Opinion: BridgeGate Vs ‘ObamaGate’ and ‘BenghaziGate’

christie bridgegate scandal 2 tlsSo Benghazi and ObamaCare – from what I think are from the largest recent scandals to hit the Democratic President – are just brushed off, yet a 4 day traffic jam, has spiraled out of control to evolve into a massive investigation covered by the worldwide liberal and leftist media outlets.

What does that tell you about the ‘non-partisanship’ of lawmakers and beyond? What does creating a committee, hearings and more tell you about the alleged ‘suspect’s party affiliation? What does this tell you about the ‘unbiased’ media?

This may seem lame, but if the President can get away with scandals his administration is allegedly covering up, I would venture to say it’s simply because his scandals were swiftly overlooked by the Republican-scandal-thirsty leftists.

Perhaps if the Republicans knew how to fabricate the same shameful scandals and cover-ups as our Democratic Chief and other former Chiefs have successfully done, they would also‎ be calling for his impeachment, the way the impeachment calls are being made from the other side of the isle.

And lest we forget, has the ObamaGate creator fired anyone for the ‘technical difficulties’ causing havoc on his ‘simple-to-use’ 600 million ‎dollar bug-infested website?

And has BenghaziGate ‘suspect’‎ fired anyone over the alleged cover-ups taking place, where orders were given and people were killed?

Or do we just shove it right under the Democratic carpet already bulging from the other scandals which swiftly disappear in time for the next scandal?

I ask you, is Christie – who hours after being personally notified of a close aid’s lie, immediately took action and manned up to his mistakes – perhaps being Gate-a-lized by the ‘scandal-less’ Democrats looking to knock off a possible presidential run, and give way for the candidate with the ‘squeaky-clean’ records?

Signed, a WestGate resident.

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  1. Enough with the “gates” . There is no gate involved here. Watergate was call what it was because it had to do with the Watergate office complex. Theres no gate involved with Benghazi or the George Washington Bridge or anything else in the news. Its irritating, to say the least. I find it interesting that you live in Westgate.

  2. please don’t brush off bridge gate, at least 1 elderly person died waiting for an ambulance that could not make it to her home due to the artificially created traffic.

  3. Nothing is being brushed off that the president did he is being slammed in the news constantly. This should be blown out of the water, it shows his character to the fullest. He is a bully and this proves it! If you don’t agree with him, somehow even indirectly you will be punished…he is for the birds!

  4. Actually, the woman’s family says they don’t think the traffic was to blame for her death.

    From the NY Daily News:

    The family of a 91-year-old woman who died during the George Washington Bridge lane closings won’t blame her death on the government-generated gridlock.
    “My mother-in-law was already dead when they got there,” said Frank Oleri, the son-in-law of Florence Genova. “They couldn’t revive her.”

  5. I don’t believe the writer is brushing it off, he is merely putting it in perspective. The only possible charges seem to stem from the investigation, not the scandal itself.

  6. I guess you aren’t aware of the senate hearings on Benghazi. Republicans have been pounding away on this for months. Why do you say its being brushed off?

    Besides for that, as my mother always told me, two wrongs don’t make it right.

  7. to #4- you say “nothing is being brushed off that the president did, he is being slammed in the news constantly…”
    Are you serious or sarcastic? Are you in touch with the reporting on the main stream media? Do you know the definition of “slammed”? The president has been treated with kid gloves by the media ever since he ran for election. They have to be dragged kicking and screaming in order to report one negative thing about him, and when they do, it is in the mildest way possible. The main stream media reported about Christie- in one day- 17 times more reports than they did about the NSA evesdropping scandal in 6 months. Imagine if Hillary would be a republican, do you think Bengazi would be reported in the same way? Imagine if George Bush would have said “if you like your doctor you can keep him…” and completely misled the public about healthcare, do you think it would be reported in the exact same way? Imagine if George Bush would have attended for 20 years a chuch where the reverend said such disgusting things about America, would the media have reported it in the same way? Whenever you thing they are “slamming ” Obama, just imagine if it would have been a republican doing the same thing.

  8. There is a big difference between perceived scandals with not evidence to support them and scandals with smoking gun evidence that establish a wrongdoing. Sen. Issa (R) CA has pounded away at the contrived scandals of Benghazi and IRS. Hearings, investigations, have found no evidence of wrongdoing by the IRS and the most recent report on Benghazi has found that there was an issue with providing additional security. Meanwhile, e-mails from Gov. Christie’s staff clearly establish a conspiracy to cause traffic to back up in Ft. Lee in retaliation for his failure to support Gov. Christie in the election. Smoking gun evidence cannot be denied. It is possible that Gov. Christie threw his staff under the bus to cover himself. The press can only report what it knows. They can’t report smoking guns on Benghazi or IRS because there is none. 57% of NJ residents believe Gov. Christie is lying about his involvement. His aggressive nature belies his now humble, submissive performance.

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