Message From Board Of Education Incumbent Yoni Silver

[The following is a message from BOE candidate and incumbent Yoni Silver. All candidates are welcome to submit their messages to TLS]. After much thought and deliberation I have decided to run again for a seat on the Lakewood Board of Education. Given my knowledge ofthe inner dynamics of this complicated district, I feel I can continue to be a valuable asset to the students and tax payers. I will continue to be a liaison to both of our student communities with the utmost sensitivity required of an elected representative.

My primary goals over the next 3 years will be to improve the Lakewood School district and the plight of its students.

Our public school graduation rates are unacceptable and to that end I will ensure that the district hires a truly competent Superintendent that will put the students before politics. One that will not only have the right language, but will do what’s needed to finally turn this district around. The public school students need our support and encouragement to save them from the dismal record of the past. We cannot continue with a failing public school system. A superior educational system in the district is in everyone’s best interest. Our problems are not a lack of necessary funding, rather how the money is being spent. Until the administration is held accountable for their performance, and bench marks in place, no improvement can be achieved.

I have been approached by some Mosdos and concerned Askonim encouraging me to run again for the BOE. They are concerned with the way our district is headed and particularly the following issues:


Over the past 20 years our BOE taxes have continually gone up.

Since the year 2000, our taxes have doubled. In my first year on the board I have voted against yet another substantial budget increase, and helped negotiate a reasonable reduction. In 2010 the Boe proposed an 8 Million dollar increase. I along with some of my other fair minded colleagues on the board helped bring that down to zero. The following year we lowered taxes for the first time in history. It has been a source of pride and satisfaction for me and my colleagues that we were able to stem the tide and accomplish tax relief for 3 years. Something that was claimed by many and the old board members to be impossible.

This year our new members along with the other 2 incumbents running for reelection have proposed a 5.2 % budget increase costing the average property tax payer $300.00. While I originally felt that Lakewood had decided to take a different route, I contemplated not running again. I was encouraged however by many in our Kehilla that last year was a mistake and now is not the time to step aside. The work I started 3 years ago must continue and it was this encouragement by many legitimate Askonim and Mosdos that pushed me back into the race.

Catapult monopoly:

I spearheaded the effort to end the Catapult Monopoly and all that entailed. Since 1986 Lakewood had only one vendor, Catapult, providing remedial services to our Yeshivas. For over 10 years, the Iggud Hamosdos were asking for other vendors to be included in addition to Cat. The previous board, including the two other incumbents running for reelection, ignored this request. I was able to rectify that in only my 2nd year. With the help of the other new fair minded board members we voted to issue an RFP for more vendors.

Today our Mosdos enjoy superior services, and more children receive the help they need than ever before. Unfortunately a select few individuals want to turn back the clock and go back to the days of Catapult monopolies.


Since 1992 the State of NJ paid rent for the use of the trailer space designated for remedial services. For almost 20 years our mosdos were never paid for the use of the classrooms in their buildings. Only Catapult was compensated for their trailers and some of this money was shared with just a select few mosdos.

I spearheaded the push within the board to distribute rent money to all of our mosdos giving up classroom or trailer space. Finally after much wrangling we prevailed and today our Mosdos collectively receive almost 750,000 dollars in rent money.

If reelected:

I will continue to push for changes in the BOE that will make our district a better place.

I will work with my colleagues to continue what we started and finally bring positive permanent change that will bring Lakewood onto firm responsible ground.

I will not change my vote 3 times depending on who twists my arm the hardest.

I will make sure we vote in a president that doesn’t hastily make early morning emergency meetings.

I will always vote my conscience with the best interests of the students and the community at large.

I want to thank all that voted for me 3 years ago, and ask for just a few minutes of your time on April 17th to go the polls and vote for me.

Help me help you by voting.

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  1. You are doing a great job! Dont listen to those who want to turn back the clock on your accomplishments.With out you and Chesky and Mr. Fink Lakewood would still be in the sink hole

  2. While your message sounds positive ,there are no specific ideas stated just by saying “I will continue to push for changes in the BOE that will make our district a better place.” that is something any canidate can say it has no content . For someone to get my vote I would like to see specific ideas with facts to back them up .

