Missionaries Distributing Material In Frum Neighborhoods, Again

PHOTOS: Missionaries are again distributing their information to Frum residents today. The material, which appears to be a Jewish packet, are from the Israel Restoration Ministries – a missionary organization.

The packet contains books and CDs from Tom Cantor and others.

At least 6 men were seen distributing the material in the area of 14th Street, Lexington Avenue, Clifton Avenue and other areas.

According to Rabbonim, one is to immediately discard the material. TLS.

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  1. Missionaries apparently are distributing material designed to entice people to the Crhistian religion. Orthodox Jews tend to view that negatively.

  2. Its not really that we view it negatively but rather its immoral to try and sway another its like a father wants his child to become a dosctor and someone comes along and convincves him to become a lawer its hurtfull and you have no business here.
    We don’t EVER tell you to become jewish don’t try to persway our vulnerable.

  3. I see this as a good opportunity for Lakewood to get back more recycling money from the County at year’s end. Btw, shredded paper makes the recycling process work faster 🙂

  4. Let us all remember that just it is perfectly legal for us to move into a new neighborhood and establish an Orthodox presence, (even though the locals may not like it), it is perfectly legal for these missionaries to distribute whatever they want (as much as we may not like it).

  5. To all who are not jewish,like myself,its wrong because they are here to make trouble.nothing else! They make it like they are jewish and giving out jewish reading material.Thats deceitful and a lie!
    Stick to your own religion period.

  6. Hey #2………and if a muslim or a jew would give your child reading material,telling them if you dont convert youre doomed,you would think thats positive right?!!

  7. Please try to be polite. The missionaries honestly are doing it out of what they think is love for you. They think they are saving you. It is not in their hearts to destroy.

  8. PS developments are private property.

    I dont think they have aright to go into any development of property without a permit. Are the the Post office….

  9. I believe that everyone has the right to believe in his or her own religious beliefs, however, for a person to push their beliefs onto someone else , such as these people are doing with reading material, I think is wrong. If you are Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Muslim, etc. It does not matter, it is what feels right to you. It is what you, yourself, believe in your heart, mind & soul. It is what makes you feel complete as a person. Religion can segregate people, however, it can also bring us closer together. I respect all religions and would never think to try & convert another person to what I believe or to tell them that they are doomed because they do not believe in my beliefs. I do not believe that my life will be doomed because I believe in a different higher being then the next person. If anyone is wondering what I am, I was raised a Catholic but follow the Buddhist way.

  10. If your aafraid of getting swayed from yidishkiet by looking at a packet from a missionary then u have a lot more issues then u think. For starters you need to start over and check your chinuch from the past.

  11. It is wrong because they know they are going into Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods and that we don’t want them to distribute their stuff there. Do they also go into non Jewish neighborhoods to peddle their wares? If they don’t then it is obvious that they are targeting Jews.

  12. To #6 Yid:
    You have got to be kidding. How can you compare moving into a neighborhood which anyone has the right to do, with distributing misleading materials to other people’s children?

    #2 – I agree with you on the doctor/lawyer analogy, but I would have compared it more to a drug dealer trying to sell drugs to my children.

  13. Missionaries Distributing Material In Frum Neighborhoods

    Where are these segregated “Jewish Neighborhoods?”
    How did that happen? I didnt know any one area could belong to a certain group?

  14. Mr. Conservative: This is not a legal document and there’s no need to nitpick. You know perfectly well that the missionaries aren’t going to target people of their own faith.

  15. obviously these missionaries are “working” the wrong area – doubtfull they will entice anyone.ignore them & maybe they’ll go away & toss any literature left on your property. problem solved (hopefully). just another test.

  16. Missionaries now in LAWRENCE AVE neighborhood.

    I find it extremely deceptive and outright treachery to leave these DVDs etc. where young children can find them (coming home from school) and then put them in their computer.

  17. Are they leaving the material in mail boxes? Are they legally allowed to do that? When I was a bocher in upstate NY I once tried to canvas the local area with a parttime business I had started. I was dropping leaflets in mailboxes, until I was stopped by the mailman who told me if I continued he would call the postal services policing unit on me. I though he was just trying to scare me. But I subsequently discovered that it was actually against the law. So the question remains are they putting this shmutz in mailboxes? Are they within the law to do so? and if not can anything be done about it?

  18. It is against the law to put things other than mail in a mailbox but who do you think you’re going to get to enforce it, the mailman ? LPD? How bout just throwing it away?
    If you are worried that your child might open it on your computer then you need to sharpen up your parenting skill with the information learned at Citi field and have a heart to heart talk about computer usage rules.
    Person to person contact is even easier” I’m sorry but I practice my own beliefs” would most likely work.
    Isn’t there more pressing things to worry about in this town?….like the bears?

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