Nearly 15 Vehicles Towed At BMG

bmg towingPhoto of vehicles being towed from the BMG area a short time ago. Police said the vehicles were parked too far into the roadway on 9th Street, between Forest and Private Way. Although there is snow piled into the road, making it difficult to park near the curb, drivers should look for a legal spot to park.

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  1. WHY DID THEY NOT PLOW???? If THEY would have plowed like THEY are PAYED to do the cars would not be sticking out a drop.
    All over Lakewood there is no way to park safely because THEY did not do their job. In my neighborhood they NEVER plowed!! there is no were to park!

  2. I agree with #1 My Neighborhood on the southend of town was partially plowed..My street looks like an off road driving course. But to be honest there is no plate to put the snow. You can see it piled up on every street corner and sidewalk, and with more coming, you won’t be able to see the street at all. DPW busted themselves for the most part but forgot that there is more than just the west side of town to plow..I am very disgusted with that. My area was plowed basically last minute and not completed.

  3. i am sick of these cops just bullying everyone in town. who gave this order this did came from upper levels of the police dept. where are the askonim.

  4. a snow plow was stuck spinning his wheels in front of my house and then gave up and finally drove away (we live off central ave)!!!! We had to chase after him and beg him to try again – this time with his shovel down!

  5. the plows did a horrible job cuz cars impeded their progress. impeded progress yields poorly plowed roads. poorly plowed roads yields parking far out. parking far out yields more difficulties for plows in future snowfalls or towing. round and round we go …

  6. Last night after SCHI dinner cops were giving tickets. I agree some had earned the tickets, however that did nothing to help the trafic flow. If they were already there they should have directed the traffic, rather than being an added obsticale to the trafic.
    I think they shouldn’t allow high paid cops to give parking tickets, only lower paid metermaids could.

  7. #7 you are wrong. Had they began plowing when the snow was slowing down about Midnight and plowed thru the night we would not have the problem to the extent we have it now. When you only start plowing after everyone needed to get out in the morning this is what you get.

  8. this township is headed south
    firstly they didnt plow right after the storm when cars werent around on the street now when they didnt do their job they tow the cars that cant park normally
    the cops were giving tickets out on 9TH street sunday morning by the rosenbaum parlor meeting

  9. You complain about the cops ticketing people when that are still parked illegally, now you are just blaming it on the snow, what will you be blaming the illegal parking on next month?

  10. yet the town chooses to keep the public works dept. that cant remove snow the right way and get rid of the EMS dept. who saves lives……maybe the committee should consider privatizing public works instead of the ems…alot more money to be saved that way…..

  11. where is HH? no not hymie himmelstein, hershel herskowitz. was Hershel towed away with his 4X4? did anyone find a lonely coffee cup? the mystery deepens…

  12. About two weeks ago there was an article on the lakewood scoop about making police cuts. I think now is the time we start considering it. The right thing to do would be to issue a warning to those who were parked there, not just come and tow the cars away at the owne’s expense. if it was a problem it should have been brought to the peoples attention. I think now is the time to make cuts. We dont need the SUV’s the police department has, we dont need the questionable tickets, AND WE DEFINITELY DONT NEED OUR CARS TOWED. If the township failed to plow dont take it out on us, take it up with those responsable. If you just want to raise money, make a fundraiser.

  13. About two weeks ago there was an article on the lakewood scoop about making police cuts. I think now is the time we start considering it.

    *****************in response to this comment*************************
    if you cut the police dept where do you start?? Internal or on the road. Remember the cuts you make will eventually effect everyone of us. You will have less officers to take care of the business of this town and keep it will have less compromise and more crap to deal with. You think its hard for you now..wait to get someone to respond when there are not enough officers, because you know if they do any cuts it will be at officer level first..then that leads to police officer safety issues..then what??

  14. People need to take responsibility for their actions. The police are paid to do a job. How many warnings do they need to give, TIME AFTER TIME the warning is given about parking properly or your going to get fined and towed when it happens folks cry that the cops are picking on us
    The rules are the same for a bright sunny day or two foot of snow on the roads. Learn the parking rules for your area
    its called RESPONSIBILITY now man up and take some.

  15. Its about time that people learn that we can’t survive without law and order! Look what a great job did the last shabbos snow storm when we had some order in town! Keep up the great work lpd and thank you (for trying your best) in making lkwd a great and safe place to live!

  16. #22 you have no idea what it takes to be a police officer!! just cuz you recieved a ticket , i guess the LPD is biased?? Lakewood needs more cops!!!! People in the community need to stop abusing the police and respect them for the great job they do and stop calling IA everytime something is not in your favor!!! like #23 said take responsibility for your actions and be a man!!!!!!!!!

  17. We r all typing away but do u realize what the person who was towed goes thru ???the aggravation Poor guys. – I would join any group & demonstrate in front of the police station -they know very very well its jewish cars yet. We yidden when u pull us over R never disrespectful.. Never a car chase never DWI. Never a possibility of a gun pointing in the cops face. U never find us breaking into a homes/cars a hold up at a bank c’mon it goes both ways. Give us some slack !!!!!!!
    And PS doesn’t chavarim Hatzala shomrim take SOME of a burden off you -so work with us especially when the snow is to blame

  18. I’m sure they plowed the parking area that they towed the cars to.

    By the way, the DPW did a beautiful job after the storm on Shabbos. But don’t give them too much praise. It apparently went to their heads and slacked off on the next storm. If they don’t clean the snow right away, it gets too hard and icy to move. Lakewood has grown–GET MORE TRUCKS!

  19. It’s a disgrace! they should patrol the unsafe areas in Lkwd and quit worrying about people parked two feet into the street or people going 3 miles over the speed limit.

    Watch how they drive-straight through red lights, talking on their cell, etc.

  20. Hey 32, why don’t you produce one person who was stopped for driving 3 miles over the speed limit. Seeing the way people drive in Lakewood I would bet anything they were probably driving at least 20 MPH over the, or ran a stop sign, or were talking on their cell phone. Oh by the way, there are zones in Lakewood just like every other town and the officer in that zone is supposed to patrol that zone and enforce the laws there for everyone

  21. I’ve been stopped by Officer Butterworth several times near BMG and by 4th St and Forest Ave. He has been nothing but courteous and never issued me a summons. He acts fairly and given me several warnings for each time I have been double parked. Thank you LPD

  22. 25 years ago when the developers said “none of our people drive to shul so we don’t need parking spaces” and then the variences for required parking were allowed ALL OVER town. If no one drives, where do all the cars come from? Blame the builders, developers, planning and zoning boards for your parking woes.

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