National Title 1 Expert Michelle Doyle Responds To TLS

Letter from Doyle 1(Click on image to enlarge) (page two of the letter in extended article). The following is the contents of the letter sent to TLS from Title 1 expert Michelle Doyle in response to TLS’s report on the Igud meeting: Dear Editor: A colleague recently shared with me an article in the “Lakewood Scoop” which reported on a meeting held yesterday with nonpublic school administrators by the Lakewood Board of Education regarding the participation of eligible nonpublic school students in the federal education program, Title I.  I was misquoted in that article and would like to correct the record. You correctly reported that the meeting was held in a collaborative spirit and everyone had an opportunity to have his or her questions answered.  And the relative percentages quoted below are correct.  However, I am misquoted within the following paragraphs:

Michelle Doyle, a Washington, DC consultant, confirmed this morning the return to children in our mosdos of all Title 1 Stimulus funds which were previously misallocated.

Ms. Doyle said the return of the funds was based on figures showing that the nonpublic school student population is 72%, while the public school population is 28%, of the total Title 1-eligible low-income student population. By federal law, it is this 72/28 ratio which establishes the proportionate share for allocating Title 1 funds between Lakewood’s Public and NonPublic school populations. Lakewood will receive a total of $13 Million in Title 1 federal grants this year: $7 Million in Regular Title 1, and $6 Million in Stimulus Title 1. The Igud battled to have this 72/28 ratio used for both the Title 1 Regular AND Stimulus programs. The District initially resisted, planning to apply this ratio only for the Regular Title 1 grant, but not for the Stimulus Title 1 grant. As confirmed this morning, the Igud won on the merits of the law. The correct 72/28 ratio will be used for the entire $13 Million Title 1 grant, Regular and Stimulus.

letter from doyle 2While I did report the division of the funds and the ratio of public and nonpublic school low-income students for the purpose of generating Title I funds, I did NOT confirm a “return of stimulus funds” since in my opinion they were never misallocated.  I have been a consultant to the Board for several years.  Previous to this meeting, the Board—within Title I guidelines—had reserved $2 million off the top of the total Lakewood Title I allocation for a pre-school program that would be open to public and nonpublic school students with the knowledge of all involved, including the nonpublic schools. 

Pre-school services were asked for by some nonpublic schools during the July nonpublic school consultation, the New Jersey State Department of Education encouraged this method of set aside for pre-school programs throughout the State if desired by school districts, and this set aside was discussed extensively during the August consultation with the nonpublic school representatives.  The Board previously decided in September decided not to take this legal set aside and instead to take the preschool program costs entirely out of the public school allocation.  Both options are legal—a set aside off the top or taking the pre-school costs only out of the public school side of the instructional funding. 

I do not want to be associated with criticizing the Board for an illegal action when no illegal or improper action was taken.  Instead, let me applaud both the Board and the community for an ongoing open and transparent consultation process that aired the issues, reached agreement, and has moved the process forward to provide equitable, high quality services to public and nonpublic school students through the Lakewood Public School District, something that I have witnessed, and have had the privilege to participate in for several years.

Many thanks for your attention.


Michelle L. Doyle

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  1. I am glad we can have someone from the other side finally voice their side of the story. TLS Editor – It really is not fair and balanced when you have only one side and no one from the other with their reasoning behind it. Not sure why that is but I wish you can get both sides of the story on controversial matters.

  2. This official letter fully vindicates my continuing skepticism of the MI-bashmutzers. The record is clear for all to see. Until and unless you bashers out there can produce an official and legitimate document backing up all your phony-baloney/ridiculous complaints and credits, you will never achieve even a shred of credibility.

    I guess that’s why you people are still hiding behind your anonymous masks — so that atleast your embarrassment won’t be in full view of the entire public — for the beautiful chillul shem shamayim you’ve now caused.

    I truly hope this will be the final lesson you need to stop annoying the community with your narishkeitin!

  3. The main bashers were the people posting very “professional” posts against catapult. Like catapult is the main problem! I am still waiting to see what happens with all this money. Does my tuition go down? What happened to that $20,000,000 that the VAAD said Lakewood received form the state for the school district? Where does all this money go? Oh “Special” ed. It is “special” because teh money seems to be “Quite” special.

