Missionary DVD Hits Lakewood Doorsteps

missionary dvd cantor_wmBEWARE: A DVD, which has made its way into several Jewish neighborhoods in the US, is making its way to Lakewood. The DVD, from Tom Cantor, is Missionary material which contains a photo of the Har Habayis on the front and contains the message “A message of hope and gladness for Jewish people”.

According to Jews For Judaism, Cantor is a multi-millionaire Jewish businessman who converted to and became part of the 70-million-strong evangelical Christian movement. He produced the DVD about his conversion to Christianity and hired 200 young Christians to spread the Gospel in Jewish neighborhoods.

Last year, a Missionary book by Sid Roth was also distributed in Lakewood.

According to the Rabbonim, one is to immediately discard such material. TLS.

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  1. “BEWARE” you make it lookl ike the dvd will poison you if you touch it. If you dot want to watch it just throw it away. You may also learn something if you watch it.

  2. Are you INSANE!!!!!!!! you will not learn anything worth knowing if you watch it! if you are solid in your yiddishkeit, probably you suddenly want to convert, but also if you are solid, you wont even want to “understand” other religeos nonsense. if you are saying this, obviously the torah wich has EVERYTHING in it, is not enough for you. GET SOME HELP

  3. mr anon, the only thing you can learn from this dvd is to stray away from being jewish. nothing good will come out of this dvd. the people who created this movie is trying to get to us in a bad way. DO NOT watch the movie. throw it away immediately.

  4. I would bet that the Sid Roth book and this DVD is coming from the same source, because I got the book last year and yesterday I got this DVD. I wonder if there is some kind of law against sending anything you want to anyone.

  5. Sounds like being christian is a horrible despicable thing that no one would ever wish on themselves. Also the scoops allows comments from anon because this is America and he has a right to the freedom of speech and is entitled to his own opinion.

  6. to # 9, don`t bet on it !!! this site is heavilly moderated. freedom of speech does not apply here. if something is posted that offends or is not in line with hebraic standards or offensive in any way it gets the boot.

  7. if your so so solid in yiddishkiet then you shouldnt make aa whole do. about nothing. if you mean that kids shouldnt read it then i agree.
    if your basis of yididshkiet is so weak perhaps you shouldnt be on the internet altogether and stop shopping at goyishe stores because u may. just see or hear something that will want to make u convert ufin urt

  8. mr. annonymous, i have no intrest in christian lifestyle cuz i’m satisfied with mine. I’m not into sheltering kids (like your sarcastic comment abt going in2 goyish stores) i just dont need to watch garbage from low lifes. if the homeless ppl start handing out books on the quality of life will you take the time to read it and go through it? eww! whos taking tips on living from someone who hasnt showered in a month. same thing. why would i take tips from ppl who cant keep their life together? (and if yyou think they can, i can give you a few resources where you can start your research)

  9. it’s so sad to see that we can’t respect all religions. be kind to people and they will be kind to you, I was raised to respect all people.

  10. to #14 oh how right you are, i was raised by holocaust surviriors and my parents taught me how to respect all people, all colors and all religions, and yet here in lakewood i find that most people do not tolerate everyone and it’s sad to see. if everyone just respected one another this town would be so much better

  11. To # 15 someone says says
    you remark here is one of the few that maskes any sense , why is it other religions are viewed as eveil ,there is only one GOD no matter how you choose to worrship him !

  12. How insensitive and downright sickening!!

    I can’t think of something more disrespectful to another person’s religion than sending him unsolicited materials with the devious intention of proselytizing his family!

    By the way, this infamous tom cantor came from a broken home. According to his own biography, his father was married and divorced five times and his mother three. His childhood memories are filled with being a rotten kid, being involved in dirty sins, and always getting in trouble. He was so bad that he was even thrown out of Swiss boarding school and military Boot Camp! Attempts to help him with deal with his issues failed. Sadly, his childhood was devoid of the enormous love that a child needs to get. Eventually he cut all ties with his family. He is now trying to take revenge for his unfortunate and deprived childhood through sending out missionary DVDs and hiring christian college students from California as telemarketers to call people’s homes. (they get the names from a large database that has over 2 million Jewish sounding names)

    This apostate Jew has built an ugly reputation as an ardent missionizer preying upon the Jewish community. He has funded several campaigns aimed at luring Jews away from their faith. His most recent operation was against the Jewish community of Dallas. He is now targeting his crusade against our community.

    Tom. We will never close the door on you. There is still room to love you. No one ever knows when their last day is. You can still repent and come back home!!

  13. Rest in peace. We love you. I’m really gonna miss you. I remember how you made me laugh and always had a smile on your face.

  14. isn’t this a private site? Aren’t they allowed to choose what to post? I think you are alienating a lot of your readers.
    Yes, we do respect all religions and I try, and do, treat everyone I meet with respect, I have non-jewish acquaintances who can vouch for that, but when we are raised to love and respect everything our Torah stands for, we don’t need or want anything else l’havdil, and we feel offended with the unsolicited attempts. If you felt as confident in your religion as I do in mine, you wouldn’t feel so bothered that others want to stay insulated in their own.

  15. just toss the dvd in the trash and be done with it. no need to get all upset about it. Spring is here. lets all plant some flowers and be happy instead.

  16. to #16 from #15 thank you very much you. you are truly a kind person who respects all people if there were more people like you this world it would be a better place, thank you again for your kind words.

  17. to #2 and #12- what vile words you speak!! Are you sure you have G_d in your life? You mention “religious nonsense” and “taking advice from ppl who don’t have their lives together, ” boy dont you sound judgemental! Whatever happened to tolerance? What difference is there between you and your comments and lets say, um, some whacky KKK memeber? Absolutely nada. If you’re strong in your faith you wouldn’t need to speak so ignorantly about someone else’s! No one is forcing you to watch any dvd. Throw it out and be done with it. Every other day I get home and find another chinese menu hanging on my door. How dare they try and lure me into eating such ethnic food! There’s probably some hidden propaganda in it somewhere (I’m being faceious). Give me a break you nut!
    I’m neither a christian or jew, but I show respect when speaking about another faith. Having no real knowledge about other religions leads to having fear of it. Shall I use the holocaust as an example? No need to give you any other resources. Idiots make idiotic comments, so keep up the good work simpleton!

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