This is a very hard update to write. WE tried to do something good, and it did not work. The orders were overwhelming,  the help to put together the orders was diminished every day due to the workers calling in sick, etc. etc.

We know that may of invested a lot of times on your orders, and we are willing to compensate you with a very decent size gift card for your efforts that were wasted and the Agmas Nefesh of not receiving the orders.

We were too haughty to thing that we could make the system function, and physically we cannot function with it.

Thus all future orders until after Pesach are cancelled. If you have an ordered pending, please contact us after Pessach at [email protected] to claim your gift card.

However in an effort to help you with you Yom Tov shopping, in a safe way for all please note that we are implementing the following shopping guidelines for next week (the week of Parshas Tzav). Again, there will be no orders, but he is what we can do.


We are offering an option which might work for you. We are limiting the number of shoppers in our Jackson store to 50 and in the James Street store which is somewhat smaller to 40 customers. A guard will be by the door to enforce these rules.


With the large store and few shoppers, there will be ample distance. 


At the entrance, you will find gloves and sanitizers, and there will be masks by customer service. In this way you can shop safely and receive the groceries you need. 


The following are the hours for next week:

Motzai Shabbos 

                Jackson only – 9:00 pm – 12:00 am


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

                All three  stores – 7:30 am – 11:00 pm

                James Street ONLY will be closed to the general public from – 12:00 – 2:00 pm – for seniors and those with compromised immune systems.

WE again apologized for your agmas nefesh. After Pesach, please speak to us and we will how to make it up to you.


Other than hand Shmura Matza we are BH still supplied with almost all of Pesach needs.

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to serving you through this trying time and beyond. 

If you have any questions, please call R’ Shia Klein 908-216-8881, and do not respond to this email.



Due to the corona virus, we will be open until further notice Mon through Thursday from 10am -6pm Friday 9-2pm (no free deliveries on Friday or Sunday  ).

Please call the store for Sunday hours or any updates at 732-719-4920.

The Pharmacy counter will be closed but we will offer curbside pickup or delivery throughout the day for a fee charged by a messenger service.

We will still offer our regular free delivery service after hours as usual but cannot guarantee any exact times. We wish everyone the very best and hope all stay safe and healthy.

We are here to help you in any way possible now through these hard times and of course all year round as always


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  1. So instead of being open for longer hours to have less shoppers in the store at a time, they will be open for lesser hours causing more shoppers to be in the store a the same time.

    Anyone get the logic here?

    • They have long hours in hours in two of the stores but James st had a
      fantastic ordering service with curbside pickup, There was much consid, eration for senior citizens and those with compromised immune systems., Look at the Lakewood Weekly, I think there was much thought for all., I am grateful.. In these trying times we all should be .

    • i don’t know about in lakewood, but here in Queens none of the stores are taking phone/online orders. they are still delivering but only if you go in to shop.

  2. @common sense I believe they shouldn’t be there in the first place. I’m sure they can find someone to go on their behalf or do an online order.

  3. I am immuno-compromised because of 3 years of chemotherapy. Can NPGS make hours or set aside one specific store for those who are in higher risk category. This way the elderly or people like myself who are already unnerved, can shop with a little less worry, knowing that there were no children with germs in the area where we will shop. Of course there are germs every where, but everyone must understand that the more vulnerable among us are really concerned with whats going on. Therefore actions which to the mass might seem like going too far, are very understandable to those who have more of a worry of catching the virus.

    • Did you see the letter from Hatzolo? You should be ordering your groceries and having them delivered instead of going into the store yourself.

      • This is an excellent point. The only way now to avoid the crowd problem and still distribute food is telephone or online ordering, packaging, and home delivery. BUT you need trained staff to do proper order entry and delivery, and you need a constant knowledge of inventories, goods due in and goods due out. A Walmart can do this, but what small businesses under stress can?

    • That’s a good question.
      1. Its not just me but for my wife as well. I and my kids can stay home but my wife can go then as well.
      2. It’s also for my mental state. If I can have the ability to shop myself, I would much rather do so.
      AGAV- Now is a time where others can be “noay B’ol” and see how those who go thru chemo treatments live every day. For 3 and 1/2 years I didn’t go anywhere because of germs.

  4. yes, neighbor – stay safe at home.
    please take advantage of delivery service. IF ever there was a time for that, this is it.

    • Don’t rely on deliveries. Stores are not able to accomodate such an influx of phone orders. Come early, pick your products according to your preferences, or according to availability. If necessary, ask for your boxes to be delivered.

  5. Don’t rely on deliveries. Stores are not able to accomodate such an influx of phone orders. Come early, pick your products according to your preferences, or according to availability. If necessary, ask for your boxes to be delivered.

  6. If you are immuno – compromised, please quarantine yourself and do not go anywhere!
    It doesn’t help to shop in the stores an hour early – the virus can still be hanging in the air. There are germs all over, regardless of how many people are there at the moment. Just stay home!
    I can’t believe people with health concerns are still walking around the streets.

