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Custom pieces or take home pieces available.

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It’s the Real Thing

By Avrumi Lipschitz of Gemuine Jewels 

A Diamond is Forever.

…Diamonds are one of the most reliable and foolproof investments, with a proven resale value.

…It’s worth paying more for a diamond of impeccable quality, which will last for generations.

…Your kallah deserves the very best. Don’t settle for anything less.

We tell ourselves these stories, time and again, as we willingly invest in high-end diamonds and jewelry to adorn the fingers and necks of our wives and daughters. Sometimes we even go into serious debt for the jewelry of our dreams.

Diamonds are a serious investment, of course. Created deep in the bowels of the earth, over generations of intense pressure, they lie dormant, waiting, until they are mined, polished, and cut to perfection.

The larger and higher quality the diamond, naturally, the greater the investment. It is not unusual to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a ‘bomb’ of a diamond of three carats and above. Naturally, these larger stones are only available to the lucky one percent. 

Or so we might have imagined.

Yet what if there was a different way? 

What if one could purchase a magnificent, crystal-clear, sparkling diamond, a rare gemstone which has been authenticated, for only a fraction of the cost? 

Enter the world of high-end lab grown diamonds, of diamonds so dazzling, so genuine and solid that they pass every jeweler’s test.

Lab grown diamonds, as their name implies, is the real thing—with one major difference.

A natural diamond formation occurs when carbon deposits deep inside the earth are subject to high temperature and intense pressure, sometimes over hundreds of years.

Instead of being grown in the earth, cultivated over centuries of pressure and heat, lab grown diamonds start with a diamond seed and are then coaxed with carbon matter, subjected to similar intense pressure and heat, using heavy machinery in a futuristic lab. They started becoming popular around a decade ago, when they were introduced at a diamond show in Hong Kong, and have withstood the gimlet eye of many experienced jewelers.

Nah, it’s just a hoax, you’ll say. 

…Lab grown diamonds aren’t the real thing. 

…My kallah deserves a genuine gem.

…How can I buy a lab grown diamond? It’s like a second class citizen. There’s no resale value.

…My daughter-in-law’s father is an expert. He’ll know the difference in a second.

If you find yourself using one of the above lines, let’s do a little experiment. 

Pick up a two or three carat dazzling diamond, mined from deep inside the ground, and hold it gently in your palm.

Now take a lab grown diamond of similar size and quality, and place it in the other.

Study them carefully. But don’t trust your own judgment. Take them to a reputable jeweler whom you respect. Make that two jewelers. A dozen. See if they can tell the difference.

Time and again, it has been proven that lab grown diamonds are virtually indistinguishable, in quality, appearance and durability, from those grown under the ground.

The only difference, of course, is the price. Where a high-end three carat stone can set you back 100k, enough for a down payment on a luxury mansion, a similar size and quality lab-grown diamond can be purchased, with a certificate of authenticity, for around $9500, less than a tenth of the cost.

And what of the resale value of the real diamonds vs. lab grown? 

Nonsense, say experts. Just like the value of a brand new car plummets when you drive it out of the showroom, so, too, most diamonds can never be resold for their full value, especially if they have been worn. Plus, don’t forget the huge savings at the initial purchase!

Avrumi Lipschitz has been in the high-end jewelry business on 47th Street for over thirty years. He has a trusted reputation and a legion of loyal customers. Avrumi can tell a high-end stone from a knockoff with his eyes closed. 

Originally skeptical of lab-grown diamonds, Avrumi has made a 180 after seeing, firsthand, how crystal-clear, sturdy and real these diamonds are.

And what a blessing for baalei simcha, who can now present a dazzling diamond at a small fraction of its former cost.

But don’t take their word for it. Stop by at the Gemuine showroom and check it out with your own eyes.

Then show it to your jeweler, your shvigger, your new daughter-in-law. See their face light up as they cradle the supersized, authentic diamond of their dreams.

Mazel tov!

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