Mo’adim Lesimcha Food Sale

PHOTOS of yesterdays Mo’adim Lesimcha food sale at Lake Terrace. Mo’adim Lesimcha is an organization which sells food to Rabbeim and Kollel Yungerleit for Yom Tov, at cost price.


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  2. Amazing! I walked to work this morning, and on the way, I noticed so many homes with piles of discarded carboard boxes that were emptied of the chiken, fish, meat, etc. orders. So many families that were able to fill their freezers with menuchas hanefesh. Yasher Kochachem. May you be zoche to continue doing mitzvos and making a Kiddush Hashem in the coming year.

  3. How about the working class that is going through extremely dificult times?

    This was not advertized and many people that can use this break did not hear about it.

  4. I do not think it is appropiate to show pictures of people who are receiving Tzedaka.

    Additionally the last comment was 1000% correct. There are 100s of families who are working that could desperately use this type of help, yet no one cared enough to let them know.

  5. This is not Tzedakah . Everything was sold at cost price. It was not embarrasing .

    Second of all The organization that does this can not provide for the whole town for several reasons ,therefore the forms were just distributed to Melamdim .Rebbeim and Kolel people .

    It would be a great idea if somebody would open a TRUE NON PROFIT COOP for everybody ,but until that happens there are limits to who can be served by such a project .

  6. If somebody has the financial mean and wherewithall to open a real NON PROFIT GROCERY like the original COOP from 30 years ago so that everybody can enjoy wholesale prices ,it would be a huge Mitzvah .

    It is a very difficult and time consuming undertaking ,and then you will have to deal with the Din Torahs from the existing groceries who will be put out of business .

  7. lets see, a rebbi salary 40,000. tuitiing 7,000 kids in school 4,000 per child 16,000 summer job 5,000 wife works 15,000 = 84,000 wic, hud, food stamps, sec 8 (house under parents name) you do the math.

    I have been out of work for a year & when I was working I did not make close to what he is making.

    Tell me why I can’t partake in this FOOD SALE??????????????????

  8. Out of work:

    I feel for your plight and you should be bentched with a return to work & an erlicher parnassa b’karov.

    That siad, the sinah is palpable in your post and I’m not certain that it stems from your unfortunate situation.

    No family earning $84,000 is receiving WIC, Food Stamps, etc. and the “paren’ts name” shtick with HUD is an urban myth – HUD regulations do not allow “renting” from a relative. $84,000 annually would also disqualify all but the absolutely largest families from receiving benefits.

    As for the food sale, it’s passed for this Yom Tov season, but it’s not restricted to Yungerleit and rebbeim. I’m certain that someone in your circumstance could also participate. It’s run by the same indivuals who direct Tomchei Shabbos. If you feel that you could benefit, don’t hesitate to reach out to them,

  9. 1 – Although it is not Tzedakah as everyone paid the cost price – people are not comfortable with everyone knowing that they need reduced priced purchases to make it. It is more appropiate to be Hatzneah Leches. The article could have been done without pictures to get the PR, and at the same time protect peoples dignity.

    2 – I am not begrudging the Rabbi’s and Kollel Yungerleit that received it. They need it and it is wonderful that it is available for them. However in the current economic Matzav, there are many working families that are in very dire situations. Many do not get from Tomchei Shabbos, can barely manage to pay their tuition, can not get food stamps for assorted reasons, yet read here that a program such as this was done exclusively for Rabeeim and Kollel Yungerleit. People have received the Tomchei Shabbos change cards, and are happy to help, yet when they need help they have no one to turn too. Many people only need such a program to get them by, not a monthly delivery. I think that it should have been available to anyone in town who wants it on a honor system. Yes it would of been a much bigger job, however imagine the Zechuyos running into Rosh HaShana of helping everyone, not just an elite few.

  10. To anon 9:07

    its just the frustration that came out. I used to go to work for a living (i still find time to do my learning most days) but in this town if you are not in kollel or a rebbi you can’t get a break. During the summer there was a pizza store running an ad KOLLEL PEOPLE GET A SPECIAL PRICE ON PIZZA. Why only kollel people.

    I’m not looking for a hand out, but if there is a good deal out there I should be able to partake in it also.

    I’m living in lakewood almost 10 years now and this is the first time i’m hearing of this Rebbi Sale.

    Thanks for letting me vent a little.

  11. It hurts when working people, who are desperately struggling, not eligible for any programs, are not even “eligible” for the local “programs”. It hurts even more, to put our pride aside and ask, only to be told, we dont fit the necessary criteria. We sometimes feel like we’re drowning and there is no one out there to help us. I have great respect for the people involved in all the organizations, but please understand, there are families out there, many of whom you would never guess, that are thinking twice before going grocery and clothes shopping for Yom Tov. There is no one helping us.

