Mother & Infant Struck By Vehicle

pedestrian struckHATZOLAH has just arrived at the scene of a mother and infant in a stroller who were struck by a vehicle on Route 9 South. As we post this, the patients are being treated. Injuries do not appear to be life threatening at this time. The police have just arrived as well and are advising that the vehicle involved has fled the scene.
U/D 5:07 p.m. PD are looking for a black SUV involved. Anyone with information is asked to call PD immediately.
U/D 5:24 p.m. One patient is being transported to Jersey Shore with minor injuries.

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  1. Just to make everyone aware, neither the mother or the baby stroller had reflectors on them. PLEASE….PLEASE……PLEASE WEAR THEM. THEY ARE ARE THERE TO SAVE LIVES……

  2. As I drove down route 9 tonight some man dressed in ALL BLACK decided to cross the road while traffic was moving I slammed on my brakes and missed this gentelman by an inch maybe two. It is just mind boggling as to how a person can put themselves in such danger and cross in middle of route 9 with oncoming traffic. I DID NOT SEE HIM and this is not the first time something like this has happened maybe it is not pleasant to wear reflectors BUT SAVE YOUR OWN LIFE I guarantee you this SUV didnt even realize he hit something. Pedestrians that are not properly dressed and not wearing proper night gear puts themselves in danger. I wonder how many people in lakewood have “almost” hit somebody. I wish a law would be passed that all pedestrians MUST wear reflectors or get a $100 fine since its almost IMPOSSIBLE to see them.

  3. To “Disturbed:”

    Apparently you are more than just plain “disturbed”… If you can blatantly have the sheer audacity to justify the perpetrator in this hit-and-run automobile incident because you claim to have personally seen dark people or dark clothed people, cross right in front of your oncoming vehicle!! Just answer one question for us: Have you ever seen the following three things — Mother, Infant, Stroller — dressed in all black, and especially at the same time !!????

    It appears that you either failed to read the article OR you have something to hide… Which is it ??????

  4. to Trachtglat, you are obviously ignorant. Disturbed hit the head right on the nail. No where in that persons statement did they try to justify what happened. They are right though that it is disturbing as to why every person who wears all black or dark blue or hey why not even dark purple doesnt wear reflectors to save their own lives. I have seen women dressed in dark colors pushing a dark colored stroller walking the streets in town and being that i live here in Lakewood I can vouch for all of us who drive on Friday and Saturdays that it is scary at night because the streets are poorly lit and no one will wear the refective belts. It appears that you didnt read that persons post clearly or you are just being mouthy.

  5. happened to me driving at night guy run right infront of me got so scared had to catch my breath pulled down the window asked the guy why he’s not wearing reflector told me he doesnt talk to meshuguyim

  6. Regardless Who may have been in the wrong initially, the Driver of the SUV fled the scene which is not only a crime, but shows a huge lack of morality.

    Minimum charge for this Driver:

    N.J.S.A. 39:4-129-
    Leaving the scene of an accident, Personal injury- 8 POINTS

  7. #1, Sidewalks won’t help. Look at Central Ave, S. Lake Dr, Sunset Rd, any street in Lakewood, everyone walks in the street where there are sidewalks, especially Friday and Saturday. Anyone that walks in the street where there are sidewalks should get a ticket by the PD, unless of course you are in the area of BMG where people park on the sidewalk so they don’t get fire zone tickets.

  8. I was there and during the time of the accident it was just starting to get dark. There was no need for reflectors. The driver basically got impatient with waiting in traffic and drove the shoulder, as the witnesses said. This is in no way the poor woman n her childs fault, this is simply a wreckless driver who hurt two people and fled the scene.

  9. So as the witnesses said, this maniac driver was driving where he should not have been and.. it wasn’t really dark yet.. So to # 3 & 6 can you please vent your unrelated-to-this-story complaints elsewhere so regular folks don’t perceive your complaints as even a slight justification for this menace of a driver which quite sadly is still behind the wheel and on the road out there…

  10. To # 6 (let them love too??),

    I believe you owe Trachtglat an apology – as this story clearly did not happen at night.

    Lest you be deterred.. Your apology won’t mean that a pedestrian who is not exercising diligent caution when he may cross the middle of the street with no shred of visibility, is correct. That is a separate matter that indeed requires constant education and reinforcement.

    However, your (and disturbed’s #3) comment on this specific event appears to exhibit both insensitivity to the unfortunate pedestrians, and sensitivity to the erratic driver who was too impatient to wait his turn in the traffic lane.. (See also comments # 11, 12)

    You therefore should also be apologizing to the injured pedestrians at the same time you request forgiveness from Trachtglat.

    Good Day.

  11. To Anonymous # 11 – If what you say is correct, here is another offense the driver committed (which very FEW people observe).

    Never pass on the right shoulder of the road. This is against the law. (N.J.S.A. 39:4-85)

    Also, more information for a hit and run:

    “A hit-and-run involving bodily injury or death results in a fine of $2,500 to $5,000 and/or 180 days in jail for the motorist. In addition, for a first offense, the motorist loses his/her license for one year. For subsequent offense, the motorist permanently loses his/her license (N.J.S.A. 39:4-129).”

  12. i agree with jersey shore, way too many people in this town drive on the shoulder because they cannot wait for a left turning car. the shoulder is used for breakdowns, and for pedestrians only, and like he pointed out, it is against the law to drive on the shoulder for any reason, in my opinion driving on the shoulder is no different than driving on the sidewalk, it is simply NOT a lane of travel.

  13. To agree # 15,

    You sure are right about the issue with the shoulder lane. but don’t think that this problem exists only in lakewood. You should try coming to my town of jackson and will see that this is a major issue here too in all of its areas. In fact, the cops themselves use the shoulder even when it doesn’t look like there’s any emergency.

    But more importantly, my prayers are with the mom and young child. I hope they recuperate soon.

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