    • Let me educate you a little. There are different levels of immunocompromisation (which is the correct spelling). Someone who is in middle of or recently finished treatment are in one category. Yes, they should self quarantine. However those like myself who finished treatments a couple of years ago, yet still have compromised immune system, are in another. I can fight off normal disease but yes will take longer than the average healthy person. Therefore, with consultation of my medical team, I am more or less in my home all day but can go out to the store providing that I take the necessary precautions. If the store would provide hours for those like myself and senior citizens (who are in very much the same boat as me) it would be a tremendous thing.
      Thank you for letting me clarify

  7. Theyy quoted the reason for closing is to be able to restock which is a very smart move so as not to go with dangerous machines between shoppers. Also it is because people should comply with the curfew so they are told to close on time. Reading between the lines.

  8. In some nj towns the larger stores are dedicating hours for 55+ customers. So they don’t have to wait on line to get in and mingle to do their shopping . It’s a great idea and should be instituted in the greater lakewoid area stores as well

  9. NPGS must and is following the letter of the law and the Psak Rabbonim. We are in constant contact with them. Kindly observe their Psakim in this Pekuach Nefesh situation.

  10. Thank You NPGS for always supplying amazing service. Ur workers at the cash registers and unpackers are all faithfully doing thier job…while we all stay home and “protect” ourselves,they come in to work and tirelessly make sure youre well stocked! On behalf of the jewish world: Thank you!

    • The web site will be updated tomorrow – around noon time to schedule your pick ups. You can then use the list of delivery people that we will provide to deliver the order to you. Thus, please check the site tomorrow (Monday) after 12:00 Noon and you can choose the James street pickup location.

  11. Will orders placed tomorrow after the website is updated be available for pickup/delivery this week? I have been told that they won’t be delivered / available for pickup until next week. Is that true?

  12. This is so heartwarming to know that NPGS has no problem putting aside their own profit on Erev Pesach to help those in need. What a true tzaddik!

  13. Thank you for this service! Could you please make a small edit to your text? People may have compromised IMMUNE system. Not AUTO IMMUNE system. An auto immune disease is a condition in which the immune system attacks the person’s own body, and it is often treated with drugs that cause the person to be immune compromised.

  14. We put through an order today and reserved a pickup time on Wednesday, but when I called customer service at the store, I was told that any order I made online today will be canceled and that it needs to be done over again. My credit card was already charged. So did my order go through or not?

  15. I placed an order on Sunday for pickup on Monday. Haven’t gotten notification yet. How can I check if this order is still scheduled to be processed?

  16. I placed an order for pickup, but their website says not to come to James St. until they call you. However, I have no way to check on the status of the order. Anybody know if orders are still being filled?

  17. I made an order for pickup at James location on Sunday. Got a call today that it was ready for pickup. Just letting ppl know so they could plan a timeline…

  18. For those of you who are requesting special hours for older or immunocompromised individuals: The CDC has come out with reports that the virus can stay on wood, metal and plastic surfaces from 4-17 hours later! It won’t help avoid the contagions of the virus even if other people are not breathing on you. It’s already there. The best thing is to call in your order and do curbside pickup or find a volunteer to pick up your shopping. On that note, they are suggesting that anyone coming in from the outdoors put their shoes and clothes (if possible) right away in the wash and take a shower as they have found remnants of the virus of people’s shoes and clothes! And to wipe down your groceries when they arrive. Wishing everyone a healthy, safe and happy and Kosher Pesach!

  19. Regarding the egg shortage, it has more to do with the OTHER holiday that uses hard boiled colored eggs that usually comes out on the Sunday of Pesach. That’s why the egg prices tends to go up this time of year.

    Granted this year, Corona has to do with it as well.

  20. I understand that stores are overwhelmed with orders, but on a practical note, if my husband and i are quarantined and we need food, anyone have any suggestions how we can get it?? As far as i’ve tried all supermarkets in Lakewood are no longer taking orders or if i place an order today i can get it in a week…

  21. How about at least as an option for Passover goods? Ask supermarkets (or rabbis) in your local community to provide the option for basic Seder supplies and basic Passover supplies.

    Supermarkets will provide a curbside (drive-by) pickup option for:
    A) Seder Box: A prepackaged box of basic Seder supplies (matzah, grape juice, maror etc)
    B) Passover Basics Box: A prepackaged box of basic Passover cooking items (potato starch/matzah meal/oil) fruit/vegetables, snacks.

    This will reduce the rush to stores in the week ahead. Boxes (or bags) can be put by workers directly into the trunk of cars without people getting out and congregating.

    You drive by, ask (pay) for as many boxes as you need for your family, and workers put it in the trunk or back of car. No need to call/order first.

    A large number of families are suddenly making Passover for the first time. They’ll be in stores this week. The logistics are not good.

    Our communities are getting hit very hard. Wouldn’t it make sense to avoid foot traffic in supermarkets this week?

    You can’t ask stores to provide online/phone orders. They’re overwhelmed. Here is a simple solution. Some can also provide a meat/chicken box

  22. Hi there. Let me share some advice for the store based on my 10 years as a professional warehouse manager. There should be only curbside pickup. Have a professional inventory (grocery sheet) made up. each pickup car must fill it out and wait. order entry is done at one end of the lot. Once paid for, the order is picked in the store and sent to shipping area. NO customers in store only trained workers. If the workers cant use a pick sheet for the orders then they cant pick orders. hire from the outside if necissary. FYI I used to work for NPGS and I know what I’m talking about. Shiya call me if you want. I CAN make this work

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