Mayor And LDC Announce 2009 Lakewood Economic Stimulus Package

VIDEO clip of  today’s Economic Stimulus Package Press Conference. A full report of the meeting will be posted at a later time.

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  1. The only True way to clean up the down down, is placing a sign on all boarders of this town the picking up day laborers is ILLEGAL and will be enforced. Then stop employing them in homes, how many family’s have cleaning ladies in there homes…Then the SLUM lords, I would not even use the term landlord… stop renting to these people. As this town grows you will loose quality of life….. we need to spend more money on Police….. maybe that’s why so many people left Lakewood…bring them back…give them a reason to stay and the town will prosper.


  3. I guess EMS is not considered a buisness and there is no reason to keep them through this stimulus, they are the only department that actually collects money to help off-set expenses.

    Lets give money to more of your friends, the new ambulance service i bet would qualify under this plan as an emerging buisness. Where is the FBI when you really need them.

  4. to the people upset about the ems obviously you didnt do your research because were getting rid of the ems because we are getting better service from a different provider for cheaper because the ems is involved with unions and wont budge on the price

  5. chaim – What is the better service, what is the research that no one appears to be willing to share. Send it to me. i will give you an address. – My research bringing in more 18-25 year olds that are doing this as a stepping stone in another career, who maybe have no experience dealing with violent crimes,, who are paid only dollars to do work in a city. If this is cheaper – who is going to pay for all the homeless, unemployed and mexican illegals rides to the hospital. How many times do you see an ambulance by the wooded homeless areas, how many times do you see the ambulance picking people up off the side of the street from being drunk or at the bus station. Yep your taxes do now and will be even more when these privates will also see what money is being spent to provide care for no pay into the pockets.

    Wait, see how long it takes before lakewood now subsidizes private EMS because they threaten to leave for not making a profit. i guess the million dollar savings will drop our tax rate a whole 4.00 on the entire bill that I am sure you challanged.

  6. Chaim Yankel you are dead wrong. The service won’t be better. Why do you say that? The EMS department has two rigs and two first responders available for response. The EMS department also doesn’t charge the residets for some of the services that private agencies charge for. If a priivate agencey responds to your house to assist you if you have fallen and can’t get upcalled assist to lift they will charge while Lakewood EMS does not. Also if you have medicare or medicaid they only pay for part of the transportation. Lakewood EMS does not charge for this if you are a resident of Lakewood. This is a service they provide as a matter of agreement with the Township. A private agency will charge you the balance and if you don’t pay they will come after you with a collection agency. The Township committee did not even approach the Lakewood EMs to see if there was something they could do in the future to eliminate any cost to the township. Talk to some of your Hatzola members they support Lakewood EMS. They work well together. Chaim Yankel it looks like you didn’t do your research . Maybe you should do some research and you will see the truth about what is going on and how crooked the township committee is. Look at the editorial NJ News and Views and look at all the illegal activity and corruption that has been going on in Lakewood for years. That is only what is known as there are many other crooked deals going on just as with the private EMS they are looking at.

  7. To Mr. Yankel,

    It appears that you have knowledge that others do not. My questions to you are, What do you consider better service? Is it a ride to a hospital by barely qualified personnel or would you prefer exceptional care and treatment by PROFESSIONALS who understand the diversity of the town. Also you seem to have inside information in regards to what is charged for service. Proper research would show that rates for service are not dictated by a union contract. Those rates are established by insurance carriers. If your research was done properly and not with a hidden agenda the real truth about the dangers the residents of the town will face with privatization will come out.

  8. to #6, you will not get better service. You will see a decrease in service and decrease in professionalism. Most of these people are not sensitive to the needs of the religious community of Lakewood. Yes they all have the same training, but do they all have the same experience. Is providing full time EMS and providing medical transportation the same? Why not use township money to help the EMS instead of those who don’t need it.

  9. I keep hearing better service, but every time I see a private service they are at the Doctor’s office, dialysis, eating fast food or taking someone home from the hospital. How is this better service?
    The people I see down in Kimball look around the same age as my kids, could they handle all of the things that an EMS agency is exposed to everyday. Did they just graduate High School?
    I say keep Lakewood EMS, call the Mayor, Township Committeee, and tell them to support the EMS Dept. and keep them operating in this town for another 30years and then more after that. There are other areas in this town that we can cut so try no to cut any emergency services position.

  10. GEM ambulance is rumored ambulance service in talks with the town. Does anyone know who the owner of GEM is? I do and would not doubt if there was some illegal exchange of cash between GEM and township officials. I SMELL MORE CORRUPTION!!!!

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