MVA With Rollover

overturn on lurelwood_wmMVA With Rollover: (VIDEO & PHOTOS) Multiple Hatzolah, PD, FD and EMS are currently on the scene of a serious MVA at County Line and Laurelwood. As we post this, Hatzolah and EMS are each transporting one patient. Injuries don’t appear to be life threatening at this time.Video will be posted shortly.
(Mobile users click here for photos and click here to view video on youtube).


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  1. i was there and i thought i was in hungry they yelled even one bocher hat he throw of and yelled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats going on in this town we need jewish people to join the police force like ny they treat us like ******* then the go to the station and all what they could do is make fun of us !!!!!

  2. what a chulil hashem its so sad the police officer has to leave the lakewood force i dont know his name but inocent i felt the same way i am going to file a complaint tommorow i am also going to take thinks in my own hand.

  3. i think the chief has 2 scream at these nasty cops for what they did and i think these cops should apoligize to the whole lakewood for acting that way

  4. lets see, do officers respond unprofessionally due to lack of training? or just because they had a bad day? or because of some sort of resentment?

  5. Officer Ward can learn a thing or two by watching Officer Butterworth in action, he is should be the poster boy of LPD. We love you Butters!!!


  7. I was there (walking elsewhere at the time and stayed away from the chaos), and these “innocent bystanders” were swarming the accident scene. This area must stay as is, until they are finished with that part of their investigation. If tainted, by outside influence, it can make it harder for them to get a thorough reading on the cause of the accident. When an officer demands for people to back off, you must comply.They have the right to arrest you for obstruction. Why are you complaining about the police? They were doing their jobs, and as Jewish people, by swarming the accident scene, staring, jabbering, and not listening to the police. we weren’t doing our jobs.

  8. Lets see, accident occurs- dozens of nosey people run right up to the flipped over vehicle.(which the one photo CLEARLY shows) PD pulls up to the scene and ask every one to get back for their own safety and to reduce the confusion. The growing crowd of onlookers are slow to respond to the officers request so they RAISE their voice and give a the order a second time… You don’t like the tone of their voice-Your poor feelings are hurt -WA WA
    They just could have saved your life ya dummies… How you ask??
    Overturn Car- possible broken gas lines or tank ignites because the vapors find ignition source that blows the tank – results- everyone that standing on the curb with in 10 feet of the car is now in the burn center with 2nd and 3rd degree burn because they were TOO close. Car Battery shorts out and sprays ACID all over the onlookers. The car is loaded with gas struts one goes off after a delay and the bumper flies off the car and takes out 10 people standing too close. Hybrid Car Battery-1000volts DC let one of those go off you’ll wish ya stayed home. The vehicle is hit a second time and pushed into the crowd. Should I go on??? The average onlooker has NO CLUE of the dangers of standing within 100 ft of a accident scene -check out YOU TUBE if you don’t believe me 100’s of video of things going wrong at accidents..

    Do your self a big favor -hang out across the street and don’t add to confusion. Thanks those officer for caring enough about you and your friends that they ask you to move out of harms way- Because evidently some folks don’t have a clue about their own safety when it comes to emergency scene. Unless your a trained emergency responder you have no business being as close as those photos show. STOP YOUR COMPLAINING because you are in the wrong, not the officers They are doing what we pay them for- to protect you and me from harms way.

  9. COOKIE MONSTER is his name, he earned that name after giving an 8 year old a summons for throwing a cookie out of a school bus window…..

  10. everyone agrees its for safety everyone must stay back but there still is a way to say everything. the first rule in crowd control is to never lose your cool cuz that will show weakness! being rude isnt going to ever get anyone to move quicker. think about it ward! stay cool and ppl will listen just as must, if not more.

  11. Sean Ward didn’t just pull LCSW members over once or twice. He pulled me over for the same issue that had already been clarified with the chief long before but he made as if he didn’t know about it. About three weeks later he pulled me for the SAME THING!!! and again made as if he never heard of it before. A real jerk one can say! When a guy was knocked unconscious in Raintree by a burly teenager and identified the perp at the bus stop the follwing school day PD would not take him off the bus. They said”they couldn’t hold up a bus on it’s way to school”. But Sean Ward was able to STOP a bus for a cookie thrown out by an 8 year old!

  12. I know shawn badge number 302 personally he’s a nice guy I waz there and he even told me 2 get on the sidewalk even though I didn’t want 2 because I like a close up look but because he told me to go I went because its for my safety shawn keep up the good work and don’t listen to all the nonsense that everyone is writing wen I meet u in person ill tell you who I am that u know who wrote this unless u figured it out already

  13. Here is the issue with theses cops, its one thing for them to do their jobs and enforce the law , however they seem to take their own pride and ego over their proffedionalism and if you dare stare at them the wrong way or look at them in a way that they feel your not showing respect they will go after you.such behavior from grown men is discusting are we supposed to bow down to them? if an 8 year ols threw a cookie out the window od a bus is that a major crime?? NO but the cop’s ego was tarnished he’s respect was shattered that’s the diffrence beetween a good cop and a bad cop.

