Missionaries Back In Town Targeting Frum Neighborhoods

PHOTOS: Seems they don’t give up so fast. The missionaries are back in town this morning, distributing their material to targeted Frum neighborhoods. The material, which appears to be a Jewish packet, are from the Israel Restoration Ministries – a missionary organization.

The packet contains books and CDs from Tom Cantor and others.

They were seen in the area of Harvard Street and County Line Road, Lexington Avenue and 14th Street, and beyond.

According to Rabbonim, one is to immediately discard the material. TLS-S.O., TLS-00/TLS-CM.


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  1. Where is harvard can someone please explain!
    i live off county line-but its a big road…i’m very concerned…
    can someone please clarify!
    thank you!

  2. perhaps it should service as a wakeup call that we should not be complacent & instead be proactive to infuse our youth (& our selves) with basic knowledge of yehadus of torah mi sinai as pirkei avos says “da ma lehashiv le apikoris” being jewish is not about the kind of hat you wear or cholent u eat!

  3. If you would just ignore them then they wouldn’t keep coming back. The fact that they see how concerned about shows them that you are weak in your beliefs. Just say no thanx and close the door. And throw out the cd if its at your door step.

  4. why is it okay for us to send kiruv people on college campuses to “lure” people to our religion but they cannot go around talking about theirs? as long as they are cordial and don’t commit a crime i can’t see how we can justify treating them this way. nobody says you have to convert…just say no thank you i’m not interested. this is america, not iran.

  5. guys , they dont just target jewish neighborhoods . they come to my house alllllll the time . it is what it is just gnore them or open the door and tell them you gave no interest , they will go away

  6. There is a better approach to missionaries than simply running away. Ask them to open their bibles to Matthew 5:42 – “give to him that asking thee” and demand their wallets, shirt, pants etc. If they say that you are evil, quote Matthew 5:39 – “Resist not evil”. Works for me every time.

  7. I’m in my 50s and missionaries have been around all my life-and I grew up in Boro Park. It’s nothing new and nothing to make such a big deal about. As a previous poster mentioned, just say no and close the door. This is not headline news. We know many people who are off the derech, Rachmona LItzlan, but I don’t know anyone who converted!! Just ignore the whole story.
    To the poster who compared this to kiruv, that is totally wrong. In kiruv we only target fellow Jews to come back to their own religion. Missionaries target other religions to to convert to their religion.

  8. Edison/Highland Park was blanketed with the tapes this week; they also disseminated them a month or so ago to same houses;
    Love #10 approach! Tried & true method.

  9. the jewish on campus kiruv is there for JEWS, its not another religioun trying to convert someone away from ones current religion.

    and being that we are “ultra’ orthodox why do they specifically try to infiltrate our community at time going as far as marrying into the faith , learing the customers and then once caught going to the next city to try the same tricks.

  10. why are people ‘freaking out’? The people who venture into neighborhoods believe that they are doing what they think is the right thing according to their religion. Obviously, if you are strong in your belief (whatever it is) , you will not be swayed by what others have to say. One should not feel intimidated. Simply make it clear that you are committed and content with your own faith. As far as literature or media is concerned,simply decline and/ or dump it. Eventually they will move on to another area,especially when it becomes abundantly clear that they will not succeed with their agenda in this community. They’re just wasting their time here!

  11. I have never heard of any religious jews going door to door trying to get people to convert to their religion.
    When a jew inquires of another jew to learn more then we are ready and willing to teach and help. Never do we so brazenly force our religion on anyone.NEVER!

  12. I chased them away on South Lake drive last week, they said “we pay taxes we can do what we want”. And yes, these missionaries do have an effect on jewish immigrants who may not have a strong background. So we do need to chase them out!

  13. This is a free country,people can come and go as they please as long as they are not breaking any laws. What are people afraid of?

  14. I find it ironic that people who have borne the burden of religious hatred and oppression for thousands of years would be so quick to visit it on others. Just politely say you have no interest. They don’t hate you and are not trying to harm you.

  15. umm hello #8: u will NEVER find people on college campuses trying to convert non-jews- trying to make em Jewish. Jews are not out to convert non-Jews. They are there to let Jews explore more abt being Jewish, that’s all.

  16. It is annoying but it is not against the law for these people to do this just like the Jehovah witness that Christians get bothered by every once in a while, If they come to your door you cordially say no thank you I’m not interested and you close the door. You don’t have to accept anything they have and if you do its your right to throw it away. There’s noting saying you have to keep it, read it or even take the material in the first place. Its not a big deal.

  17. Um, I do believe #25 has a sense of humor and was making a joke. Even if s/o would ask them to babysit – do you think they’d comply?

  18. These people are the worst. I was in a parking lot and they left their books and cd’s in a hot car, with the windows closed and car off

  19. Your cleaning lady watches your kids for you when you leave for hours on end ,you have no idea where they live and chances are high that they are here illegally. These missionaries are for the most part legal so why can’t they watch your kids.

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