Mayor And Committeeman Lichtenstien Remain On Watch All Night

dpw storm tlsTLS has learned that Mayor Langert as well as Committeeman Meir Lichtenstien remained on snow patrol all night last night, attempting to get things under control. Langert tells TLS that they are aware that several streets were not cleaned yet, (including Leigh, Roselle, Chicanos, Kimberly, Stevens, Lincoln, Westgate, Appollo, Mars) and they are working on it.

Langert also noted, that all others who may have been left out, should please contact the Public Works office.

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  1. The streets off of Williams have not yet been TOUCHED this entire storm!!
    This is ludicrous already. Every storm another excuse. So you guys were up, where was DPW? On holiday vacation in Florida?? That’s what I suspect.

  2. why is there so many people on the internet ??? you all deserve a few good petch (the old fashioned way) to teach you right from wrong !

  3. apparently the mayor has no control over the DPW.we need accountability in the dpw.its time the taxpayers have a say. we need elections for department heads.the same guys are there or years and their job is not based on performance.the commitee men are elected every 3 years. and can’t tell the dpw workers what to do.

  4. If these are the only streets that you know not plowed, PLEASE go take a nap. Really, I don’t think you’re staying up is helping us anyway. It may be making things worse.

  5. What was he watching? The non existent plowing? I thought they would be working through the night. I thought I’d wake up and see my street clean. I guess the Township isn’t paying overtime. Who would want to pay those exorbitant union rates? Maybe that’s why Langert called for hiring members of the public.

  6. Mayor and Meir are working non-stop on this storm and they deserve
    our gratitude and appreciation for a very difficult job. They have to put up with endless criticism and snide comments, yet they “plow” on.
    What’s really going on here is that there is a work slowdown at the DPW
    as well as workers that were M.I.A. I can’t think of a better opportunity to totally revamp this entire department. Do a thorough investigation and check time clocks and overtime pay, as well as the many vehicle breakdowns. If there was any “garbage” going on, expose it.
    Fire some people, and restructure the whole thing with every option on the table–even some privatization. Don’t miss this opportunity. The majority of the voters will welcome such action.

  7. The mayor is tough and combative in a good way and gets angry at incompetence. Meir is assuring and empathetic and a great problem solver. Both of them care deeply and want to get things done.I wish they would appear together on the TLS — even today, though yesterday was really the time for a joint message.

  8. How about plowing Swarthmore & Lehigh avenues where thousands of people work in the Industrial Park. An Estes truck was stuck for hours but was finally rescued only to get stuck again on Swarthmore Ave. I know there are hundereds of roads that have to be cleared but this affects thousands of people. Thank you.

  9. Seems like you’re probably right on this. Of course noone will admit to it but it seems that many DPW workers were probably on holiday vacation. I saw the initial video of Langert thanking(and literally patting on the back, what about 20 times??)the assistant superintendent of the DPW for coming in while he was officially on vacation.

    I feel bad for the guy that he lost out on his holiday vacation. However, what’s the big thank you……?? This is his JOB? If he works in the DPW he is responsible to come in when a storm hits,holiday or not! Orhodox Accountants don’t get much time to prepare for two of their biggest holidays(Passover and Succot) since they fall in April time and Oct time respectively. Do they get huge pats on the back?? No, because it’s their job! If a riot would G-D forbid begin in Lakewood, would we have to beg officers to come in? Would we have to thank them incessantly? NO! It’s their job! Appreciate them-YES. Pay them overtime-YES. BUT it still remains their job. If they don’t like their job- LEAVE!!

  10. i feel thet the township did a terrible job. they should all be recalled. we could take all of langerts talmidim from the muster zone and shovel the whole township faster and for less money . i am totally fed up with this lack of concern on the part of our alleged leaders.

  11. You need to wait till comment #36 to hear even one thank you! Just amazing! Steve and meir are going above and beyond what is expected of them, and they deserve a little recognition for that. Just because they are elected officials doesnt mean they can do what they want, there are other’s i.e. Dpw, that they probably have limited control over.

  12. These people don’t deserve praise. I appreciate their hard work, but instead of insulting our intelligence and telling us that everything is fine, they should have come out with a statement on Sunday evening letting us know that the Public Works is playing games.
    It doesn’t bother me that I will be snowed in for 2 days-garbage happens. What bothers me is that they think we’re dumb.

  13. emmanuel dr not touched may b a small block but on average 26 buses go through it well as all traffic to warren and rose park.we also pay close to 10k a year taxes

  14. Why are so many people so self centered and unrealistic? This town does not begin and end with your block. And don’t look to Chicago and Cleveland for comparison – they LIVE with TONS of snow all winter, every winter, and their budget reflects that focus. TONS of plows, full time, all the time. Please do a reality check and enjoy the moment wherever you are instead of complaining….

  15. Question: Todd Ct., J Scott Ct, Cambria Ct, Laura Ct, Ann Ct…..What to all these streets have in common?
    Answer: They are all in Raintree and they all are still waiting for there first plow to turn onto there street.

  16. east 9th by princeton was not done at all
    lawrence ave. aws not even plowed once
    east 9th st. was the old location of public works
    come on have you forgotten us?!!!
    wasn’t even done once!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I love them both- but this town has too many streets & too little resources to clean it fast enough.
    In my humble opinion lakewood should contract with private companies to clean its streets, the same for garbage.

    sell the multi million dollar compound & negotaite the best deal for the taxpayers!!!

  18. trying to figure out if this blog is township owned and used as a mouthpiece for the township or is it a forum where issues affecdting the citizens of the town are able to question if the town is running fair and square
    showing video clips of our elected officials staying up all night wont get the town clean
    why isnt their a plan in place for storms like this one ?? we already went thru this last year didnt the town learn from last years mistakes??? i think the one responsible should be fired and if as people are saying their is some sort of slow responce as a form of protest due to the firing of township emplyees and that can be substantiated those who participated should be fired their is no excuse that 40 hours after the storm the looks the way it does this is absolutly unexcusable someone is responsible and should step down
    lives of people are put at steak whether women going into labor or elderly or sick paitents etc someone didn’t do their job/s and should step down or be fired

  19. NO Homestead rebates. NO State aid for schools, NO new tunnel to replace the 100 year old tunnel which is the only rail link up the East Coast and now NO snow removal____Voting Republican has sure turned NJ into the NO STATE.

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