Michael Savage: Kletzky’s Murderer Should Be Turned Over To The Hassidic Community For Justice

michael savageAUDIO: “Frankly, he should be turned over to the Hassidic community for justice”, were the words Radio Host Michael Savage used to describe the way justice should be served for the child killer who brutally killed little Leiby Kletzky A’H. “He didn’t just kill a child, he killed a community”, Savage said in an emotional radio show.

He then goes on to say how the alleged murderer will be receiving 3 meals a day in prison as well as other services, including dental care etc.

Savage suggests the man be given a trial and then be released to the Hassidic community where ‘the old testament justice’ should be administered, where it says ‘an eye for an eye’.

“The death penalty is the only solution, swift justice is the only solution”, Savage says.

Savage ends off by saying, “If I could, I’d gladly strangle this man to death and go to prison for it”. “There’s no other way for me to deal with this, that’s how much it’s affecting me”. TLS.

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  1. He’s wrong.
    We’re not a vengeful community. If he were released in boro park I don’t think he’d be lynched.
    I know I don’t have it in me..I don’t care what kind of monster he is…

  2. While I agree with his thoughts about swift justice , this is still America and the American justice sysytem has to deal with this awful crime commited by this creep.

  3. Punishment is for god to give or for a court to administer within the guidelines of the torah. Even when the torah sentences someone to death by stoning, there are strict guidelines how to do it. Anger and revenge have no place in judiasm no matter how wrong the act of the perpetrator. We don’t punish because we are mad we punish to fulfill the wish of god and uphold the torah and its laws including the one that says thou shalt not kill.

  4. He also said the should stop mumbling and praying with their talis, and stop trusting everyone. And then went on a rant about evil perpetrated by chasidim. Don’t spread his drivel.

  5. an eye for an eye is sharia law, mr. savage. torah law would never kill him without two witnessess and prior warning. michael are you running for state senate that you want all the chassidim to vote for you? tell us what you have in mind

  6. The Poskim and rambam paskenon how to deal with a murderer amongst us at a time when we do not have a sanhedrin. They basically say we should lock them up and cause them much suffering. . . mainly as a deterant against other monsters. So yes, i have it in me!

  7. This is not the way of the Torah or Orthodox Jews. We don’t take revenge. True,he did kill a community but that itself shows our uniqueness. Just about 3 days after Leiby was killed I read about an amber alert for a different missing child. I almost missed it hiding among more “important” topics on the paper’s site. We are a nation that is one. We act as one, we search as one and unfortunately now-we grieve as one.

  8. this guy is a chillul. why do so many frummies care what he has to say about anything?
    and who among us can feel anger yet?? all i can feel is weakness. i cant even gather the strength to call clients. if i saw levy aron on the street i couldnt even muster the strength to spit at him.

  9. The painful truth is that if this were the times of teh Bais Hamikdash he would not get the death penalty. There were no eidim or hasraal. And besides he likely has a din of a shoteh. He is entirely meshuga. there is no other way to teich this guy up. He is not connected to reality. regardless of how lone he held a job for. Anger and spite and vengance will not bring lieby back. He should be commiteed to an asylum where he is kept and society is protected from him. Hashem will take care of the rest.

  10. #7- can you give a single Ma’areh Mokom? Also- please bear in mind, there were no witnesses. He would walk free. we would treat him like a Kosher member of Klal Yisroel. (You would be entitled to your own personla caution- but thats all- no actions against him at all.)

    #10- Why “painful truth?” The Torah tells us how to live. Isnt that the most joyous direction one can receive? Hashem tells us exactly what he expects, and we must follow.

    There is no pain here. Smile. We belong to an Am Hanivchar. Some mitzvos are easier, some more difficutl. Lifum Tzara Agra.

  11. This is just an example of why Michael Savage is considered to be an inciter of violence and is banned from entering the UK.
    Torah Jews do not take revenge. We have no Sanhedrin today, and we therefore submit ourselves to the law of the United States. That law does not call for lynching. (Neither does the Torah, for that matter.)
    I appreciate Savage’s commiseration with us; nonetheless, he is one hundred percent wrong. Such comments inciting bloodlust can only do us harm.

  12. Savage called religion voodoo.

    He publicly talks about eating shrimp and giluy arayos.

    When he talks about Orthodox Judaism he often throws in something nasty as if he can not possibly say something nice.

    Frum Jews relate to him because of his extreme rightest views which at times accord with a Torah outlook – but they only partially do.

    He hates Orthodoxy. He hates religion period.

    He clearly has no share in the world to come.

  13. To portray the frum community as one who would mete out justice vigilante fashion or seek to lynch murderers is highly inaccurate. We are governed by Halacha and Bais Din would today would determine if this murderer should be turned over to Archaos. I am not saying he is innocent until proven guilty, but by Jewish people justice does not equal revenge that the mob delivers!