  3. He has listed his specifics: greater accountability, watching the spending to ensure there is no waste, hiring a professional and competent new Superintendent, etc. In short, correcting the main problems. Read the lines and in-between the lines. You will see that Silver is the only candidate with both a clean record and a clear agenda for improving the District.

  4. Thank You Yoni for all you do!Most of all thank you for giving us tree of knowledge.They are always there for the children and educationally sound.They truly put the children before

  5. Dear Mr. Silver,
    After lengthy discussions I had with you regarding what you’ve accomplished on the BOE as well as your motivation to seek another term, so you can continue and fight for what’s right for the children of Lakewood, I can absolutely vouch for you as a candidate and will personally support you. I ask everyone else in Lakewood to do the same.
    Joel Schwartz

  6. I t takes guts to do what you are doing.Very few people are willing to stand up to whats going on.You have been a voice of sanity on the board.Keep up the good work

  7. Yoni is a voice of sanity. One cannot expect that he can turn around 10 or more years of misuse and callous disregard in six minutes. We have already seen far greater accomplishments from him than almost anyone predicted.

    If someone has ideas and can improve things, please, step forward and present them. But from what we know and what we have seen, I would vote for Yoni again in a moment.

    Many do NOT appreciate someone who does something simply because he knows it is correct. It is almost always the ones who really attempt to fix things that get the greatest troubles.

    Going along with the ‘standard’ system would have us paying twice our ’10 taxes by ’15. Yoni, you’ve not only stemmed the bath of money but taught us how it can be done WITHOUT losing any of our abilities or gains.

  8. I wasn’t sure which side Joel schwartz was on. I see he is with the “good guys” and I will be voting for him and yoni.

  9. your ideas sound positive and right on the mark. Please take the time to open communications with those on the front lines-the teachers. We are here to indentify and satisfy for the needs of the students. We can make a collaborative team. Good luck.

  10. We need Yoni! Yoni, as they say in the old country: chazak-be strong!

    It is so important for a BOE member to focus on the pulic school children as well as the mosdos. I wish others on your board would feel the same!

    Go Yoni and Joel Schwartz and Lee Mund.

  11. Yoni,
    You have my vote. I am truly in awe of your tenacity in fighting for all of us.
    Please keep up the GREAT work and I hope you and like-minded board members win in a landslide.

  12. I think this election is crucial to the future of Lakewood.I hope this year especially people come out to vote.I will most definately take the time to vote for Silver,Schwartz and Mund

  13. Throughout my various conversations with you Yoni I see that you are a real person and willing to stand up for what you believe in. Better education for all children, weeding out corruption, but most of all- CUTTING OUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS! We need to stop the corruption than many in the private sector have assumed is rightfully theirs! We need to stop outside influences from deciding how we vote! The private schools need to be told-we will help in every way but not at the expense of the taxpayer! Go Yoni-You have my vote.

  14. what about the schi children? what about the ones rejected by the BOE? does tls have an agenda to promote these candidates by moderating the comments that arent openly rooting for them-let alone criticizing? be fair and let people know how saving a few dollars on our property taxes affects families that Truly need extra services. this forum should be a two way street. we all appreciate the newfound fiscal discipline,but at what cost?!! surely,a better balance can be found. why do the BOE members have to be polar opposites? cant there be moderation to balance the budget but at the same time not deprive our heilige kinder from the services that are CRUCIAL to their development?

  15. Only Silver, Schwartz, Mund, Fink and Seitler have the courage, (moderated) to right the sinking ship that is today’s Lakewood Board of Ed.

    Go Yoni, Joel and Lee! Lakewood’s children and their overtaxed parents need you.

  16. You should get your facts before you criticize and spew youe incorrect assumptions in public….Not one of these board members had a hand in holding back 1 kid from Schi.I t is the job of special ed consultant and IEP team t place children

  17. as hard as it is to deal with the ever inflating tax bill,i would still prefer it to having to go through what many parents in our town have to.THIS IS TZAROS HATZIBUR! we should recognize that we are all areivim.we cant ch”v ignore our neighbors’ problems. i suspect that too many of us its almost a “fad” to be anti-establishment and “beat” the status quo. while there is no debate that there are many issues that need to be adressed,we should probably weigh the consequences a little more objectively. lowering property taxes no doubt helps us all,but for the parents that must now find alternative options for their children (at astronomical expense) this may be disastrous. obviously,every case should be judged on its own merits,but when the BOE (and us too!) sets policy,we need to account for those among us less fortunate. fortunate does not have to mean financially.after 120,we will be asked nasuhsa vnasata b’emuna? what are we going to say?

