Opinion: Blinded By Bias | Shlomo Rudman

A new poll by CNBC/Change Research has found that just 3% (not a typo) of Republican voters believe that the 2020 presidential election was legitimate, and 73% believe that President Trump was the rightful winner. A similar survey conducted Seven Letter found that 79% of Trump voters think the election was stolen.

I have not seen a poll showing what percentage of Democrats and Biden voters believe that the former vice president legitimately won the election, but I am sure that number is well over 90%.

And therein lies the problem with the state of affairs in the United States.

It isn’t just that we disagree on nearly every major issue – from foreign policy to economic policy, to climate change. The deeper issue now is that we don’t even agree on the basic facts of whether an election was legitimate. We are not holding at a point where either side can objectively look at the data and the evidence and reach a conclusion. There is little left of our democracy but talking points.

I don’t know if there was widespread fraud in the recent election; President Trump’s legal team has kept us waiting for that evidence. But let’s assume they expose some massive conspiracy to steal the election. Will it change the minds of any Biden voters who think he won? No. And if they fail to show any evidence, will it change the minds of Trump voters? Also no. So we’re stuck.

We enjoy living in bubbles – echo chambers of what we want to hear, rather than what we should hear, regardless of whether it’s the truth or not. It’s true in general, not just in politics, and it cuts straight to the core of almost every dispute we involve ourselves in. We are so biased toward how we want things to be, rather than how things are, that we willfully blind ourselves from the truth.

If we want to make things better, the place to start is not by trying to change other people’s minds; it begins by us willing to be objective.

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  1. Here’s a fact- Leftist liberal lying scum lie and cheat ALL the time!! this time they underestimated their enemy!! Trump and Guiliani are straight and honest hardworking fighters who WON’T let libtard demonrats steal this election!!

  2. You are not right. If fraud is expose it will convince everyone. I am a Bidden supporter and fourth generation Democrat (Studies show that two-thirds of Americans stay in the same party as their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Party affiliation has less to do with one’s outlook than the family heritage). And I do agree that our nation is undergoing difficulty because we disagree over the facts rather than just opinions.

    The difference is that lack of evidence does not conclusively prove that it does not exist. But finding of evidence is conclusive proof.

  3. NO,we don’t know for sure whether or not there was fraud in the elections, but it is completely plausible that there was, because the democrat party has shown that they are dishonest in every possible way. No one is saying that the republican party is totally honest either, but there is NO comparison between the 2 parties in the level of dishonesty. The democrats lie, suppress, & distort on a constant basis. It is not possible to trust anything they say. Just look at one issue that we all are familiar with- the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Which of the 2 parties is more truthful about that? When you hear the democrats describe how the Israelis “oppress” the poor palestinians in their apartheid state, and how they murder palestinian children on a constant basis, you MUST realize that you cannot trust anything they say about every other topic. Their reporting and their way of spinning things cannot be trusted at all on anything. So did they cheat on the elections? I do not find it hard to believe that they did.

  4. In France they do surveys all the time. They think Jews control the media too much and other antisemitic beliefs. Newsmax, fox news, breitbart, oan, is the drug of choice for the republicans and non college educated white men. The chyron yesterday on Fox for the new cabinet members for experience “careerist”. ( lord knows i want my physician and my pilots to be experienced careerist) was the return of the swamp. Jewish websites wish to only get their news from right wing newsites rush limbaugh and ben shapiro personalities. That may influence the polls. I wish the websites would have put the court transcripts of trumps lawsuits. One doesn’t have to tell the truth to the media or its audience, and one can spin conspiracy theories without fact to the hungry audience, but when you go to court you need evidence. Next elections the republicans will double their efforts to make voting hard and decrease the turnout. They could not decrease turnout now so they just want the votes to be thrown out in certain areas. They will try to purge the voter rolls again etc…. no one stole this election. If it makes you happy to believe it, so be it, it won’t change the truth. What trump and his minions have done to this country and its institutions cannot be undone so easily. He is grifter and opportunist. Donald Trump lost because of the 3 to 5 percent of republicans who were repulsed b Trump’s criminality, vulgarity, cruelty and non conservative values. The republican platform this year was Trump. Trump glorified in violating the Hatch act, Rich Lowry advocated to vote for Trump so as to stick it to the democrats, republican and conservatism are no longer one in the same. Want to read conservatism read Bulkwark. Read the atlantic, read the economist, but stop wit the breitbart.

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