One Week Left For Applications To Resolve Primary Girls Acceptance Issues

rejectedAskonim involved in assisting parents of primary girls with school acceptance, have notified TLS that the deadline to apply for the assistance is next Tuesday, March 15th. Those who have girls entering Primary in September 2011 who have not yet been accepted to primary, should call 732-901-9981, and leave a message with your name, phone number, and the name of your child.

All parents who have not yet received an acceptance letter from at least one Mosad, are urged to call immediately.

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  1. Thank you for keeping us up to date regarding this issue, however, the red stamped “REJECTED” is a bit much in your face especially for those parents whose children were not accepted into schools yet.

  2. It would be nice if the schools could get toghether right after march 15 and do the placements rather then make these yiddishe neshomas wait over pesach etc.its difficult enough as it is please don’t make us go thrugh Yom Tov not knowing

  3. Why do we have to go through this process every year it’s a big shame. The old days everyone was treated like a pure neshama which they were. Today we’ve become the judges and the jury. I know people have fears but i also know that it worked out beautifully. The children helped their families become better people. here in lakewood people are not so different like in other communities. Learn to teach your children the differences. Just like some eat cholov stam and others only cholov yisroel. Your children know to eat only what you allow. Educate them to love every neshama!! Just like Hashem loves every neshama!!

  4. Does anyone have any doubts as to why Mashiach has not and can not come yet? What a black mark on our community and klal Yisroel. I wonder if all the “bessere mentschen” think that their kids would be in school if people actually knew everything about THEM!?……Now be honest…

  5. While it is true that this is really not a good system, shame on the parents who do not conform and do EVERYTHING so their children can get into school.

  6. I think the boys high schools have no problems because there are so many of them and there is place for everybody . the old law of supply and demand . If there is enough supply then everybody will find a place . Girls high schools are much tighter because they are money losers and very few people donate to them because its not “limud hatorah ” .

  7. #11 – Conforming and doing ‘EVERYTHING’ to an arbitrary standard just to get into a particular school is dishonest to one’s self and undermines the real Chinuch of the child. Growing ‘Brisker Peyos’ or joining the ‘Chumra-of-the-Month-Club’ just to get into what you perceive is the ‘right school’ – is wrong.

  8. Is this what Hashem wants? Yes when Moshiiach comes there will be some big suprises. Two points to ponder
    1.) there were no admission policies by Mamad Har Sinai. No comittes, no tuition isssues, no favoritism.
    2.) The private school excuse is just that, an excuse. Perhaps they shouldn’t be able to fundraise outside their parent body because it’s a “private” school.
    Voi lo L’yom hadin. Voi Lo L’yom Hatochacha

  9. If we are still going through this now, even with SO many girls’ school that have opened, what will be in 8 yrs from now with them needing high schools???? It’s not normal what goes on here. The select elite get to go to the school of choice but what about the rest? They are just as good as you. Or just because they are unfortunate enough not to be a sibling, is that their fault?? There are enough girls’ elem. school in town that this should NOT be happening!!!!

  10. My wife and I have been bentched with a beautiful mishpacha of only boys. Headlines like this make it hard for us to daven with the proper kavana for a girl. Please remove the rejected sign. Its too traumatizing.

  11. I hear that the high schools will have room for everyone this year due to the new schools….unless like in the past everyone wants to go to one school and then complains that they don’t have room for 958 9th graders. Stay tuned….

  12. The real issue is that there is NO community school, where there are standards to live up to, of course (not based on yichus, money, pull, etc etc.) but everybody in the community is welcome.
    Hire the best mechanchim and teachers and provide a warm educational environment EVERY child deserves. Beyond that, any fine-shmeker who feels his little neshamale deserves more can send to wherever he wants. But there NEEDS to be a plan for the average family in Lakewood without being on shpilkes for 8 or 9 months.

    Community leaders need to really consider this. The money can be raised easily from a large parent body completely frustrated with being treated like second class citizen.

    On a side note, you will see all these other exclusive schools, subsequently and coincidently “lower” their “standerds”.

  13. stop playing holy roler.

    you just show how stupid you are.

    you are noty allowed to daven for a girl. just daven for children and be happy you are not a bonei olem recipient.

  14. Yes, there are problems with the the way acceptances are done. BUT to all of you automatically oy veying about how it is all about yichus, money, and you really think that a school that has room for 90 students can accept all 300 that applied? Think for a minute.
    It is easy to complain and cry foul and sick, but do you have a solution or do you all just want to bash? You may not like the sibling rule, but the parents of siblings would be up in arms if it was eliminated.
    Can we force people who open schools and bear the responsibility for getting a building, finances, teachers, and running a quality program just to keep opening classes?
    Yes, my kids are in school now, but I got rejections from schools when I was getting them in. If you move to Dallas or Pheonix they are chalishing for kids and you’ll have no problem. Face the fact that Lakewood is overcrowded and it is a problem to be dealt with.

  15. Attn #23-“Floored”-

    You must have short term memory or was living under a rock last year because there WAS a “community” type school (Bais Yaakov Elementary) and it CLOSED last year Purim time because it was an all accepting type of school (and it did have all the same B. Y. type rules) so don’t tell me that we need a community school!

  16. The situation that we are now in is horrific. I myself have experienced the pain of such rejection and know many others who have as well. That said though, can it possibly be that the roshei hamosdos are not all so evil? I would venture to say that most are bright and responsible people who have this issue weigh heavily on their hearts. I would think that the answers are not simple in coming. I don’t claim to understand the issues, I dont have the solution nor do I mean to diminish the feelings of those hurting, I just want to stand up for a group of well meaning and exceptional people who sacrafice daily for our children.

  17. The mosdos have couple of points and some really are stretched and obviously there r parents who want their kids going to a school that is much frumer then what kid sees at home(threfor putting girls in school at risk of being exposed to tv,net etc by this girl) but I will say that my buddy with twin girls who got rejected and then got message from the admin of school that if he’s willing to “talk” a little maybe they can work something out.

  18. #23 you are 100% right.
    #24 you obviously have no idea what BY Elementary was all about. If we would do what #23 is suggesting that school would blow away all the other schools in this town and the children coming out of it will have more self confidence and manners than all the other children as they will be used to dealing with all types of kids in a proper way.

  19. #29, why don’t you explain to us exactly what BY Elementary was all about, hmm?

    Or maybe you’re one of those biased parents who gave BY Elementary a bad name, and caused it to shut down! Maybe you think that it catered to “special cases” or to girls who were “learning disabled” or “slow” or “not so frum” or whatever other garbage you have going on in your head!

    For your information, BY Elementary was a wonderful school, with caring teachers and students who were just as frum, if not more so, than anyone else in Lakewood, including you AND your children!

    So please, before you start spouting your nonsensical (moderated), do us all a favor, and go jump off a bridge.

    Thank you.

  20. I dont think there is a problem. My daughter is in primary in an excellent school. She has twelve kids in her class, in a big airy spacious classroom with a wonderful teacher and an assistant.
    I couldnt be happier.
    The only problem that exists is that sometimes we dont get the exact choice we prefer. But then again, alot of things in life are like that.

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