Man Robbed At Gunpoint

gunpointPolice are investigating an armed robbery which occurred early this morning. A man tells police he was walking in the area of Kimball Medical Center on River Avenue early this morning when he was approached by 3 men – reportedly Hispanic – one which he says had a gun and demanded his money. The suspects then fled and police canvassed the area.

It’s unclear at this time if the suspects made away with any money. The victim was uninjured.

No information is currently available for the suspects, who remain at large. TLS-00.

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  1. it really dosent make a difference if the victim was frum the point is th e criminal element in our town have handguns we are dealing with dangerous criminals there are many who say lakewood is very safe don’t worry we have to address the reality and the laws that the liberals have in place does not provide protection for the honest citizens of this state the police can’t be evereywere we need to get when yakov went to battle eisav he davened he took a present and he prepared for war

  2. For hashems sake please rob me with your gun mr hispanic man so I could give you a taste of a .50 desert eagle it will be quick and painless I promise

  3. yea religion has nothing to do with the issue. it could happen to anyone but we pray it doesn’t. we need to get these pple off the streets and keep them off. pple need to know that they’re safe in this town. hope the police catch them.

  4. See? My comment to #5 was deleted and the tasteless comment by #5 remains. Why is a jewish mans life more precious then a hispanic life? Hate is hate.

  5. to yeshivesher have you ever shot a desert eagle well if not i can tae you to the range and i think you will change your opinion on it being clumsy although its a larger then average pistol it fires like a .45acp and its accuracy is impecable there is a reason the isrealis designed the weapon and its special forces carry it!!! dont comment unless you know about this gun

  6. Is the shooting range open to everyone – how does it work? By the amount of “bang, bang”s I hear over Shabbos, I wonder if we aren’t just training in the wrong guys. Sorry for my ignorance

  7. to??? yes there are 2 local shooting ranges that are open to the public and they are frequented by the frum community all you have to do is walk in during open business hours and they will explain everything to you just remember to bring id/drivers liscense. and once you learn how to handle a firearm you then could go through the process of owning one!

  8. Keep hiring them, all the local grocery stores, pizza parlors, restaurants, your doing this town a great service. So long as YOU get cheap labor.

  9. to number #13 “Menachan”

    Stop sipping the liberal hippie cool-aid.
    You liberals dont learn till you, yourself become a victim to your own liberal agenda’s.

  10. I would like to comment on a point I keep on hearing is owning a weapon is the solution the weapon you own in your house dosent help you on the street and if you carry that weapon with you thanks to the attorney general of nj it is a felony offense 5 to 10 years in jail how did we let this law pass through nj dosent recognize citizens rights to carry even if a person lives in camden or trenton he will be denied a permit to carry it’s absurd why did we where is the voice of the people

  11. AS Lipa Shmeltzer sings. EVERYBODY WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKEUP!
    3rd street is just not in touch with what is going on outside of there comfy zone.

  12. to #16 5-10 yrs??????? don`t make me laugh. when ever did any judge in N.J. give out a sentence like that. in N.J. all they will do is say we need more laws to keep the guns out of the bad guys hands, and never enforce the laws they already have.

  13. To # 16 jlp

    You brought up some very good points.

    The system puts FEAR into the folks that guns are bad and they need to be strictly governed….during that govrerning process they convince folks to surrender their right to protect themselves , family and property.

    The encroaching laws take away our second amendment rights, ,,,,

    Our rights to keep and bear arms- SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED but they are all the time and increasingly so.

    Perhaps the other folks have not understood that the Government on almost all levels, want the people/citizenry to depend upon them and a great many folks have eaten that fruit.

    Ronald Reagan had a saying….the most dangerous words you can hear are- ‘ Hello, I’m from the goverment and I’m here to help you’

    Folks, please know that gov’t is big, BIG business and requires lots of nourishment to continue and to grow.

    Our Constitution was plainly worded so any person could understand it….now they say we need constitutional scholars to interpret it, PHOOEY.

    If Mr bad guy thought you were carrying, he would think very seriously if he wanted to chance being dead but Mr bad guy knows that the laws work in his favor, keeping you dumbed down and un-armed, so he is able to do his work against you.

    Be advised that the police are not there to protect you- that’s the decision handed down by the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) when a Washington DC resident brought suit against that department for violent crime perpetrated against him/spouse.

    Police will do the best of their ability stop crime that they witness, set sting operations and perform surveilence to work against crime, but they are not there to PROTECT.

    As citizens, we should scrutinize folks running for office to understand their support or lack thereof, of the US Constitution and vote accordingly.

    They are very wise though and be aware of deceptions…. If elected, I’ll make sure there is a duck in each pot, an increase in food stamps and flowers on each corner, etc.

    Politicians say folks expect them to lie and not uphold all their campaign promises once in office……I say , a liar is dishonest and should not be considered worthy of public , or any other office or trust.

    If you are not comfortable with owning a weapon or defending yourself, that’s OK but don’t take away the rights of others to do so.

    Have a wonderful day- smile and have a healthy dose of medicinal laughter.

    Remember, each individual is the eyes and ears of the community..don’t be afraid- get engaged.

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