Op-Ed: To Reclaim Our Lost Innocence – A Petition

op-edAfter 2,000 years in Golus, not much fazes us. We’ve had throughout time, many a rough experiences galore. We are now exposed to the secular world. Killings as crime are a daily news story somewhere. We hear all of it and no longer flinch.

History is replete with national tragedy. We were tortured by an inquisition. We were murdered by the millions- by a Gestapo bent on erasing us once and for all- mind you, just 65 years ago- but only a sad history lesson for most of us.

Yet what is all this to us? What part of our daily or even yearly lives is affected by any of that?

Rav Michoel Yehudah Zt’l, Rav Koppelman Zt’l, Rav Chaim Stein Zt’l, all in the last few weeks.

Nu, V’iytah. The world goes on. It was not that personal. While tragic, it is the way of the world.

We have been upset before, and we even did it to ourselves then, but Golus has eroded our awareness. Of course the somewhat comparable Pilegish B’Givah, and Zechariah Ben Yehoyada’s blood on the floor of the Bais Hamikdosh- as hundreds of thousands of men, woman, and children were murdered in an attempt to pacify the boiling blood, to no avail. These were acts that at one time shook us as a people; we who descend from survivors of the first and second Churban Habayis. But of what is its significance today?

Yet we have not completely lost our senses. The last few days prove it, though we are beyond numb; though our minds cannot grasp nor process what took place, and what befell us now as a people is still far beyond comprehension. However, we well recognize and realize the significance of this atrocity. Somehow, like one body, we feel a connection. Yes, we are disturbed, so, so very. Something does faze us. We are shaken to the core.

This past week we have collectively lost another vestige of our national innocence. Another searing atrocity has been branded into our collective conscience and memory- for shame- forever. This week was a Golus watershed.

Through all this, throughout time- through every trial and tribulation, we have done our best to rise to the occasion. Each watershed event propelled commitments and enactments to enhance our service to you, to show just how much we care about you, our father in heaven, and to display our hope and wish for the merit to return to you. We have tried to show you Ha Kodesh Boruch Hu that we merit redemption; that we can be better, and to this we strive still.

Hashem, we have been so cruelly forced one step lower now into an ever deeper, darker Golus. Part of what’s left of our innocence has been so terribly shattered this week. Not a single one of your children has been shielded from the shedding of this young child’s blood. It has been spilled upon all of us.

Rebonei Shel Olam, the entire population of your world- in every single country and city- is abuzz about an atrocity of your children again, look how deep in Golus we are now. There are only 49 steps to fall. Try as we might once again to arise, it is so difficult, the pain is so great- and grows with each fallen step- have we not reached the bottom yet?

Hashem, in your infinite wisdom, it may not be the proper time yet for our redemption. Yet it seems that there is no step left to stand on, no more blood left to spill.

Hashem, we are fazed. Hashem, we have been shocked into reality this week. We are ready, your wakeup call will be heeded- we recognize your call.

Please look down from Shomayim now and see as the Three Week period arrives, that yes we – your children, truly yearn for an end to our tribulations in this Golus, and seek to serve you once again with the rebuilding of the Bais Hamikdosh with Moshiach Tzidkainu B’Mihaira Byomainu. Please change this Tisha B’Av from a day of fasting to a day of rejoicing.

We have had enough of Golus, we have been here too long- far too long. All your children are ready for your redemption and glory.

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  1. This horrible incident was pogea to the essence of our national consciousness. It reached the very essence of our national soul.

    The ba’al hatanya says, on a personal level, that giving ones life al kiddush Hashem hits the essence of one’s being above all logic and reason, whether learned or unlearned.

    This just happened on a national level and above all logic and reason brought out the achdus in klal yisroel.

    Woe to us that we need such a horrific incident to bring out our achdus.

  2. please don’t moderate this out. Perhaps we haven’t taken the 3 weeks seriously enough (sefirah tapes anyone?) and this was a very hard reminder.The paralels are obvious .. We need to mourn for sure, but even more we need to introspect and do Teshuva for our sins. The Ramban says punishment does not come to the world without chet. Perhaps our collective sins brought on this tradgety. To ignore our collective responsibility for anything that befalls klal Yisroel is nothing short of cruelty. School Entrance fiascos, Parnossa problems, Machlokes, Lashon Hora, Not taking 3 weeks/9 days/Tisha B’aav seriously enough, Tznius, Integrity, shmiras einyim, teens at risk, Shalom byis, there is so much to work on . Hashem help us all.

  3. amen. may everything come to redemption ASAP

    if klal yisroel comes to TESHUVA ASAP & not each one saying, me? im perfect. i learn, daven, give tzedaka etc… but stops & start doing teshuva this tefilla letter above WILL BE ANSWERED BY HASHEM

  4. i was told levy aron was born non jewish and was adopted and converted by his parents his parents were not originaly religious they became balai teshuva at a later date than got divorced levy aron has to brothers who are not religious

  5. From the best articles written on the tragedy.

    This article accurately captures the subconscious heart and soul of Klal Yisroel.

    Great job.

  6. Everything happens for a reason, Hashem gave us a wake up call .
    hashem gives us wake up calls every day, but we usually ignore them cause we are too busy with OURSELVES.too busy talking about other ppl.(loshan Hora) too busy being dishonnest (dishonnest with others and especially ourselves !!!) but hashem wanted thousands of ppl. to gather together in Brooklyn , ( ACHDUS ) but not just that one time, we should get together and do good things and help our fellow jews ever day !
    Yes, we jews ( frum or not frum) we should stick together, we are in golus (some ppl. like to forget that we are in Golus) and that’s why we should help each other out .
    i was in Israel last year and there you really feel it. frum or no frum, everybody is helping everybody, not like here , someone needs your help and suddenly everybody is too busy…..stop being dishonnest ….
    when someone is asking me for help ,not only am i glad i can help someone out, i’m honered to help him out.
    ppl., wake up, stop bing arrogant

    may we hear better news and Leiby’s Neshoma should have a Aliya’h

  7. We know nothing is random. There were so many details of what had to happen in order for this young tahara neshama to meet his end in such a horrific way. We know that when reuven owes shimon leaves this world owing him money, both must reincarnate to settle the score. Levi aron is a sick person, and society must be protected from him. He should be committed to an institution and not allowed to roam free… In my opinion though, this whole thing was some sort of tail end of a story that could have begun in previous generations. I believ they were both gilgulim and that’s what this was. Just mho. 😐

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