  12. I feel for you plight, I really do, but to say there are no organizations helping those in your circumstance is simply not true. I can think of nearly a dozen organizations, small & large, assisting working families with day to day living expense right here in Lakewood. Unlike organizations which support yungerleit & rebbeim (which are widely known to be living within limited means), these organizations operate quietly so as to protect the dignity of the working (or unemployed) receipients.

  13. To Anonymous 10:40 pm – As someone who desperately needs the help, how about listing some of your dozen organizations, small & large, which according to you assist working families with day to day living expense right here in Lakewood.

  14. Speak to your shul’s rav. He’s as aware of these resources as I am (if not more so) and typically serves as the point person in these situations. Reach out to him, he’ll evaluate what help you need and in turn reach out to the organizations which can provide that assistance. Hatzlacha rabbah.

  15. I just spoke to several mechanchim & found out that this sukkas/pesach rebbe/kollel cost price sale started off a few years ago as follows. A well known local menahel got some askonim to arrange to provide cheaper food for rabbeim. Why only rabbeim you ask? because the menahel was trying to help fellow mechanchim & he couldn’t take on all nitzrochim. eventually it grew to kollel yungeleit. Now some armpits have taynos on them. Let all these complainers who aren’t in chinuch or kollel arrange the same thing. Why are the original ppl involved mechuyav to set up this sale for everyone else. Take off your purple crocks & put on your shoes and GO DO IT YOURSELF. instead of sitting on the treif internet and posting taynos, maybe compliment the organizers of this event who work so hard l’shaim shomayim. I JUST CANT ANYMORE…

  16. I personally think rabbeim deserve this more than ballebattim do u have any idear how hard it is to teach? I know, my einikle is in chinuch in monsey. so please its almost yom hadin be happy for rabbeim. a gut yor, bubby K. flatbush n.y.

  17. This is my take . If you feel there wasnt enough to go around and there fore you only decided to give to kollel and yungerliet despite that many working families are in in worse situation then many rabbeim . Make a goral from all the names that came in on applications and the that way its a fair deal and noone is hurt. The fact that it was only donr this way shows thats this is more for alterior motives and not tzedaka . . Shame on tomchei shabbos and you will; not be getting my pre yom tov donations untill this issue is resolved

  18. “do u have any idear how hard it is to teach?”

    Tell me about it. Does a Rebbe teach for nine hours straight? Spend hours shvitzing in the hot sun or in the cold and rain? On his feet for hours on end shlepping and often heavy manual labor? Which working guy has off for over four weeks in the summer, tons of off days during Yomim Tovim? Which working guy has “midwinter vacation”?

    Most Rabbeim get almost every program in the book. Medicare, foodstamps, HUD, you name it.

    Many (most?) working guys could use a financial break as much as any Rebbe does

  19. A family member had cases of papergoods pilled high in her house.
    When I asked why she ordered so much she said it was from moadim
    lsimcha and they were allowed 3 cases per item. My husband works,I
    struggle to pay tuition, and I cannot afford to buy 1 case of all the types of papergoods. My family member is a Rebbi, has hud, pays lower tuition, has a big new house, and income from a tenant. Something is very wrong with this picture.

  20. dear annon 10:34, would you stop it. true rabbeim are off 4 wks in the summer but they work sundays & legal holidays. & yes they work many more hours than their school hours -preparing & talking to parents on the phone. try controlling up to 28-29 boys for over 5 hours a day with using your voice. this is also shvitz work. midwinter vacation you are jealous about?? well most boys schools I know of give off friday & sunday. do you work sunday?? do you work xmas when rabbeim work?? one more point, do you get paid on time? do you get a raise every yr? well these days rabbeim are behind in salary & many schools did not give raises. I am not biased as I never taught but with mishpacha in chinuch I see what goes on. may I humbly suggest to you to try teaching & then talk. kol tuv & nachas from your family, bubby k. flatbush

  21. is that by giving a press release to the public, you are opening yourself up to criticism. I fargin the people that have benefited from this sale, yet my heart cries for those that were not.

    In Brooklyn many of the Chasidishe Mosdod run sales like these for ANY of their Mispallelim that want to partake in it. One of the issues here in Lakewood is that everyone is on their own.

    Coming into Rosh HaShana it would be nice if those in charge of such a sale, would think about how to assist all the needy in town.

  22. So yeshiva guys complain that Tomchei Shabbos is only for working guys. Working guys complain that Moadim is for rabeim. Grow up many working families got Moadim , and tons of yeshivaleit get Tomchei Shabbos.
    Stop complaining and do something constructive like writing a check for those less fortunate than you

  23. Traffic to get in and out waz horrible I waited a half hour all the way from new hamphshire and oak they gotta do something about it in the future

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