Customers Left Waiting At Post Office With No Assistance

post office clifton ave tlsDozens of customers were left standing in line at the Post Office on Clifton Avenue today, with nobody to serve them and nobody to talk to, frustrated customers waiting in line say. “I walked in and saw this long line, and a woman tells me she’s been waiting there for about a half hour”, one customer says. “There was nobody at the counter – people were just left waiting”. “Eventually, someone showed up. But just one person”.

The office, located at the intersection of Clifton Avenue and Main Street, has a history of long wait times, and many unsatisfied customers.

But it could get worse.

The USPS plans on eliminating thousands of supervisory, managerial and postmaster positions in the near future, according to reports.

Several attempts to reach a representative at the office were unsuccessful. TLS.

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  1. Yesterday there was also only one person working with extremely long lines… He was working as quickly as he could… not his fault at all.

  2. “The USPS plans on eliminating thousands of supervisory, managerial and postmaster positions in the near future, according to reports.”

    Yes, these extra unnecessary positions need to be eliminated so the USPS can stop losing money. They need to hire more clerks. It’s not only in Lakewood, it’s all over. I was once in a post office in South Carolina, it was the same story, 12 people on line, 1 clerk.

  3. So that they can pay for medicaid, foodstamps, Wic, Hud, Heap, Unemployment…. This country is going to _ _ LL and FAST!!!!!

  4. Not to bust your bubble, but the looooooooooooong waits at the Lakewood P.O. have been going on for a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time.
    It is simply outrageous. I avoid going there whenever I can and find that it is worth it to drive to Howell where there are always at least two and mostly three clerks on duty.
    They should just CLOSE the facility for its lack of customer service (though Jerry and some of the others do their best).

  5. I was in the DMV on Airport Rd last week which opens at 8AM
    at 9AM 2 out of the 3 employees who were assisting the line i was on went to take a break, “after 1 hour at the same side!!!”
    That’s what happens when there is no accountability like every Government agency.
    On a positive note the girl who helped me was extremely nice and helpful.

  6. I was there today. Luckily there was 5 people in front of me, and then a few minutes later, there was 10 people behind me. It’s totally insane, there was ONE woman there assisting and that’s it! Where was the other tellers? Why make us wait so long?!

  7. I just go to the news mart in Jackson. There are no lines, no waiting, no problem parking. I used to have a very nice mail carrier, but, she just got rerouted and she told me they’re cutting out certain mail carriers and those who are left will have longer routes. I used to get my mail by 10:00 AM. Now it comes a few hours later.

  8. that’s ridiculous. this is the POST OFFICE. how could there be no service for waiting customers? the service better hike up the scale cause i’m sure lots of more customers will complain soon.

  9. Its time to replace the postmaster of lkwd there is no reason why when you call him there’s no return call, its his job to fix this place and if he can’t let him go!

  10. Welcome to lakewood the post office on clifton ave has never been good. It operates the way it did 20 years ago. Wake up wake up. Lakewood has a population over 90 thousand people. Maybe for a hick town of 5 thousand people this post office would be sufficient. Anyway a great chol hamoed trip to take the kids.

  11. There is an old Brisker joke about the Brisker who wont tell anyone who his mehudardicker anni is for matanos leevyonim, lest anyone else give him tzedakah and he wont be an anni anymore. So, not to sound like him, I wil tell you that all you need is a little saichel and a credit card, and all you have to do is visit the Jackson or Howell Post Office and use the Automated Mailing Machine. There isnt a service that you cant get from the machine. (when its working!!! well after all its still the Post Office)

  12. The PO may have its problems, but the people that come to this branch are never prepared to do their business. They expect the postal employees to fill out forms for them, wrap packages for them and they come in with large bills for one stamp. The sense of entitlement is incredible!

  13. I used to go there on a daily basis and every single day there is only one person working there. Now I go to News Mart in Jackson, no lines no waiting, same services offered. Can you please post information on how to reach the Lkwd Postmaster. Thanx

  14. don’t dump on the clerks. They need real management. I’m an unemployed manager and I can tell you someone needs to be in charge. Sometimes I shop at a certain Hamishe store where there is a “Hands off” manager. He strolls around and dosen’t do too much. Nice guy, no backbone. Half his cashier staff is either on the phone/i pod, shmoozing or half asleep. I even caught one hiding from customers. If I would be in charge there I would replace the lazy half that don’t want to work (yes I have also been a cashier..I know what I’m talking about). With no management you have a disfunctional business model. Don’t blame the clerk, blame the guy that got rid of management.

  15. There unfriendly act like they own the world sometimes its terrible that place they make u feel like u owe them something time to hire to workers

  16. The DMV is run by a private company. not the government. And since the went private, the lines move 10 times faster than they used to beforehand. the post office should also be privatized

  17. #24,
    You obviously haven’t been to the DMV for about 2 years.
    Yes, they had a nice stretch of a couple of years where you were in and out in no more than 20 minutes. Now? Any licensing concern you’ll wait AT LEAST 1 hour or more. They cut back on the staff tremendously.

