, the market has shed some 30% of its value, destroying many Americans’ retirement portfolios.

In short, the response to the coronavirus by the Trump administration has been incredibly bad. Even as a Trump supporter, I cannot find a single saving grace for the way he and his administration has handled this outbreak. He has shown himself to be far more concerned with patting himself on the back for what he said was an “amazing” response (it has been anything but amazing) than making sure that people who need to be tested receive those tests, hospitals are prepared, and that mitigation policies are enforced.

All of this, if not quickly resolved (it probably won’t be), is almost definitely going to stick with President Trump until the elections in November. Voters are not going to forget that he bungled the government response, that he helped cause panic in the US, and did little to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus on the population.

The attacks from Democrats directed at President Trump might not be able to take him down, but the coronavirus, and his incompetent response to it, just might.

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  1. Hashem runs the USA and the entire world not president Trump. He is just Hashems middleman agent to act as the one who runs the country.

  2. What planet ware you living in? Even NY Gov Cuomo found a way to praise him and his VP for fast response to the testing. Everyone’s portfolio went up 30% in 2019 so they are able to absorb the hit, so he didn’t destroy retirement portfolios.. The administration did not set panic among investors, it was set by the MEDIA and Democrats, If you cant find a single saving grace for the way he handled this outbreak, leads me to believe you’re just blinded by the left or you really are a never trumper.. Down with the negativity…

  3. I’m not sure many people…. Republicans that is, would agree with your assessment. Regardless,many people…both Republicans and some Democrats will ask themselves a simple question; Could Sleepy Joe or Crazy Bernie have done a better job? And the answer to that we all know. So let’s not get besides ourselves. This president is doing a great job under the circumstances or as he would say a fantastic job!

    • The Republican party numbers have declined, people have left the party in disgust with Trump. All that remains is the Trump cult and they are in for a shock because this virus doesn’t care what party a person belongs to. They are not going to understand why they are sick or why their relative is sick from what they were told was a “hoax” a mere cold by Rush Limbaugh. Donald Trump never broke 50% approval when the economy was on fire. Not being able to watch sports opened the eyes of people who do not follow politics. Let all the Republicans vote for Trump, it won’t be enough.

  4. IYH when mashiach arrives shortly, I believe that Trump will be recognized as one of the chasedei umos haolam and will get his deserved reward.He was definitely put into office by the one above for a very specific purpose and he has shown us day in and day out that he has a special place in his heart for am yisroel. In hindsight, in 2016 Trump had the same chance at winning the election as the coronavirus had in changing the world and they both ended up coming to fruition only through the yad Hashem. May we all be zoche to shecht the korban peasach this year in Yerushalayim.

    • Donald Trump kept at his bedside a book filled with Hitler’s Letters. It is part of the depositions taken under oath of his divorce proceedings. His father, a man he admired greatly was arrested at a Madison Square Garden KKK rally. He recently yelled at Ronald Lauder that Jews don’t support him enough. His support for Israel is because of the Evangelical Christians not because of a love for AM YISROEL. He refused to condemn or repudiate David Dukes support. He was put in the position he is in because Hashem wanted it so, just like everything else that goes on in this world. He really wishes Ivanka had married Tom Brady and not Jared Kushner.

  5. I think the author is making a fundamental mistake. Democrats of the “Left” will hate the President if he cured Cancer. Everyone else will be honest and vote with what they believe is best for our country. So far Trump has done a tremendous job and this virus is not his making, but he is handling it as well ,if not better than most would have

  6. Yeh-sure! I’m not gonna give my opinion about what has been done. But imagine a month ago before there was any significant spread of the virus. President wakes up and says “america I see this virus coming! Everyone on lockdown for 2 months no school, no business etc. ”
    How would that have sounded??? What would you have said??

    So my point is its very easy to make recommendations what should’ve been done after the fact, because so-and-so was predicting a pandemic….. but you can’t just shut down the world. It just aint the way things work.

    But if you have 20-20 vision, like your expecting the president to have I would definitely like to invest with you!

    All I see is that their is a riboinoi shel oilam. Who’s reminding me that without him you can’t even get your hands on TISSUE PAPER! Now imagine if I would’ve told you THAT a month ago!

  7. This article is based on a bunch of mis-information and lack of specifics. exactly what leads many to believe that their is a politicized over-reaction.