  4. The BOE could have legally done it the other way which would have benefitted many more. Even if you can cover youreself legally, you are wrong for not using another completely legal avenue. The legal method that the BOE used has too many skelotins associated with it.

  5. I pashut have nothing to say in my defense. I was plain wrong. I posted nasty things in my over-zealousness. I admit that I don’t think I would’ve been able to cope with such despicable attacks against me. I also don’t think it’s really fair to shift my blame to those who talked me into this whole meshugas to begin with, but at the very least those guys are equally wrong and should beg for an apology. As far as REAL teshuvah goes, I definitely have a MAJOR shaalas chacham..

  6. Yungerman:

    Your tuition, even if you are paying “full tuition” doesn’t begin to cover the cost of educating your child. Mosdos rely upon government assistance and the benificience of donors to cover the shortfall between what you pay and what it costs them to provide you services. In today’s economy, fundraising is understandably down – way down. Additional government assistance is what has allowed the mosdos to maintain your current tuition level rather than asking you to shoulder a greater portion of the burden of educating your child. Of course, rather than hakoras hatov, all they get in return is “why hasn’t my tuition gone down??” and “where has all the money gone??”. Is it any wonder why there’s a shortage of people willing to open schools?

  7. I have been involved in a mosad in the past and I can tell you that about 3-4 years ago the actual cost of educating a child in the lakewood yeshiva school system is between 5500-7000. This depends on how big the school is, if the rabbeim get free or discounted tuition and an array of other reasons. in north jersey, the chinuch is much more costlier because they provide much more services.

  8. read the letter , this person is a PAID CONSULTANT of the BOE. so all they had to do is pay here a few more dollars to write that she was misquoted. also if you look at the language she is very careful to write that SHE did not accuse the BOE of misallocating money , but she refrains from taking responsibility for a full audit of the BOEs actions.

    so what does this prove? that MI can pay another person not to open up their mouths and sing ?

    thats what we have been screaming all along, that its a bunch of people with their hands in the cookie jar that are helping Mi get away with all the shenanigans.

    let him call down an independent auditor and state and federal auditors and an auditor representing the IGUD if he wants to prove that he has nothing to hide.

    until then this is just another one of his ploys.

  9. The real cost of education should be close to 6,000 . Our Mosdos do it for less out of necessity ,mainly through cutting administrative costs to almost nothing . In the public school system ,the Rosh Hamodod would be getting fat salaries and having quite a few assistants on fat salaries to help them . In many Mosdos ,the heads work basically for nothing and work extra hours without assistants ,because they would anyway just have to go out and schnorr more money to pay themselves ,which they dont have the tim for and cant find the gvirim for .

  10. you must still think everyone is stupid , this person is a paid consultant of the boe . all you bor people havebeeen playing the same games and this is just another ploy.

    what are you afraid of ?

    call down an independent auditor and state and federal auditors and an auditor representing the IGUD and prove that there is nothing to hide.

    or do you have to many skelatons in your closet?

    also what happpened to all the questions the IGUD posed.

    where are the written answers?

  11. I think this is another nail in the anti-establishment / anti-MI’s coffin!!

    The truth will always come out if you’re only patient enough to wait..

  12. # 15 sounds like a paranois freak struggling to be heard, but is still accepted for what he is: a paranoid freak.

    What kind of in-his-own-head “skeletons” does HE have in his imagined closet??

    He also sounds like those “conspiracy” wack-jobs that constantly hallucinate about imagined end-of-the-world situations.

    I don’t want another dime of our hard-earned tax-payer funded dollars going to the BOE to be wasted on spending another minute on this frivolous conspiracy-hatched nonesense-babble that some busybodies in the community are driving everyone meshuge with.

    We’ve all had it with these goons!! They should be ashamed of themselves for their disgusting rhetoric! Let’s investigate them!!

    It’s time to move on to REAL business..

  13. while i totally agree with number 12.
    even if you say MI is doing everything legally , so he legally figured out how to dupe our mosdos for a few million !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

    this is that the the BOE members we elected are backing ?????????

    thats what we need him for ?

    he is not working for us . he is totally working for them , or somehow getting it into his pocket. it is a good thing that 4 spots are opening up for election on the BOE because these people are not working for our kehilla . time to get rid of them.

    also we are still waiting for an independent audit aof all BOE action and written answers to all the IGUD questions. until that happens there will still be a lot of noise.