  14. Why is everyone picking on officer Ward? You are at an accident traffic is still moving past the cars involved. Why are so many people still in the streets and not on the sidewalk away from harms way? Get out of the way of the responders. Now there are people out there that stay out of the way and still look that is not the problem. I cannot tell you how many fires I have been on where people have to be told many times to get on the other side of the fire line (yellow tape) and they still think they can go under it like it is not even there.Please if you are not involved get on the other side of the line. Every week it is a new officer to pick on. Learn how to police yourself If the officer is yelling there is usually a reason for it. Take a look at all the videos that are posted and tell me if you dont think there is a problem. Now everyone can write there comments blasting me I know I cant spell so i dont want to hear that.

  15. Whether or not the cops acted properly i dont know. but what i do know is that the way the bystanders acted was absolutely sickening. there were many people walking up and just peeking into the car as the emergency workers were trying to get the patients out– this is not a show. show some respect for the injured they dont need you staring at them, and show respect for the people who come out at any time of night or say to help in emergency situations like this- give them the space they need to do their job and dont make it any more difficult for them than it already is.

  16. To anon 4:07
    keep ur comments to yourself you are obviesly just trying to kiss up to S. Ward which is ery obvious from you making sure thast he knows who you are in your comment !!!! so cut the garbage and grow up !!!!! Nobody is arguing the fact that it is dangerous for bystanders to be to close, yet there is a way to deal with it and a way not to, and S. Ward can just look at the other officers that were on the scene and see how they handeled it without yelling and thretning to lock people up!! especially when this is the same “cookie monster” that has been making other people crazy for nonsense and including to myself there is a reason why everyone has their own personal stories about him.
    So now to S. Ward you blew it big time and you are going to have to stop this unacceptable behavior.

  17. if you all listened for a change the cops/firefighters/EMTs wouldn’t have to yell at you at emergency scenes, they’re not anti-semite’s, they don’t have big ego’s, they’re doing their jobs and trying to protect you even if thats from yourself

  18. lets try to put things in its proper prespectives.
    Cops are humans, n so are by standers.
    the cops have a job to do n so do u.
    the police have the responsiblity to keep u safe n so do u.
    so far i dont think anyone disagrees with what i said.
    the tumult seems to be over on how both jobs are being performed.
    it is very wrong n unsafe of course for by standers to get in the way or disregard the the demands of police in handling any type of scene.
    (i still dont think many ppl disagree yet)
    HOWEVER,when an individual commits a crime or a violation he does not lose his rights as a human, if anything he may gain some rights such as the right to have an attorney.
    THEREFORE, when an officer is doing his/her job in dealing with the individual/individuals he may not use excess force or even humiliation etc. the officer should have no reason or need to get personal. the officer is there JUST to do his JOB which is to enforce the LAW.
    IN Example… a speeder doesnt deserve a punch in his face for speeding, he deserves nothing from the officer other than a ticket or whatever the statue reads.
    and in our situation or any crowd control situations no cop can draw his gun an start shooting in the air just to get the bystanders cooperation.
    (again hopefully still no1 disagrees)
    the TLS pointed out that 2 officers behaved as such and 2 other officers behaved calm n professional.
    Mr hint was embarking on why was there a difference within the officers behavior. valid question.
    it is wrong to bash officers due to any personal agenda (negios), likewise it is wrong for any officer to treat/mistreat anyone due to a personal agenda.
    Perhaps if LPD would have a trustworthy internal affairs unit looking over their shoulders, and every time an officer is out of line he would face consequences just like a speeder or any other violator get his ticket. perhaps the officers would behave more professional, and likewise the ppl would have more confidence and respect for the great LPD that we have.
    Again officers are human and must practice tolerance and restraint, but so do we.
    Its never helpfull to bash out of porprtion. and 2 wrongs dont make it right. even if the officer didnt say please, u still must obey n step back n stay back.
    we all can do better. thanks.

  19. it would be one thing if all they did was yell at the bystanders but the cardinal sin here was that they were yelling at the ems persanel and pulled the injured out of the car before it was stabalized and against the better judgment of the ems persanel
    again we have a situtraion were the police offficers are telling the trained ems persanel what and how to do it theye would be better offf sticking to the police work and leave the ems work to those that are traind to do it just as theye dont like people meddeling in ther buisness

  20. I was at the scene from begining to end, the lpd was very proffesional
    there were a lot of in-your-face buchurim there which will frustrate any situation . i personally saw a bucher ask an officer (from 2 inches away) ” hey whats with all your rules” as the officer was clearing an area so that they can flip the car over, I needed self control not to smach that child.
    Im starting to have doubts about all the other “abuse” stories.

  21. but the kid that threw the cookie out the bus window could as easily have thrown a rock out the window and hit someone in the head, or it could have hit a car windshield and caused an accident. It’s dangerous beside that it is littering. And really, an 8 year old does know better if he had proper upbringing. And at an accident scene, when you or someone gets hurt because the chain broke or the cable to the tow truck snaps and takes someones head off or someone smoking a cigarettee drops it and it ignites the fluids on the ground you will blame the same cops for not keeping you away and sue the town.

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