Multiple Vehicles Impounded And Ticketed In ‘Put The Brakes On Fatalaties Day’ Enforcement

As part of  the enforcement of ‘Put the Brakes on Fatalaties Day’, police this afternoon have impounded and ticketed multiple vehicles for expired registration. TLS has learned that at least 3 cops are standing on River Avenue near John Street, pulling over vehicles for various violations and impounding vehicles with expired registrations. 

See yesterday’s report on the national ‘Put the Brakes on Fatalaties Day’.

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  1. Do you mean cars that are not current with inspection? Because you can’t tell registration by looking. You have to actually run the paperwork!

  2. This is jut SO dumb! Really, the cops have to have more important things to do! Does anyone have any idea what todays inspection means???? Emissions only! These days there are cars rolling around NJ with no brakes, bald tires, dark headlights, faulty signals and worse….that is NO problem!!! If you are putting a bit too much exaust in the air? You’re out!! And this is whaat we are spending billions on inspections for. And this is now what LPD is busy with. Makes alot of sense, no?


  4. They should do away with the emissions inspection also, it would save a lot of money. Safety inspections made more sense. Just like the cops can stop you from a broken headlight, they can also stop you for black smoke coming out of your tailpipe. The cops should be out getting real criminals.

  5. “The cops should be out getting real criminals.”
    They are. Keep your car in shape, your paperwork up to date, get it inspected and you won’t be a criminal.
    And keep your mouth shut except to say”yes sir/mam”. Saying I know such and such politician or leader guarantees you a ticket.




  7. They have to do it Erev Yom Tov & Columbus day so you cant even go to Motor Vehicles! WHAT NERVE! WHERE ARE ALL THE ASKONIM WHEN U NEED THEM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Just wondering if they were impounding all those cars with the plates from North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Those are the cars that have no problems hitting someone and taking off. There’s no tracking them. I was once hit by one of those. LPD came back that the plates(Pa of course) were unregistered……

  9. #2 It had nothing to do with inspections, so your comments are like emissions, a bunch of hot air. I was out there, I know what kind of violations were out there, do you have some first hand knowledge? Of course not, you hear some third hand rumors and run with it, passing it off as “knowledge”. Many of the violations were serious safety issues, putting people at risk. Were you aware of this? Of course not, because while we were out there trying to keep the motoring and pedestrian public safe, you were waiting to publish your “knowledgeable comments” on the scoop. Try to speak about facts next time.

  10. #2, , #5.The cops weren’t out there ticketing cars for inspection stickers. Get your facts straight. They were out there, read what the headline says, “Put the Brakes on Fatalaties Day”. They gave tickets for failure to use seatbelts, speeding, failure to stop, unregistered vehicles, etc. Lakewood has the most motor vehicle accidents in the state by far because of the above violations. If you follow the motor vehicle laws, you won’t get a ticket. Thank you Lakewood Police for everything you do.

  11. First its not like the LPD is out there every day doing this, its one day so its not a waste of tax payers money. Second in one day they handed out multiple tickets that says something about the residence who drive around Lakewood. Third the reason the state stopped the safety checks on personal vehicles is to save the state money and also because people can get pulled over by any officer, DOT or otherwise now and before the state stopped safety inspections on personal vehicles.

  12. I personally witnessed someone getting a ticket for having a 2 year old child, in the front seat – no seat belt – no car seat.

    THANK YOU LPD for probably saving that child’s life due to parental ignorance.

  13. Anyone is welcome to take a look at the registration stickers on the PD cars in the municipal parking lot… most of them have expired registration stickers.

  14. If people aren’t liking their cars getting towed and traffic tickets, don’t give a reason to. They aren’t impounding registered vehicles, or ticketing those who are driving the speed limit. People who do not follow the rules of this State, will face the consequences of their actions. If you can’t handle the punishment, you are not mature enough to be holding a drivers license.

  15. This cop bashing really makes me sick to the stomach. Truth be told, cop bashing is far from exclusive to Lakewood. One can routinely read comments WAY worse on other local media. However, there is no place for such a thing in a community as Lakewood.

    The police in this town bend over BACKWARDS in the face of complete disregard for public safety. I have witnessed this myself on numerous occassions. I just saw a cop sitting by a car parked right by the stop sign on a corner. When he saw the vehicle owner arrive, he simply gave him a warning and left! You will not see that anywhere else. Try that in NY! I once saw someone parked in the yellow lines in front of the post office on Clifton. The officer( Dave Sussman of course), after standing around for a few minutes, walked into the PO and called out if it’s anyone’s car! When noone responded he went back outside, circled the block and only then did he pull up behind and prepare to ticket the vehicle. Guess what happens next! The guy wakes up! He was schmoozing in the lot across the street as if he had all the time in the world. Suddenly he comes running, he’s gonna move the car. I would have given him 6 tickets if I could’ve. Officer Sussman just drove off after warning him!! He later told me he had circled the block several times before even getting out. So he spent 15 minutes waiting for this driver while he was shmoozing and didn’t even end up giving the ticket! Well that’s all fine and dandy, but the worst part is when people like that guy get on this site and bash our police officers!!! That is not tolerable already.

    We are lucky to have a police chief who places emphasis on safety versus revenue and therefore instructs his officers to try warning without ticketing. You people have the nerve to complain?!! To ask where the “askonim” are?? What’s this sense of entitlement and “I am above the law” all about?

    I too have witnessed(on more than one occassion) a parent literally HOLDING his child while driving through a development. Yes, it’s a pain to strap in to go around the corner. It would be a bigger pain sending the child off in an ambulance!

    Keep it up LPD!

  16. I drove right past there today, twice as a matter of fact and never had a problem. I guess that was because I have a registered car in NJ, was wearing my seatbelt, paying attention driving the speed limit and NOT talking on my cell phone. Gee I guess I should thank the police department for a job well done. Maybe the LPD will see this and do this weekly to keep us ALL safe. Thanks to the men and women in blue for all you do.

  17. why is everyone complaining if they are breakign the law? Bring dwon the taxes and give tickets to ppl who speed. What right does someone have to complain if they do what they shouldn’t, even if it’s a pain to do the right thing. You all sound like a bunch of elementary students complaining about school rules! I think it’s just a way to air your pre-yom tov jitters. Another issue, what’s up w/ all the graves and skulls etc for halloween. It gives me the creeps that we live among ppl who enjoy such decorations. I think it should be illegal.

  18. Every year they do this before yomtov why do they do it now they could wait till after or way before. they can wait till 10/30 and do this but that won’t fly its just wrong they know everyone is busy so they do it now. And for the person that claims we have the worst crashes its ec there is so many people who are illegal that should not be driving

  19. #’s 27 and 28

    FYI, this police activity is done in conjunction with the national ‘Put the Brakes on Fatalaties Day’ so stop whining. It has nothing to with Yom Tov.

  20. sorry but i dont understand something, when the Police enforce the law they are wrong, when the dont enforce the laws they are wrong,,, we can have it both ways, enforce the law to law to all, be fair and lets stop second quessing them ,,support them

  21. You have your story and everyone has theirs and i drive through my development with my kid on my lap like the good old days not everything illegal is wrong and what is legal may be wrong .

  22. Ok so u agree they do it right before the Jewish holidays not any other time let them wait till oct 31 and try it everone will go nuts. So please

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