  14. #21,

    Other side??? What ya talkin’ bout man??? Ain’t we all workin’ together? Please tell us exactly who is on each side?? I can’t wait to hear this one…

  15. read the letter in the page of the article. it says the MI found a way to legally shift $2 million away from our mosdos

    you dont call that working for the other side??

  16. what state do you live in ? the last time i checked i was in NJ

    we have a govorner elect that made himself famous by going after corrupt politican and public odfficals like MI.

    is he also a wack- job?
    or maybe thats why the vaad wanted corzine ?
    they were afraid that this “consipiricy ” wack job would clean up lakewood?

    the sad truth is that there is so much corruption in this state , until you have total transparancy you must assume that there is corruption going on.
    or at least our future gov. does.

    im sure he will be in this town with his boys in no time.

  17. Wait u just wrote that mi is doing everything legal but dupe the mosdos then u write that he is pocketing millions????? Isn’t that a stupid of u to write think

  18. Yesterday u all complaing that mi shouldn’t make the decision know u are saying he I making the wrong ones but if u post everyday u would of saw tls exclusive “inzelbuch will return the millions or wtvr”

  19. I read this site everyday and I post my question when ever people write that mi is corrupt so I will ask again and again in till I get a answer


    IF U DONT HAVE PROOF PLEASE DONT BOTHER WRITING YOUR ANSWERS ITS A WASTE OF TIME and if I don’t get answers then to all those keep on commenting bad bring proof its boring

  20. What people are you talking about us hard working tax payers? No it,’s time to get rid of all you negative people.If you don’t like the lakewood BOE then MOVE.

  21. # 27 is a total nut-case!!

    He literally holds that EVERYONE in nj, including mi, is presumed corrupt and guilty, without needing any back-up proof, of any made-up allegation against them until proven otherwise — to every imbeciles satisfaction. It sure is a good thing for him that he’s hiding his own identity because someone might make an anonymous complaint against him on a blog like this and he would be forced to spend countless days and resources to prove his innocence. He doesn’t sound any different that wack-job # 15 or the other low-life anonymous bashmutzers..

    And this lunatic also fools himself into thinking that this is the reason why there was a recommendation to vote for corzine instead of christie?!!

    All I could say is WEIRD.. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried!!

  22. MI himself at the meeting openly said that “either you love me or you hate me ” . end quote

    The issue is not whether or not somebody is doing illegal things . The issue is as follows : The BOE has essentially given dictatorial powers over to one unelected person . He may be the greatest and best . But the system is not supposed to work that way . The programs are rather complicated and the BOE members basically realize that they have no clue so they have allowed one individual to make all the decisions . When dictators make decisions ,then those in favor will love him and those against ,will hate him . When decisions would be made by the Board in an open manner ,then it would not come to this . You cant blame him ,because the Board effectively has asked him to do everything so its not really his fault .

  23. we all just make claims against mi because we have nothing better to do if all was true what u all are saying there would be one askan that would get up and call the feds but since u all are abusing a man that works day and night for are town it seems like people just make false claims for fun on some one elses expensive but deep down no one likes a man with power and that is what it really causing all u low life people to comment on this site ann. so with help of hashem i daven for all u bashers that might just have to learn the hard way which is called hell and yes i might be there to but not for this bashing

  24. Guys keep the pressure up, the BOE is cracking up. They are getting very nervous. Ask any Catapult employee. They’re all watching their backs now. Good work, LAC!!!

  25. Shoita. Michelle Doyle is a nationally recognizedl expert on Title 1. Do you really think she would jeopardize her standing to make a few bucks that MI (or anyone else) would throw her?


  26. If the school cuts corners and pinches pennies, it is still not less than $5000 to educate a single child. If the school spends more freely, it can eaasily reach $7000 and beyond.

  27. If that is you can you please explain why no one on the boe was at the meeting with the IGUD why is an attorney (Someone who no one voted for) making all these decisions on lots of money that the BOE (you) should be deciding. Why is MI making a statement at the end of last year when a stabbing took place? Where is the BOE members? President? Do they exist? My impresion is the BOE members feel that the oilam should just leave them alone and be happy that we are even sitting on this board (Yes that has some validation) but this job requires everything that it calls for regarding the money from our district.

