NJ Senator: Could Lives Have Been Saved if Doctors Had the Chance to Fight COVID with Hydroxychloroquine?

A just-released study by a New Jersey-based healthcare system indicates that patients with mild symptoms of the virus who received hydroxychloroquine were “significantly less likely to end up in the hospital,” according to a published report in the Daily Record, dated Jan. 27, 2021.

“This doesn’t come as a surprise to me, but it is troubling that we had to wait almost a year to get to this point,” said Senator Joe Pennacchio, who as early as March was joined by dozens of doctors and medical experts urging the federal and State governments to authorize doctors to use the drug, also known as HCQ, to help control the spread of COVID after the encouraging early findings.

“In the desperation of the early days of the pandemic, with COVID spreading like wildfire in areas of North Jersey and New York, hydroxychloroquine was the only treatment showing promise,” Pennacchio said. “HCQ got a bad rap because of politics, and its off-label use as a COVID treatment was blocked.”

The new study from Hackensack Meridian Health stated that from March to mid-May, the system’s physicians used the hydroxychloroquine to treat outpatients who did not have severe symptoms, and of more than 100 people who received the drug, barely 20 percent ended up in the hospital, compared with close to 33 percent of more than 1,000 people who were not administered HCQ.

In today’s article, the Daily Record reported that “the drug also appeared to be safe, with no reports of cardiac arrhythmia,” or other side effects.

“Politicians, insisting they knew more than the doctors who were prescribing the treatment effectively blocked its use and prevented further studies,” said Pennacchio. “They robbed the desperate public of a potential medical option when they were so desperate for any reason for hope.

“So much time was wasted, so many lives lost. So heartbreaking,” the Senator said.

In April, while the effectiveness of HCQ was playing out at Meridian’s hospitals, Pennacchio issued another plea to Administration, with a long list of 350 doctors from across the nation pleading for doctors to be allowed to use the drug to treat patients.

“How many thousands of lives, including those tragically lost in our veterans and nursing homes, may have been saved by the responsible use of hydroxychloroquine?” asked Pennacchio.

“Had politicians put aside their partisanship and truly did the business of the people, the story may have been quite different in New Jersey and across the U.S. What a shame,” Pennacchio concluded.

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  1. A number of doctors, were using the zelenko protocol of HCQ, zinc, and z-pack with great success. Unfortunately due to politics, and only politics, because they hated the president so much, this treatment was frowned upon. It’s a shame because it could have saved many many many lives and many trips to the hospitals. The excuse they used was that it wasn’t successful. The reason it wasn’t successful is because they weren’t doing it the right way and they knew it. There’s no reason they couldn’t have done the protocol even if it wouldn’t have necessarily worked all the time. At least they gave the patients a fighting chance.

    Shame on them and may they all rot in hell.

  2. Now that Trump is not in office [will not make him look good] We will see some honest reporting re Hydroxy.

    G-d forbid to help save peoples lives if it may seem like Trump was correct.

    This is your current “medical establishment” !

  3. I’m a doc who’s quite familiar with this Inyan. Here are some points to ponder:

    – the “Zelenko protocol” is not Zekenko’s, it was devised by researchers in France. In more than 30 yrs in the field, I do not recall a single instance of anyone naming an operation or protocol after himself. Only a fool would take seriously someone who advertises a regimen that he names after himself (and by the way has made lots of money teaching others how to implement)
    – I personally heard Zelenko claim that not a single one of the outpatients treated with his protocol ended up on a ventilator. This new paper makes no such claim – it reports 20% hospitalizations in people treated with HCQ, compared with 33% of those not treated with HCQ – but it says nothing about differences in mortality or need for intubation. I believe that if Zelenko hadn’t made such ridiculous claims, hadn’t done such outlandish things like call the WHO the “World Homicide Organization”, and hadn’t been such an obvious self-promoter, his protocol might not have been rejected by the medical establishment as strongly as it was. Any profession tends to ignore people whose behavior has red flags that cast doubt on their integrity.

    – many sincere practitioners in the field that I know have tried it, and have not found that it worked.

