Mesivta Of Eatontown Enjoys A Shabbaton In Upstate NY

mesivta of eatontown tripPHOTOS: This past weekend, the Mesivta of Eatontown traveled to the Springwell Manor in Upstate New York for a Shabbaton of warmth, Achdus, and Ruchniyus. The boys arrived Friday afternoon at the manor, where they were able to relax and prepare for an uplifting Shabbos.

Motzaei Shabbos brought with it a Kumzitz and bonfire in honor of Lag Ba’omer, at which the boys were inspried by the dance and song which lasted into the wee hours of the night. The Rosh Hayeshivah, Rav Sender Kaszirer, along with the other Rabbeim, instilled in the boys a true meaning of “Ashreichem” because of their “Avichem Shebashamayim”.

On Sunday, the boys departed for a special trip to the Catiskill Falls, where they enjoyed hiking and other activities, before making their way back home. TLS.

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  1. Thank you so much for all that you do for quite a few boys that I know. R Sender and his devoted staff give up their life for these bochurim and FAMILIES!!

  2. Can anyone tell me why this is news; that boys of a mesivta went ‘hiking and other activities’? I’d rather hear that these boys (or boys from any mesivta) finished a mesechta gemara and are making a siyum, or that some boys were involved in some amazing chesed. These are the things we should be hearing about that will ultimately motivate the next generation of boys to want to learn and shteig. You can all jump on me but the fact of the matter is I am right. I am not knocking these boys or the mesivta, but this is not news that boys in zeman went on a hike.

  3. Keep up the grate work I heer the buchrim mamish love the yeshiva I met a bucher one time in four corners and he wouldn’t stop praysing the rosh yeshiva

  4. To Rabbi Avrohom Y Mermelstein , you give over your gantza gantzkeit to be madrich these tayara yiddishe kinderlach . Yosef Hashem Aleichem….

  5. The work that Eatontown Mesivta does is BIG NEWS, they are Hatzola for boys who need them. Keep up the great work. Your Yeshiva is one of a kind , every bochur deserves a yeshiva to grow .
    Kol Hakavod

  6. I am a bachur of mesivta of eatontowm and I’m extremely insulated by the ignorant comment by number 4 can we of supporters of MOE not give him any attention for his comment and just continue posting womderfull and positive remarks MOE UR THE BEST

  7. The work that Eatontown does is amazing, the bochurim really benefit from Lag Baomer Shabbaton. NOt every boy can sit a whole day and learn, he can get closer to Torah and Avodas Hashem by having loving Rebbiem and Geshmakiet for Yiddiskiet. That is Big News.
    keep up your Avodas Hakodesh rescuing Yiddeshe Neshmos.

    A grateful parent

  8. what an amazing way to spend llag baomer; with the people you learn torah with. it doesnt get any more uplifting than that

  9. #12 – no reason to be insulted. I happen to know your Rosh Yeshiva Reb Sender shlita very well, and I know some of the boys. I think what the yeshiva is accomplishing is nothing less then amazing, but I still feel one doesnt need to be seeing a story about boys going on a hike in middle of zeman, it sends the wrong message.

  10. hey cool masmid

    it takes a lot for a boy “on the street” to want to take a hike in a waterful during the zman,in a yeshiva setting

    these boys have all the right reasons to be dis-enchanted

    from disabilities to broken homes ,abuse etc.

    they need time understanding love and patience

    plus a healthy dose of creativity to keep them interested

    if as you claim you know rabbi k ( who i happen to think is the coolest masmid aroubd)

    rabbi k could have easily been a rosh yeshiva in a white shirt black hat “zugging reb burich bers”

    he does whta no one wants to ,but what everyone is begging to be done

    rabbi k 3 cheers!!

  11. BTW I know that Rabbi Pinter and Rabbi Mermelstein are both spending their own free time with talmidim during their own free time, in order to make a SIYUM at graduation!

  12. Rabbi meisels is from the most selfless devoted rabbeim ever. His non-stop commitment and involvement with his bocharim is truly a kiddush hashem! The ribono shel oilam should give you the strength to be mamshich!!