    December 31, China announces an outbreak of “Pneumonia”

    On January 3 the WHO advised against a travel ban from China

    January 20 First coronavirus case reported in the U.S.

    January 23 The CDC complains that China is not releasing epidemiological data about the virus, preventing them from taking necessary steps to mitigate the damage

    On January 31, President Trump Banned foreigners who have visited China from Entry, one of the first to do so. He was called a racist by many for taking this preventative action.

    February 24. the President requests funding to combat the coronavirus

    March 12 Despite fierce opposition, the President bans travel from Europe

    The FDA had restrictions in place which prevented the earlier development of testing. The Trump administration has since waived those restrictions, and there are an expected to have an additional 500,000 tests come online this weekly starting this week, and another 1 million capacity starting next week

    In order to work on a cure or vaccine, you need the DNA genome, something which China delayed in providing. the first human trial of a vaccine happened today in the U.S.

    There is no point in inducing panic for 2 months prior to it even hitting the U.S. As it is, if you are out of hand soap or tissues, good luck,

    The President already took a lot of criticism for implementing travel bans when he did, imagine if he tried doing so and quarantining citizens before it even reached the U.S.

    This article is a bunch of based on politicized hysteria, manufactured by those who also propagated the Russia Hoax. It is a shame the author fell for it

  8. Go Trump!! He is doing a phenomenal job!!…Anyone that wouldn’t vote for Trump because of this virus is insane!! Do you think any other President would have been doing a better job??
    Economy?…Imagine if we wouldn’t be starting off with such a strong economy…With Hashem’s help we will recover. It’s not Trump’s fault…

    • The trump presidency is over.
      From Peter Wehner “ Taken together, this is a massive failure in leadership which stems from a massive defect in character. Trump is such a habitual liar that he is incapable of being honest, even when being honest would serve his interests,”

  9. Silly article.
    Trump was bashed for banning Chinese flights from coming to the US 2 months ago. Biden can’t even remember what yesterday was and Bernie is just insane with his proposals. Trump is gonna win by a landslide and the Democrats are actually defeating themselves as well. Maybe now more people will support Trump’s call for less reliance on China and other things that were effected by this turmoil.

  10. Mr. Rudman seems surprised. I welcome him to reality. The factors that allowed Trump to win in 2016 are absent in 2020. Trump still tweets about Hillary’s emails and trying to portray Biden as in poor health. It is what has worked for him in the past, so he is doing it all over again. Trump only cares about himself. Low interest rates helps him with his business debts. It does not help the stock market, at this point. The problem is a Public Health Issue not an economic issue. Not being proactive in regard to the public health issue has led to the economic problems.
    Stop hating on political parties Democrats or Republicans. Wise up!

  11. David Pecker the former owner of the Shmutz paper National Enquirer made a plea deal with the government. He can no longer help Trump with lies about Trump’s opponent. Many of Trumps other associates are in jail. If Donald Trump pardons Michael Flynn which in all likelihood he will. Michael Flynn will not be able to plead the fifth when other investigations come, and they will. He needs to pardon him because Flynn knows too much.
    Tefillah is what we should be focusing on. There is going to be much heartache coming our way and a bit of self reflection on all our choices might be warranted. Before anyone throws shade at me, I include myself.

  12. Go read Chris Lu’s twitter feed. The obama administration tried to prepare the Trump administration for a crisis, one of which was a pandemic. Read it please! @chrislu44

  13. The author is obvious a never trumper, influenced by the media and the left trump haters. Everyone will have the option to ask themselves who will bring this country back on foot; Trump that has a record in only two and a half year to get the best economy in the history of the USA, or Sleepy Jo, who has dementia and cannot even remember where he is, cannot say straight sentences and is associated with Obama that did a terrible job on the economy. Seriously, just the opposite, people will not want to change to another old guy in the White House as they dont want more uncertainty. Trump will win in a landslide!

  14. Criticism w/o education = stupidity
    greenmedinfo.com is a great source of info
    his comment, along with sayer gi & other experts …
    The Arizal quoted in Shoimer Emunim Ch. 188 said the same (l’havdil)
    “The only thing that kills in a Mageifa (pandemic) is fear”
    Hashem is taking care of us just as always

  15. A Trump “landslide” = an epic loss for him,
    from a nation (except his 38% cult) literally SICK of
    his lies, denials, incompetence and corruption.

    Good riddance to the worst president in history.

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