New Muster Zone Shelter Not Doing The Trick – What Will?

muster_zone_completed_madisonIt seems the new Muster Zone – AKA – Employment Zone – shelter erected at the Madison Avenue gathering spot, isn’t attractive enough for the day laborers. This morning, police drove up and down Clifton Avenue and had to move the day laborers away from the road, at least three times. Last week, the shelter was moved from the Industrial Park area after it failed to achieve its intended purpose.

The cost to move the shelter, Mayor Langert told TLS, was under $2,500.

Though the question remains. What can or will the Township do to enforce or encourage the use of the Employment Zone, and will it work? TLS-RS.

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  1. Well Mayor Langert cannot force anyone to do anything because nothing will change and Mayor Langret should do something about people parking on road who own a driveways and causing traffic problems.. Mayor should force those people and make a fine for them since they are abusing the parking space on the street.. Mayor seem not looking for major problem like 9th st and Lexigton Ave.. Mayor should do something like the crosswalk area on Clifton and fine those people who don’t obey the law..

  2. As I recall, a short time ago I read in the paper that the township enacted a “No Loitering” ordinance. It was enacted to prevent the “day laborers” from congregating on the sidewalks in town. Why don’t the town enforce that ordinance? If they are not going to enforce it why did they pass it?

  3. The people picking up the workers should be given a ticket and their names turned over to the IRS and Social Security as they are not paying taxes as required by law. Those who pay taxes are the ones hurt by the day laborers and their employers.

  4. Did anyone think it would work?
    you cannot arrest people for”loitering” then you would have to arrest everyone for that same reason .while illegal imigrants pose a real problem the bigest problem is our government that does not want to deal with it

  5. The mayor and police should stop trying to assist illegals in finding work. Why are we paying money for a person who is here illegally though the people who are legal and work for this town the Mayor insists in laying off??? Why did we also pay 2500 to move a shelter for these illegals? Why do they deserve any of our tax dollars let alone a comfortable place to illegally wait for work. But then the police will arrest the drunk and homeless who also don’t pay taxes but are at least in this country legally.

  6. Like it or not, the illegals aren’t going anywhere. The federal gov’t needs to find a way to deal with them. Tax them, document them and move on- try to ship them back and they will just find another way in.

    While I see a need for local govt’s to manage the immigrant population I don’t see why they need a shelter. What a waste. They’re happy sitting in the cold on Clifton- start enforcing traffic/loitering and tell them they have to move!!

  7. people – you are all demanding enforcement but guess what.. who will clean your kitchens and bathrooms? you will build your houses and mow your lawns, rake your leaves? you claim you want ‘these people’ out, but YOU use them to your benefit for cheap labor. Think twice before you demand they are taken away, or else you will be paying $25 an hour for a legal maid service and $250 for a lawn service to mow and rake.

  8. to #1 and #2
    Who will issue the tickets to these people, the police? If they do, the next thing is, you will be complaining the police should be solving crime not issuing tickets.

  9. Response to #11: legal maid service is about $10-12/hour for long term contract and $12-15 for one time. Just pick up the phone book and call. But yes, illegal is generally cheaper upfront but they are way more expensive if you take into account the burden on taxpayers (including your famous school taxes, expensive healthcare, car insurance, etc.) and the cost of theft. Pathetic that we are negotiating the healthcare costs for police and other township employees who are fixing the results of presence of those illegals down while providing free healthcare for illegals.

    The problem of this town is that some powerful interests are disproportionately benefit from illegals at the expense of the rest of us.

  10. #12 I am not talking about Mexican .. I was talking about the crosswalk where people who don’t agree with the crosswalk laws.. I almost got hit… The Mayor and the Cheif should make patrol on Crosswalk and issue ticket for not stoping at the crosswalk and people are also in Lakewood are not thinking about other people where they have a driveways and they park on the street the best example would be on E9th st you are invited to come at night and see the issue.. I am even willing to show you the problems…

  11. It cost mega $$$ to support illegals. They use the ER for everything they don’t pay taxes and they send their kids to school for free. If this was not a burden for NJ this state would be rich. The gov needs to find a way to tax since they won’t go anywhere and stop with this free medical. Leave the blue collar worker along and go after the real problem.

  12. It was all just a huge waist of money…from the beginning to now, money wasted…Money that could have been used elsewhere to maybe save people’s jobs…

  13. The illegals are a Federal issue and will not be solved locally.

    The bottom line is that everyone needs money to live, if we don’t allow them to work for food, clothing and shelter, they will be forced to steal for it.

  14. # 20,
    What ifs funny (in a pathetic way) is if you would make a smorg with a bar you would probably be shut down like the farmers market, receive a summons for the selling of liquer with out a lcense and be cited for health violations by the County for the food at the smorg but the iilegals will just go on with their day

  15. what a shandeh that this is the filthy waste you spew into the public discussion of human suffering and need. Not so long ago this was the plight of your fathers and grandfathers and what would have happened if the hard-hearted people who said “send them back” would have won out over the mercy and good intentions of a great nation. the callousness and derision in your comments speak volumes (and not flattering ones) about the deficiencies in your upbringing. Maybe when you grow up a little bit more, you will rediscover the midos of your people.

  16. My fathers and grandfathers did not come illegally to be here for economic reasons. They were not heavy burden on the neck of straggling tax-payers. They did not litter, put on loud music, sell drugs, or form gangs. Whose fathers and grandfathers are you referrng to?

  17. why not tar ALL immigrants with your brush of hatred? a few people whose personal habits offend (and which should be remedied) do not give you free license to belch your racism and hatred in some bilious tirade. And I suspect your antecedents DID come here looking for prosperity and a better life, and the only reason they didn’t come illegally is because they didn’t have to. unless you’re a Puritan here since before the Revolution.

  18. On the whole most of the illegals do not fit the stereotype that’s shown above. Just as all Irish/Italian/Jewish/Black/Asians do not all fit their respective negative stereotypes.

    Why must we always blame those who are not like ourselves for society’s problems??

  19. to 25 and 27: no one is racist here. We welcome all races and ethnicities. People are just upset with a huge number of people (illegals) who create public nuisance and draining the resources of already overburdened community. Many of Latinos are legal and contribute great deal to the society. No one is questioning this. However, illegals because of their illegal status have nothing to lose and are above the law (due to their undocumented status they have no need to report to court or pay fines) and engage in criminal and anti-social behaviors.

  20. solution to your problem,vans and pickup trucks not allowed on clifton ave during certain hours,also mr. mayor could you please clean up the area on the corner of rt.9 and county line rd.bicycles chained to trees ,seems like trash to me

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