    • Dear DOC,
      You seem to be obsessed with Zelenco.
      1. He is NOT the issue, rather the entire medical industrial complex [apparently including yourself] turning a blind eye to even CONSIDER this treatment.
      2.Zelenco DOES deserve credit [no matter if he overstated the potential] BECAUSE HE PUT PATIENTS LIVES FIRST, while taking abuse from holier than thou “DOCTORS” who for whatever reason did not have it within themselves to KEEP AN OPEN MIND.
      3.All one needs to know can be gleaned from the mere fact that social media PURGED any & all references to Hydroxy-BEFORE STUDIES WERE TAKEN !
      4. Funny thing, every study taken on Hydroxy appeared to be HALTED midstream.
      More than Hydroxy itself, this saga EXPOSED the “Doctors” as petty and afraid to “look bad” even at the expense of patients sufferings & suffocating.
      TRULY SAD.

    • so the gov which is made up of the most humble people in the world who named the affordable care act obamacare threatened him to cease and desist because the protocol was named after himself and he made money for his time and expertise training others how to implement it properly does the protocol work or not is the only thing to be considered what you say further proves that this was about politics and not pure medical facts political correctness doesnt determine right and wrong sorry mr doctor keep politics out of medicine which will never happen but dont bash moral upstanding individuals for their honesty and integrity and their lack of expertise in political correctness trump was president and big pharma stood to make alot of money facts dont care about your feelings

    • Based on your previous comments on this website I doubt that you are who you are trying to project yourself as being. You say that you are a ‘doc’ – even IF that is really true, because online people can pose as anyone, you may be a veterinarian, you may be a ‘doc’ because you have a PHD in botany, you may be a dermatologist.

      The FACT is that this protocol works. The many “studies” that came out saying that is does not were almost all doing the protocol in the wrong way. When it is done correctly (all 3 components, correct dosages, at the correct stage of the illness) the success rate was extremely high.

      I have two close relatives (one who is elderly with underlying health issues), whose lives were clearly saved by this protocol – and I know of many other people who were also.

      The fact remains that at the stage that Zelanko came out with the protocol, there were almost no known treatments – so what did it hurt anyone to let people try it – the only thing that hurt them was that Trump seemed to like it – and of course, once that happened the MSM HAD to disparage it – who cares that it meant that thousands would die as a result????

      The fact that people were blocked from trying it is CRIMINAL. Anyone who was involved in the false studies, spreading lies that this protocol doesn’t work should be LOCKED UP!!! They are MURDERERS!!!

      BTW, who really cares who its named for – are you going to let your relative die because you are upset that a protocol was named for someone and you think it shouldn’t have been???!?!?!?!? Are you really trying to say that Doctors were justified for blocking this treatment from people because you don’t like some of the things that you claim that Zelanko said or did??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??!?!?!??!

      I would have hoped that Doctors were responsible enough to realize that their job is to do whatever it takes to save their patients – and not decide to block treatment because they don’t like some things that someone associated with the treatment supposedly said or did!!!!

      PLEASE come to my house and look my children in the eye and tell them that had you had it your way, their father would be DEAD because you believe that the protocol that saved his life (and their grandparent’s life) is a sham and should not have been followed because you don’t like some of the things that the person, who heroically – and at GREAT personal risk and sacrifice – brought it to public attention, supposedly said or did.

      SHAME ON YOU!!!!

      • I read your comment. Thank you for this true, honest and helpful information. I think you are right, I don’t believe he is a real doctor. Usually doctors write their name, why is he hiding from us? Why is he afraid to tell us his name?

  4. Oh good. Maybe they can get in touch with Oklahoma and get a good price on the $2 million worth of hydroxychloroquine that the state is trying to return now that doctors are again claiming it doesn’t work. Everyone is a winner.

  5. This proves the Democrats only care about themselves and their control of power and NOT about the working middle class.
    Because Trump said yes the Democrats and the MSM said NO!
    People died because the Democrats hate Trump.

    Stop voting Democrat, enough people have died.