  18. toread it again says:
    those are not specific ideas, they are just general statements , “greater accountability, watching the spending to ensure there is no waste”
    these are just general statements that anyone can make explain HOW YOU intend to sdo that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I knew my comment would not be posted. I don’t know why I even try. When you do not agree with ‘The Scoop’ you can forget about even trying to post your opinion. You put 1 negative comment for every 10 positive ones. A bit lopsided don’t you think?? There is no way this is the maority from all the people I speak to. Either way he will not get my vote..whether or not you post my original post.

  20. All of your supposed accomplishments seem to be for the non public schools. What about the ‘other’ children in Lakewood. It’s not all about the non public schools.

  21. I don’t see any other candidates say anything at all!!!! Has anyone heard anything from Miccio, Grunhut or Singer ?? The only thing I heard was a vote in favor of yet another TAX INCREASE!!

  22. Hate to say it but there is alot at stake.Afew will do anything to bring back the Catapult monopoly.This is the most important local election of my life time.I hope and pray that Silver Schwarrtz ans Mund win this.Me and my wife will be voting

  23. to #29: you obviously dont know the numerous people affected by the “Cost Cutters”. we are left with a different kind of COST that cannot be measured simply in dollars and cents. drink the kool-aid,if you will,but the fact remains that there are numerous parents of severly disabled children that were not admitted to schi Solely because of some of these BOE members. just because you personally are not aquainted with these people does not make it any less true. this is not meant to be personal in any way,but its much easier in today’s lakewood to voice the opinion for lower taxes than to make even a peep about the children .whether in schi,tiny tots,or even our moisdos. politically,noone will get elected (or re-elected),by saying they will deny admittance to schi. “LOWER TAXES!” sounds much better. i dont have an opinion myself about this,but i do recognize that both sides are both right AND -dead wrong

  24. yoni definitley does not have my vote. you dont say once how u will fix up the education, only the taxes. you sound as if u r letting out ur frustration with ur fellow BOE members

  25. This BOE is the shame of the state of NJ. The worst schools in Ocean County and one of the worst in the whole state. And to top it all off this BOE has once again slapped the teachers in the face with the sudden rejection of the contract after the teachers ratified. Shame on all of you.

  26. I think the only way to clear this question on whether he is a good candidate or what he plans to due if elected, is to hold a debate. This way people can come and voice their concerns instead of posting them on this blog.

  27. As someone who knows personally the ramifications of some of these people being on the BOE, I urge you to find out the real facts before voting blindly for people who say the right thing. How much on average did each of us save on our taxes due to the changes in the BOE? I can tell you that the pain that many parents are experiencing due to the actions of some of these members is way more than that amount . I am sure that most of you would give way more money to tzedakkah than the amount you saved, to help alleviate some of these parents pain. Let us hope that every person and BOE member realizes that all of their actions will be accounted for.

  28. After watching the videos of board meeting through the year, i have come to the conclusion of the members that cannot be reelected.On member does not know what she is voting on. Another makes a joke and tries to make motions to take away a motion for a motion that will rescind another motion…..

  29. Schi must learn how to get their costs inline with what other similar schools are charging. Don’t blame the boe, blame schi. We as taxpayers care dearly about all our residents, but you can’t tax us to death. Do you want your property taxes to double or triple their current rate? Well I certainly don’t. If you really care about the special need kids, start a fundraising campaign.

  30. to read it again
    Quoty “Read the lines and in-between the lines. ”
    OK that just rhetoric ,politicians do this all the time ,first of all I should not have to “read between the lines” just lay out a plan that is easily understood without reading between the lines, again don’t make general statement that have no content ,give me a precise plan that tells me how you are going to accomplish what you say and back it up with factual information . sorry this was not done in his message here

  31. To schi parent: Nobody would have a problem giving schi money if the books were open. It is irresponsible and irrational to give an organization over 14 million dollars a year without transparency.

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