  14. I have not listened to Michael Savage since the 2006 Israel – Hizbullah war, when he turned on Israel on the third day of the war, wanting to know why Israel had to bomb a civilian building. (it was later revealed that Hizbullah was shooting missiles from the building)

    I think Michael is very impulsive. He changes his mind on issues on a whim. He had supported Israel from day 1, and then turned when he couldn’t see the civilian casulaties. (We all couldn’t, which is why Hizbullah should be destroyed, especially for shooting missiles at Israeli civilians from residential buildings that house Lebanese civilians.)

    To be fair to Michael, though, I don’t think Michael actually meant that NYPD should release the murderer , and that the Hasidics should rip him apart. He knew it wouldn’t happen, just as he knows that America will never outlaw Islam, even though he says every day that America should outlaw Islam.

    He was making a point, he was expressing his anger and shock at what happened, and frankly we all feel the same way. Of course none of us would act on those feelings, but we feel it. And Michael has the guts to say it.

  15. At Mt. Sinai hashem gave us 10 commandments, although they sound pretty simple, don’t steal, kill etc…

    obviously a person without torah learning to refine him, can end up a lowlife.

    We the learned, would never hurt him, even if he is released from jail. Unless a bais din says to do so, & even then, we would look to try to find merciful ways…

    We are all born from earth, but thru torah learning, we are refined to a incomparable level of kedusha- holiness & eidelkiet

    Let us learn an extra seder & refine ourselves…

  16. While I can relate to most of these posts, had this been one of my children street justice would be swift, nevermind the consequences.

  17. Chaim, you are wrong, I dont recal the exact marei mokom now, but its ridicules to assume that just because we dont have sanhedrin we are at the mercy of thugs and murderers. The poskim in shulchan oruch and choshen mishpat constantly mention very drastic measures taken by communities even bizman hazeh to deal with security. They do not generally teach this in Cheider hence the widespread ignorance of these concepts and the feeling that we need a sanhedrin to function.
    (The rambam I qouted says meyasrin oiso meoid etc… ie torture! )

  18. Although I listen to Savage and enjoy his views on national and global politics, he is a total ignoramus and liberal lefty when it comes to Judiasm. He reminds me of all those irreligious Jews that started out in NYC and then escaped the “ghetto”. He said some nasty things on Friday about Rabbis and their students. Take what he says with a grain of salt. I think he is very funny and enlightening regarding politicians, but I turn him off at the slightest mention of Judiasm.

  19. He did not have anything nice to say about the hassidic community if I was a religious Jewish I would not be quoting him. Although entertaining, he’s a mad man that will say anything to gain popularity

  20. Michael Weiner said something strange, again. The Constitution calls for due process, not trial by ordeal. Michael Savage, errr Weiner, talks about the American way. Then he contradicts himself by calling for a trial by ordeal.

    So this is the way it works: when Michael Weiner/Savage wants due process then it should be due process, when he wants trial by ordeal then it is trial by ordeal.

  21. Michael Savage is a very, very bitter man – although what he said here may make sense to some, his bitterness to all frum people is disgusting – he may like some individually and admire some collectively for something or other but his attitude is horrible!! as he said, you have more to fear from those within your community – this should refer to him – he knows nothing about yiddishkeit other than to use all the sordid stories as a way for him to rant and rave about Hashem not being there for us , where was he in the concentration camps, a yarmulka is worthless and his crowning statement ‘every jew a 22” he is pathetic!! somebody brave ought to try to teach him or learn with him – maybe then he will have some sense – till then he should not be quoted!

  22. I flew in from chicago just to pay a shiva call to the grieving family of lieby kletsky. I told nachman that klal yisroel is grieving, even goyim in my neck of the woods were shocked so I decided to fly in to be menmachem and fly right back

  23. This is not about revenge or anger it is about JUSTICE . Torah does have many incidents of our reactions to a horendous criminal act…yes, we are vengeful and we are angry and we need to use these middos to put this man out swiftly … think about the civil war that took place during the time of shoftim and almost wiped out shevet binyamin, think about what the shevatim did to avenge for their sister’s dishonor at the hand of shechem, think about what the torah recommends for a isha sotah and her partner…yes we do live in america and must abide by the judicial system but it is flawed and stained with many blunders…but if it was chas veshalammy child , I would pray day and night that this man would be dead….

  24. The accused will be handed over to the “Hassidic” community. They don’t wear fedoras, black pants or black coats. They are the cons in the prison, who if they can’t personally “get” him will make his life of one of continous terror. At a moment of time or place, a letdown by a guard, an error of judgement by his keeper, whatever may well spell Aron’s final judgement.
    You can con a lawyer, a judge, and a jury but you cannot con a con.
    A goy,
    Gerry Mullen

  25. Savage is a wacko. He said the Chassidic community hates the outside world and spends its time worrying that the Nazis yemach shemam will come into power again. That shmecks of anti- Semitism to me. His ravings and rantings have no business being showcased on this site.
    B”H we have the Torah to guide us and don’t need this shoyta to tell us what to do.

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