[UPDATED] Urgent Messages From EMS, Deputy Mayor And Hatzolah

Hatz garage stormURGENT: Deputy Mayor Langert, EMS Supervisor Scott Carter and Hatzolah have just contacted TLS with urgent messages. ” We have 30 trucks on the road right now and they are having trouble plowing with all the cars on the road” the Deputy Mayor told us. EMS Supervisor Scott Carter had a similar message for Lakewood and said “Please keep the roads clear for Emergency Vehicles. He also said, ” I’ve seen pedestrians walking on Route 9 without reflectors, please use reflectors”. Hatzolah also asked us to please encourage people not to leave their homes unless it’s extremly urgent. “Don’t go out for pizza or anything. It’s terrible out there”.

U/D 9:14 p.m. Several reader have notified us that driving conditions on State highways are extremly harsh as well. If you are headed back from NY, take Route 9 South instead of the Garden State Parkway. One reader alone has witnessed over 1o spin-outs. Please use extreme caution and remember, “Arrive in peace, not in pieces”.

U/D 9:37 p.m. A reader on the GSP  just contacted TLS and said that between exits 98 and 91, traffic is at a standstill. This particular called departed Brooklyn for Lakewood at 6:30 p.m and is still on the road.

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  1. In all the years I’ve lived in this town. I have never seen a committeeman as dedicated as Langert. We all look forward to see what he does as mayor. He will bring Lakewood proudly into the next century .

  2. Lakewood got 10 to 15 inches and we are expecting approximately another 6 inches overnight. The snowplow drivers are getting very frustrated every 2 minutes they have to stop because cars are getting stuck in the middle of the road. Even SUV’s are getting stuck.

  3. I left my in-laws house on 14th st and when I saw that even route 9 was a mess I turned around and headed back. A neighbour of ours told us it took them over 2 hours to get to Chateau Park from the 14th st area! Is it worth it!?

  4. The cars need to stay off the road, snow plows cannot plow because of all the cars on the road. I have been hearing sirens, police and seen numerous Hatzolah cars going down my street which I don’t think was plowed if it was it was this morning. Just looking out my front window I’ve seen 5 people get stuck and one person spin out and hit a tree! Stay off Miller Rd! It’s very dangerous

  5. I thought I could make it home with my family from across town. Big mistake! My car is stuck on the side of the road somewhere. I donr ever recall wesather like this.

  6. To #20, how do you expect them to do that? It really isn’t possible unless they plowed your whole driveway, and if they did they would never get around to plowing all the roads so people can drive safely tomorrow. Get a shovel out! Or I bet there will be a bunch of guys going around tomorrow to clear your driveway and walkway for a little cash!

  7. if the trucks would have started shoveling before shabbos was over instead of spreading sand then they wouldnt have a problem with cars stuck on the road

  8. The snow is coming down at a rate of 1-2″ per hour. It is impossible to keep up on all the roads all day and night. I would hope that lakewood twp dpw is out working their roads like the county and state are doing but I have to say my neighborhood is absolutely HORRIBLE!! there are cars stuck in the roadway with no place to go ..the streets have not been touched. I saw a truck approx 8 hrs ago dropping sand but nothing since..what do you think sand/salt mix does when it works..it helps thaw out the snow and then it refreezes. Second, I agree with Scott Carter…Try to stay off the roads..its hard enough to plow with all the snow but leaving your vehicles in the snow makes for hazardous condtions

  9. to #22, what do you know about proper snow removal procedure?

    by the way, they were out before shabbos was over, but there are road more important than the dead end your shack is on.

  10. is this how far our tax dollars get us? not one plow in my neighborhood except on the block that one local politician lives on? this is totally insane – the only block in the entire spruce street neighborhood that has seen a plow is forest park which has a township official there

  11. It is snowing now for close to 20 hours already, and not 1 plow came down my block!!??

    Where the hecl is all our tax money going?

    Comon Lakewood twp!! Make a effort!


  12. The garden state parkway all the way to atlantic city is no better then lakewood, so stop complaining and apprichiate what R’ steve is trying to do.

  13. Who ever is runing the snow show in the city should resiign today.Its a disgrace to look out the window there is no way to drive and there have been no plowers over night.
    It will cost Lakewood more money today in lost taxex by not shuveling

  14. where are the trucks, i m here 35 years off 14th , have not seen trucks or heard trucks all night, in the past large storms trucks were clearing at night , this snow must be placed in dump trucks and deposited in lake. town has to be rough with all cars parked forest is suppose to be snow emergency street. miller road i real bad. thanks


    waaaa waaa the snow is still falling, and yet i dont see a truck anywhere standing by to plow every hour on the hour – waaa waaa waaa

    people be safe, i just decided to go drive on a highway in middle of a blizzard and i saw cars stuck in the snow, can you imagine that? what idiot would drive in a blizzard? oh wait….

    Is my sons yeshivah open in this 3 foot of snow blizzard?

    Why are trucks spreading sand and salt? this isnt a beach!

    How dare the township demand i stay off the roads during this blizzard while they plow, i pay taxes you know!!! its my road and i will drive on it if i will.. on a related note, i tried to drive on an unplowed street and my car got stuck in the snow, can you believe it?

  16. We left Brooklyn last night at 8pm and were home just after 10pm. We took the GSP to exit 98. We were able to do 30MPH safely at all times. Sometimes even 40. The only time we had to go slower was when we were behind the plows (that happened about 4 or 5 times) they do about 20 but if you are careful you can pass them.
    We did see some cars on the sides of the roads, but most of them had stopped to clear their windshield wipers. Almost all of the ones that were stuck were small cars that had no business being out in that much snow. I did notice that a disproportionate number of cars seemed to have yidden. I guess everyone wanted to get back to Yeshiva today 🙂

  17. To #21: WOW, we would love to see you peolpe behind the wheel of the plow. I bet the driveways would have snow blocking them and I can bet that a good portion of the cars that are parked on the sides of the roads would be smashda up. Just stay in your house, shut up’ and let the plow drivers do there job!!!

  18. I have nevr seen a city like this they should resing and the state should launch a investigation.
    why are the back streets so bad you call the city and they say I promise you will get to it I feel bad for thsose people as its not there fault.

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