  13. #19– perfectly stated!! Rabbi Kaszirer can be saying shiur in any top of the line bais medrash. His work in MOE is a mesirus nefesh b’ruchnius uv’gashmius!! He gets nothing from the yeshiva other than the simcha of seeing one of his ba’leebta talmidim growing and getting closer to avinu sh’bashomayim. And will do whatever it takes for them to be matzliach including things that some pea brain ignorant outspoken people will give him flack for!!! We can all be jealous of his tremendous s’char!!!

  14. To Cool Masmid,
    i know this yeshivah very well and all the rabbis and students ive personally seen what goes on there i think your talking outta your league you think your a masmid your actually a (moderated) to say such a thing on one of the only yeshivahs out there that this kind of work to bucherim who would have never made it to where they are today i think you owe an apolgy because what you said is hurtfull and disrespectfull!

  15. #24 – again in case you didnt get it the first time around. This yeshiva deserves much credit for what they have accomplished with their talmidim, and R’ Sender is making a difference in klal yisroel in a big way, however my point I believe is still a valid one…….

  16. Rabbi A.Y. Mermelstein does the most unbelievable work for this heiliga moisad. The bochurim, along with everyone else, respect him tremendously! Hashem should give you loads of koichos to continue ur amazing work!

  17. to cool masmid–
    Please realize that although you may have a point (arguably) not everything you think of has to be said or written. This forum was not the place for your point. The way you did it was sort of disrespectfull to the staff, talmidim, and families of MOE. This calls for an apology in my opinion.
    …..we’re waiting….. be a man!!

  18. Thank you number 24 and 27 i am a bochur in mesivta of eatontown and it does sound like your puttin my yeshiva down. You dont have to share your thoughts with everyone, pleanty of my friends from yeshiva saw what you wrote and are deeply insulted

  19. the shabbos in moe was not only inspiring and uplifting but the bochurim were learning together and there was a tremendous amount of achdus. taking a hike on sunday after shabbos wth your chavrusas and brothers should definitely be shared. its a beatiful thing to spend time with the people you shteig with in and out of the beis medrash

  20. i love the work the rabbeim are doing in this school, each and everyone of them puts his heart and soul into his work. I personally see what goes on and am inspired everyday by them. These students are lucky to have such a school i only wish it was around when i was a bochur.



  22. Kudos to the most amazing Hanhala and Rabbayim in the world for doing such a tremendous job with these great kids! They put all the Kavod aside and do what’s best for these kids… I know most of the boys in the Yeshiva. I have seen how the boys come in and how they leave. Halavay that the Ivy League Yeshivos should have an impact on their Talmidim the way MOE does. This Yeshiva is a Life Changer for these boys. Go ahead and speak to any of the boys and hear what they have to say about the Yeshiva, their Rabayim …. Halavay the Ivy League Talmidim should have such a connection to their Rabayim. This is a Yeshiva that deserves everyone’s support. They are all heart! Rachmana Liba Baii!! Rabbi Mermelstein is simply said…. A SUPER STAR !!!!!!

  23. to cool masmid you are missing the point the message isthat do what hashem wants forget about everyone and everything else.that is a message everyfrum person needs to are so busy with what other people think what does hashem want? is the proper question. I don’t know rabbi k but I do know rabbi pinter and he loves and cherishes each talmid as his own child his talmedim will do anything for him as they know that he tries to do what hashem wants

  24. to cool masmid open your eyes whats wrong? should we shelter our boys that there is only one way to serve hashem????kudos to the wonderful staff rk rabbi pinter r sruly epstien r mermelstien and r miesels

  25. as a friend of gavriel rothstien i hear the absolutely best things about moe you should sign up for their shabbotons it will truly change your life

  26. and the oilam was truly thankful for the late oneig friday night it was truly uplifting with the special “refreshments” and sunflower seeds amazing popcorn brought in from oh nuts in brooklyn

  27. Though not one to comment on blogs.

    Dear Cool Masmid;

    What would really be cool Why don’t you come to the Mesivta and chavrusa with a Bochur or 2. Then next year we can add a grand Siyum to our Shabboton.

    Get involved. Get your friends involved. Show Klall Yisroel you care.

    Please contact me at [email protected] or call Rabbi Kaszirer at the Mesivta 732 544-2188

  28. #r yourselwn see fo40 is right on well said come down and do somthing if you are to busy then donate some money so they can continue giving every jewish boy a proper edjucation

  29. rabbi kaszirer you are our pride and joy
    we are proud one of our own is accomplishing for klall yisroel
    keep up the good work see you in the summer!!

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