  28. I am not on the LAC. But I know many poor women who work for Catapult, who have been forced by MI to do not good things. But thanks to LAC, the tide is turning, and Catapult is watching its back now, and running scared, and cutting back on some of the shenanigans.

    Am I making this up???? How about checking me out. Why don’t you ask any of the hundreds of Catapult employees in Lakewood. Ask them if everything is Glatt, and then ask them if they sense a change in tide (I talk in riddles for obvious reasons…)

    Thank you LAC

    And by the way, there is no need to speak to “veteran Askonim”. How about speaking instead to “veteran Rabonim”? When a big Rosh Yeshiva was told recently about this, he literally “hit the roof”.

  29. You are wrong . In any other district ,the ASttorney does not run the show . Tjis weeks meeting eas entirely run by the ATTY . Believe me ,its not the norm . The atty shouldnt have even needed to be there .

  30. U must read others comment before u post yours. U bring no proof no paper no tape I can also say that bmg is stealing millions and say riddles but if u don’t bring proof stay off the site u are just making a fool out of yourself!!

  31. I will try to answer all of your questions

    The reason why no boe members were att the igud meeting in bais tova is because they were not invited. Michael was at home when he got a call to come all of the igud members took a vote if michael should be called everyone besides 2 of them said to call which will be nameless because they were scared the truth would be heard I wasn’t at the meeting but heard what when on.

    2) Michael was the one who made the statement last year because all the tv station went to him and he the main man of the lkwd boe

    I would like to let all of lakewood that anything done by michael is through daas torah of RSK so who am I or u to question a gadol.

  32. Why are YOU burying RSK in the grave MI is digging for himself?

    Think you are doing him a favor? Ask him first.

    I would leave him out of this.

    Believe me, when all is known, you will discover you did RSK a huge disservice.

  33. To ALL: Please be aware that Eino Yehudim are reading these blogs. One has commented to me that he can’t believe the way some of these bloggers speak about others.

  34. To #45: Who is your Daas Torah that you ask your questions to? Have you ever discsussed these issues with him?

  35. Since you were not at the Igud meeting and I was, let me tell you what was actually said. Those who voted against MI showing-up (and there were many more than two) stated their 2 reasons clearly: 1. All you will hear from him is a pack of lies, and 2. He will use his appearance as an excuse not to provide written answers to the Igud’s dozen questions. Both predictions came true.

    You got the Igud letter. Why don’t you use your position on the BOE to press for answers. Who is really afraid of the truth??

  36. Meir you say “The reason why no boe members were att the igud meeting in bais tova is because they were not invited. Michael was at home when he got a call to come all of the igud members took a vote if michael should be called everyone besides 2 of them said to call which will be nameless because they were scared the truth would be heard I wasn’t at the meeting but heard what when on.”
    Why was a vote taken? Is that a way out of this. Not one BOE member who the public voted for was at this meeting, Did a BOE member reach out to them and say I would like to be present and they were told “do not come?” Why are the BOE members not involved. It is very concerning and shows a lack of caring. (Even if you all care it “Shows” and comes across very negatively) I would like to see more BOE members actually be more proactive and vocal instead of having MI do what appears to be everything. Yes, other towns DO NOT have the attorney appearing to do everything.
    You say””MI is the main man on the board WHY? Where is the BOE members themselves?

  37. Yes, we have a psak from one of Lakewood’s most pre-eminent undisputed halachic authorities, in writing. And he gave his permission to publish it. We are saving it for the right time–only if more ‘friendly’ persuasion fails. Vedai lechakima.

  38. To 48 says: I wonder what kind of letter can be written that can be applied to all the situations? I know that RSK is always consulted and one letter would never work for all the different situations that come up.

  39. Why will it help if any other boars members go to the meeting they all follow what RSK says anyways so there is no difference.

    Why would u complain that mi does to much??

  40. It’s a total waste of time to try and pacify these anonymous bashers. They will never be happy.. They’ll always find some ridiculous claim or stupid question to personally attack others with. Even when they’re proven wrong and should be apologizing, these rabblerousers still try to fardrey and kneich the issue.. It’s like trying to reason with a farkrumte mentsch – after a while you see there’s just no point anymore..

    I agree with the others who are fed up and had enough of this garbage and siimply start ignoring the kvetchers who have nothing else to do but krechtz all the time..

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