  18. #26, don’t forget Pharmex Pharmacy! They’re always stocked with books of 20 forever stamps, not to mention friendly and helpful customer service! There’s virtually no waiting lines there, in and out in less than 5 minutes!

  19. you can buy stamps from the MAC machine at TD bank. just slide your card in and tell it you want to purchase stamps.

    dont tell anyone about howell PO. now everyone will know my trick – and it too will be flooded. I have been doing it for years.

  20. Just a taste of what our entire Healthcare industry when the government takes it over with ObamaCare.

    Wake up America! Before it’s too late.

    Vote the Dems and RINOs out of office before it’s too late

    (Including Congressman Smith who voted for the continuing resolution and refuses to defund ObamaCare)

  21. this post office is he worst ever. why are there 4 counters and only 1 or 2 workers working them? and a few workers in back… i send out a ton of mail, i only print online now. i called the usps and filed a complaint on this office, of course nothing happened. btw the workers are very nice. thats the problem with gov agencies. one of the workers once told me, “why dont you go to a diff office”? i asked, dont you want my business? he said makes no diff to him… they would never tell you this in fedex or ups bec they are not gov, the post office knows they wont be fired so they act diff… alot of them (not the lakewood workers) are always complaining.

  22. In twenty years we will be wishing that Healthcare was privatized. (like it still is today)

    We will be wondering why ObamaCare was able to pass.

    Why is Congressman Smith refusing to defund ObamaCare?????

    Someone please aks Congressman Smith, if he secretly wants ObamaCare enacted (just like he voted for Cap and Trade before he was caught on it).

    Just askin.

  23. wait until there are cuts in essential services like police, fire, ems and dpw. Fewer people means fewer to do the job and the longer it takes. You think you had problems with the snow removal, wait. Same with PD, they will be tied up with an mva or dispute or taking theft reports at night or the next day and not have anyone able to respond to other calls. The cuts should be from way up top- the politcal appointees and their exorbinate salaries and the medical and pensions they get that sucks us dry. You don’t see governors, senators, assemblymen, mayors, committeemen, to boards and committees taking any kind of cut. Trim that fat. How about cutting secton 8 housing, wic, food stamps, special interest groups and all the other hand outs? Where’s that shared sacrifice. Maybe Christie will tweet me where he is saving me money. My taxes went up after the politicians said they cut cut cut. They didin’t cut my taxes. Sorry for the rant.

  24. It is a total insanity! i go to the Post Office daily and of all branches i go to, Lakewood is the absolute worst. Howell has 3 clerks and nobody in line. Brick 2 Clercks and sometimes 2 people waiting, New York avg wait time 5-10 minutes, Lakewood avg 20-30 minutes! I have done some homework and found that its a biased act towards the Lakewood community. I have tried the PostMaster and no luck. Its only gotten worse since they took Sharon, Sally, Joe and part Willy to the Industrial Park. I have exhausted all my efforts and I give up. They are anyways going bankrupt and a new and improved USPS will be on its way soon. Cant Wait!

  25. Also, regardless of how “little” mail you may be sending, you still need to go to the back of the line like everyone else.

    Thank You.

    P.S. If you have a package to send by USPS, you can pay for the label online, and have the mail carrier pick it up from your home while delivering your mail.

  26. The two clerks at the Post Office are very very nice and helpful and hardworking. I’m often there right before closing time with still long lines. Let’s try to show them our appreciation for their hard work. It’s not their fault the Post Office is understaffed. Let’s not make them feel we’re angry at them.

  27. I have waited on long lines at the post office as well…but, the clerks would have it differently if they could. I was there one day when due to a co-workers illness the girl was left on her own. She did leave for a short time for a bathroom break. We must have patience with the clerks. They are wonderfully patient in Lakewood under the pressure of being understaffed. The post office needs to get its act together and remember they are providing a service to us, not a privlege. I don’t want to mail online and lost the yet another human connection.

  28. I worked over 40 years for the USPS. One of the very few frum.
    It’s not at all the same as when I started. And NO , I don’t think we are
    especially liked by management here in the Lakewood Po

  29. They built a new Post Office in the industrial park to replace the one in town, but the out cry from the town made them keep it open. Now you have the employees split between two buildings.

  30. all towns near us have 24hr lobby with APC (Automated Postal Center) . With an APC you can perform 85% of all usps retail services. buy stamps weigh a package,certified,overnight,buy stamps,priority……. Howell,Brick,Jackson,Lakehurst. These PO’s have parking in front as well.POB’s are cheaper there also. BTW Jackson location has all 4 major banks right near by(TD,BofA,Sovereign,and Wells Fargo)!

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