Muster Zone: Township Warnings End, Zero Tolerance Begins – Motorists And Pedestrians Face $250 Fines

muster zone enforcement picPHOTOS [9:00 a.m.] Just one day after police had to move day laborers away from Clifton Avenue several times, the Township has announced it will be cracking down. Starting today, December 16, the Lakewood Township Police Department will be giving out $250.00 summonses to anyone—pedestrian or motorist – who solicits the services of a day laborer outside of the Township designated ESA (Employment Services Area), located in the  municipal parking lot between First and Second streets.

According to Lakewood Police Chief Robert Lawson, ample warnings have been issued to the public since the Township passed an ordinance in February 2010, forbidding the solicitation of the services, industry or labor of people seeking employment in an area dedicated for public use, like a median, a road, or the side of a road. Those seeking employment may no longer signal their interest in being hired as well.

Mayor Steven Langert said, “The Township felt compelled to ensure the safety of pedestrians and day laborers, and keep traffic flowing in downtown Lakewood by enacting a No Solicitation of Employment Ordinance. On the other hand, we established an ESA, a safe area, for those who are seeking work.”

Recently, representatives of the day laborers who have been meeting regularly with Mayor Langert and Chief Lawson urged him and the police chief to enact stricter enforcement of the ordinance forbidding picking up laborers outside of the ESA.

Mayor Langert said, “This is a request straight from the day laborers. Their feelings are that those who do comply with the Township ordinance by going to the ESA are losing out because someone looking for a day laborer will stop anywhere in the downtown area to pick up someone and never make it to the ESA. In order to show good faith on their end, the representatives of the day laborers have requested very strict enforcement by Township officials.”

Chief Lawson says, “Tomorrow morning, if you violate the ordinance whether you are a day laborer or a contractor, you will be receiving a township summons.”

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  1. and after the day laborer get the summons- do you think the day laborers will show up in court?? or even pay the $250 hahahaha!!!! fat chance.

  2. The ordinance, at least as it is described in this article, targets only the solicitor, i.e., the contractor, homeowner. The only burden on the day laborer is that they “may no longer signal their interest in being hired”, something that will be almost impossible to enforce. So the wise ones have created an ordinance targeting the legal citizens of Lakewood but were too PC to make any demands of the illegals.

  3. Lakewood Guy, it’s not a PC issue, it’s an enforcement issue. If you had a cockroach problem, would you blame the roaches, or stop leaving food out for them? The law being broken is actually the hiring of illegals, so those hiring them are at fault. Obviously, the illegals are at fault for being illegal, but you can thank the federal government for not protecting the borders on that one!

  4. you do all of this for muster zone people but nothing for the people who plow snow pick up are garbage and police that keep us safe. HELLO

  5. #10,
    “The law being broken is actually the hiring of illegals, so those hiring them are at fault.”

    You are correct of course, but that is exactly the issue. The law was written in a way that would only criminalize the actions of the solicitor, not the day laborer.

  6. Hey the advantage of the zone is now ICE can coral the parking lot a send the bunch of ’em packing. Easier than finding them one by one all over Lakewood.

  7. The problem would be solved if NJ (particularly Lakewood) wouldn’t make it so enticing to live here. Free medical, education, food stamps etc. paid for by middle class American taxpayers. Something is wrong when illegals (meaning breaking the law) get free medical care while hard working Americans do without. Political correctness in this country has gone way too far.

  8. This is illegal thing is a major hazard for all of us. Because of their status there is no enforcements of basic regulations. They are part of all sectors of economy. Those who prepare the food are not checked for infectious diseases and don’t use basic sanitary protection. Those who have access to personal information and valuables don’t get criminal background check. Those who build your house and fix your cars don’t get minimal formal training. Those who drive cars don’t have licenses and don’t learn the rules and often have no insurance and valid car registration. Those people are not traceable and bear no responsibility for their action. Also, those illegals put themselves in much higher risk as there is no work safety for them (I have seen them changing oil (very dangerous chemical) without gloves, standing on the roof with no protection, etc.). In absolutely no way, I am saying they are worse than the rest of population, have more diseases, or more criminal. But the rest of population generally abides by the laws and regulations and there are enforceable safeguards in place which make the legal population less competitive. So here we go in Lakewood: fire township workers to save money to support the cheap and flexible illegals; disperse the tax-paying farmers to make room for this muster zone!!!

  9. Way to fo now I will have 200 of them trying to get the job when I pull up to get a guy to come rake my leafs. Maybe we should stat a rake gmach there so one stop shop.

  10. I’m wondering how many commenters on this issue have actually voted for the politicians that promote and permit programs that protect and benefit ‘Illegals’

    Doing the same thing and expecting different results , is a definition of insanity.

    Why continue to vote the same people into office?

    It’s been said; “you get what you pay for”

    Voting is no different.

  11. what is the town going to do about all of the people that hitchhike all over town. this is even more dangerous and should be taken care of as well. is there some type of punishment that can be issued to these individuals.

  12. Its time that Lakewood stands there ground and send all these illegas back to there own country. Why do we need to provide shelter and cater to these people. This is AMERICA, LAND OF THE FRE AND BRAVE!! SO its time to be brave to these people

  13. There is one very simple and free way to stop all the day labor problems. The rabbis have to make the greedy slum lords stop renting housing to them. They only group in areas around were they live. We all know who the slum lords are and they are the ones making the money off the backs of the rest of us. This will also lower or make it easier for the legal people to rent.

  14. I thought the law said no street soliciting without a permit? Offering a service or goods was regulated. Look out how many business have to carry license and insurance Why target legal citizens? Why do we coddle illegal activity?

  15. I say we as private citizens should independently call ICE to get them down to Lakewood (so long as its within one’s legal right of coarse).

    If the representative won’t do it, then we as the general public should.

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