  6. On a internet chat between many viroligist I saw they all approved of zelenkos method although some preferred a less harsh drug as a ionaphore instead of hcl

  7. To nisht a naar Didier Raoult did not use zinc. Zinc is crucial to defeat replication so zelenkos was an innovator. 2nd his regimen was used in joint diseases nyc successfully and dr rose Hackensack. And other practioners 3rdly a cross chat of virolgists unamilously stated the absolute need for zinc 4th he was slandered and almost disbarred for using his method even though it was used in Kimball, Ford general in Detroit and norleans hospitals. 5th his method was advocated effective only on onset something not widely mentioned and admitted incubation was too late to treat 5th if it was used under trump administration he would have won the election.

  8. To nisht kein naar.
    Yes we can tell you are in the field because you’re so busy with the numbers and don’t care about patience. Let me give you some statistics from the field. I have one father and only one father he is 85 years old.he was 100% sick with covid with many underlying conditions. When people around me were sent to the hospital and dying like flies I kept him in my basement got a hold of the hydroxchlorquin and zinc. You saw a huge turnaround within 24 to 48 hours and nursed him back to health.
    So right now he is 100% better and have back 100% of my father.
    So why should I care if it’s called zelenko or something else.
    The kovod and possible toe stepping of some doctors are in complete contraindication of the oath they took.
    I will not even waste my time talking about politicians

  9. To Nisht a Naar,
    They possibly gave it too late. You need to start within 5 days of Onset. Also this recent study, looks like it wasn’t given with Zinc. Zn is the Main Antiviral. Also giving Z-pack is not necessary, only with pneumonia!

  10. To Ofakim – the only thing Doc Zelenko did that was innovation was he decided to give it early with pills.
    The protocol was created in China & S.K.

  11. To Shmulka – the “only” thing that Dr. Zelanko did was risk his reputation and license and privacy and peace of mind in order to help people. He has HUGE zechusim and he has saved the lives of untold number of people who followed the protocol exactly how he instructed. The innovations that he made to the protocol were essential to it working! (If it’s given too late or without the zinc, and azythromicin, the success rate is very low. as people in china and sk were probably doing.) I wouldn’t call that “only”!

  12. Must be noted Zelenko recommended arithomycin as a post bacterial preventive. A world famous gastroeligist and scientist Dr Borody who cured peptic ulcers with a triple therapy off label is now advocating Ivermectin d and tetracycline with 100 percent success to defeat covid 19 but is being largely ignored but due to his famous reputation is not being dismissed.

  13. To Ofakim, – What Didault did you can’t call the Innovator. Because the Main Antiviral is Zinc. I researched this around a year ago – China & Korea made up this protocol.

  14. To PA – Do you even know why Z-pack is part of the Protocol? Is it an Antiviral? Are you really a PA?
    I’m a Medical professional with a few degrees.

  15. To shmulka:what and where was this study in china done. Didiers study was arithomycin and hcl. No zinc. I googled this triple therapy and did not find hcl zinc and arithomycin clinical studies carried out in china.

  16. I did the research last year.
    I can’t waste my time to find it again. I only did it at that time, If you want – you can pay me to find it again.

    • Food for Thought:
      Maybe if we spoke with each other with more sensitivity, Moshiach will finally appear.
      Let’s try , it doesn’t cost any money.

  17. After much research I found the idea of. Hcl and zinc without arythomycin for covid 19 was proposed as a thesis by dr sehault.based on a 2014 lab study of zinc and chloroquine.in Oklahoma and china. hcl alone was proposed as covid 19 cure in china and sk and which was later debunked as ineffective in later USA studies. Didiers studies. of hcl and arythomycin did not include zinc. Zelenko synthesized Dr’sehaults and Didier.studies.

  18. Ofakim – Because of avraham -I
    did a quick search, but I’m Not wasting more time to find more. Check out the “National Herald – HCQ + Zinc + Z-pack in tx. of Covid 19 from Shanghai doc originally from India”
    Zelenko claims credit for something he didn’t start. IDK maybe it’s just You, Not him!

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