Motorcyclist Struck And Killed

ems_patch smallJUST IN:A motorcyclist has just been pronounced dead at Kimball Medical Center after being struck by a vehicle on Massachusetts Avenue. EMS and Hatzolah arrived at the scene to find the patient in Traumatic Arrest. He was transported by EMS to KMC where he was pronounced dead. Police and CIU are investigating the incident. Update: Sources tell TLS that the vehicle was in fact turning onto Massachusetts Avneue from a parking lot, not noticing the Cyclist, who T-boned the car.

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  1. People have to stop driving like maniacs. Chances are, this was not the motorcycle rider that was at fault. start driving normally. Here are some bad habits ive observed around the community. Rule #1- It is not ok to make a turn and cut a car off. The object is not to just make it clear of traffic, so that everyone has to slam on their brakes. Rule#2- It is not ok to make a left turn on red. Just because you were waiting at the light while it was green, does not give you the right to make the turn on left, just because you dont want to wait through another cycle. Rule#3 It is not ok to make a left turn on red, just because you think nobody will notice you, sneaking in behind that 18 wheeler thats making a left turn in front you. Rule#4- Its not ok to stop in the middle of a lane to pick up hitchhikers. Rule#5- Its not ok to ride with a child on your lap or rolling around the backseat. Rule#6- You must stop at the stop sign, then move forward to check for oncoming traffic, not blow through the stop sign, stick your front end 5 feet into oncoming traffic and then realize you cant go, and have to back up. Rule#8- Shoprite parking lot, or any other parking lot for that matter, is not a Nascar race track. Rule#9- It is not ok to honk at a school bus or pass a school bus with its red lights blinking. Just because you think you know who is getting on the bus. Rule# 10- Your horn is not to be used willie nillie. It is meant to warn for danger only. You can get a ticket for honking when not an emergency. It is against the law for you to honk, if someone doesnt move the second the light turns green. I know a couple of people who have gotten tickets for using their horn inappropriately. Rule#11- Madison Ave from 9th street till almost 11tth street is a school zone. That means 25mph speed limit when children are present, not 50mph. Everyone should try to improve their driving when you drive. Lakewood has a terrible driving reputation. We know its true. We see it everyday.

  2. Very Sad, all these accidents lately, people need to slow down and get off there phones. Lakewood is a city now its not a town.

  3. to #1
    I agree with what you say about ppl driving, but in this case I don’t believe the car was at fault, it is very hard to see the traffic coming down that road and if the motorcycle was speeding then it would have been impossible to the driver of the car to see him until it was to late, if he wasnt speeding the motorcylist should have been able to slow down safely and avoided this accident.

  4. To # 1,
    Please dont judge! While you are absolutly correct about the driving in town and your suggestions, you still cannot decide that ” Chances are, this was not the motorcycle rider that was at fault.” Now I was’nt ther and dont know who is at fault but pleas dont assume. You where that gets you…

  5. part of the problem in Lakewood is that the none of the roads, streets, avenues, etc. were designed to accommodate such a high volume of traffic. the smart growth plan needs to get smarter.

  6. #4 YOUR COMMENT IS CLUELESS. You obviously are one of those from comment #1, If you never rode a motorcycle then you have no insight as to how bikes handle. the rider obviously had no time to react from the damage caused to the car. Very possible the cars operator may not have seen the bike till it was to late but never the less I will bet by the extent of the accident the driver of the car wasnt fully observant of what they were doing other wise they would have seen the head light coming down the road and would have waited till the traffic passed. Bikers have no choice but to be vigilant riders especially going through Lakewood. These accidents occur all to often within this towns borders. The difference with this one was a bike was cut off and the rider died a horrible death. #4 be honest with yourself you know how you drive and this couldve easily been you behind the wheel of that car, couldnt it be? My prayors are with all the families involved.

  7. some Ideas to kick around
    -Route 9 should be widened to accommodate a center turning lane (easier said than done)
    -Whispering Pines, Village Park, Brook hill, and any other small development should be a 1 direction streets.
    -Central Ave. coming from route 9 should be 2 full lanes for the first 4000 feet.
    -Cedar Bridge is a superhighway and it should be built with a median and turning lanes by Clover going east and by America going West and by Oberlin, Swarthmore in both directions, and by Airport road going West.
    -more signage should be posted how to get to the Parkway from all major intersections
    -Park ave should extend from Route 9 to Route 88 running along side the Rail Road tracks this would alleviate north bound traffic on Route 9 (also a lot easier said than done)
    – I am sure if the LPD, EMS, and Hatzolah would get together and point out the high accident intersections,
    – Oak st should go from route 9 to New Hampshire
    – on the State level, if route 70 would (quite easily) be converted into a real 65mph Highway from Brick to the NJ Turn Pike. it would alleviate traffic on the 195, GSP, Route 9 and probably a bunch of other byways, a trip to Philly would be 40 minutes instead of 1 hour .

  8. Most cars do not see motorcycles, or cannot seem to judge the distance between them. A motorcycle may seem to be going faster, but it is a 2 wheeled vehicle and cannot stop as fast as a car or truck. A motorcyclist has no crash protection, and motorists need to use caution around motorcyclists , bicyclists, and pedestrians. Sad that on Sunday a State Trooper was killed as he was walking on the side of a road, and now a person driving along was cut off by a car that didn’t think he was that close. Sad indeed.

  9. Let’s face it folks, have you ever been in a position when the van in front of you or a car, suddently decides to make a u turn , yes, right in front of you.

    How about the cell phones, in Lakewood, it’s a given that you must drive and speak on your cell pohone, ask anyone who has been rear ended.

    Notice school buses, children standing up and looking out the emergency doors, ONLY IN LAKEWOOD

  10. I wish all Lakewood Drivers would pledge not to Tex +talk while on the Phone.I see so many Mothers with a Van full off Children and talking on there Phone .As a Mother we are suppose to protect them and not to put them in harms way .

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