Man Robbed At Gunpoint On Forest Avenue

FIRST REPORT: Police are on the lookout for a man who just robbed a Frum man on Forest Avenue, police confirm. The incident occurred around 10:35 PM in the area of Forest Avenue and Second Street, when a black male approached a man, pointed a handgun at him and demanded his money.

The man handed over his wallet and the suspect then fled the area in an unknown direction.

The suspect is described as a black male, about 5′ 6′, with a denim jacket. He was carrying a black handgun.

Anyone with information is asked to call police immediately and not try to approach the suspect. TLS.

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  1. sad to say, but this is just “typical lakewood”.

    Shame on the slum-lords for inviting this trash into town. Citizens of lakewood are falling pray, to the vermin the greedy, selfish slumlords invite. Way to many slum-lords not conducting background checks, and citizenship status checks. Many street level violent crimes could be avoided if slum-lords checked the background of the applicants, and NOT RENT to those with prior criminal convictions. These thugs then conduct their criminal enterprises in town, and invite their low-life friends into town. SHAME.

  2. huh? what are you talking about? It says Black male,
    “citizenship status checks” are they not citizens?
    “inviting this trash into town” they have been in Lakewood forever.
    It appears that you are in constant attack mode just looking for a place to express it. It would reflect better on you if you got upset at the story then expressed your outrage rather than using this story as an excuse to release your pent up frustrations.

  3. You are so unrealistic -these people are here before you-have been here for years- the slumlord has no power to evict bad or illegal tenants-you live in la la land if you think you can just blame the slumlords and then all your problems will disappear.

  4. Not to say that the criminal is right but what about the 20 year old kid who cleaned up his life and is now looking for a place to live. these backround checks if they say you stole a piece of gum you don’t have a place to live except the woods there needs to be a middle ground of checks like what kind of crime it was and also how long ago the crime was committed or whats on the current record for like the past 5 years no sooner. I know Im going to get flack about this post

  5. Hopefully you are just kidding.   

    Your post at 12:16am is a poor attempt at humor. 
    And, if you are actually serious with your post, oy vah voy. 

    Let me say it as it is:
    This is not a kinder shpiel. The perp had a gun. GUN. 

    IMHO, Of course, the victim did the correct thing. He gave the perp his wallet. Bravo. 

    If a perp has a gun (or something that looks like a gun) give the perp the wallet. You can always replace the wallet. 

    Your wallet is not worth your life. Never.  

  6. If jews don’t rent to blacks, they are evil racists.

    If jews rent to blacks, they are evil slumlords.

    Whatever the jew does is considered evil in the eyes of his haters.

  7. If you stop posting Mr Conservative’s nasty racist comments, he’ll slink off back to and there he can join the rest of the knucklehead racist commentors there.
    He only comes back because of the attention he’s given.

  8. . We need to do tshuva we are being warned min hashomyim to wake up. A gadol’s life is hanging in the balance, his tzidkus protects the whole world including Lakewood. Once this is understood we might then ask LCSW to increase their patrols.

  9. #2 – YITZ = “It says Black male, “citizenship status checks” are they not citizens?”
    -Skin color isnt a guarantee on citizenship. plenty Jamaicans, and very dark skinned Haitians are in this country illegally. Heck, plenty white skinned illegals that over-stayed their welcome live in the kennedy apt’s.

    “inviting this trash into town” they have been in Lakewood forever.
    -yes, every town has “trash”, but lakewood has been consistently getting more & more violent. why do you think that is? why do lakewood residents no longer are surprised hearing news like this? BECAUSE MORE & MORE SLUMLORDS ARE ALLOWING THESE UNDESIRABLES TO LIVE IN LAKEWOOD. I land-lords didnt allow these people to live in town, they wouldnt be here to conduct their “business”.

    #3 – probably the slumlords = “the slumlord has no power to evict bad or illegal tenants”
    -you obviously have no idea what your talking about. landlords can evict anyone if they have proof of illegal activities, crime, non-payment, or any other breach of contract. it takes time through courts, but its certainly possible and happens every day.- but slumlords dont care what happens in their rentals. all they care about is if the tenant is paying CASH!

    #5. Anonymous says: “Not to say that the criminal is right but what about the 20 year old kid who cleaned up his life and is now looking for a place to live.”
    again, its all up to the landlord to check you out, and your references. if all comes back ok- certainly even with a prior mistake/blemish – you could get the rental. no one is perfect. BUT SLUMLORDS DONT CARE IF YOUR A CASH PAYING OFFENDER. AS LONG AS YOU HAVE CASH IN HAND- THE KEYS CAN BE YOURS!

  10. #10 – YID
    “If jews don’t rent to blacks, they are evil racists.
    If jews rent to blacks, they are evil slumlords.
    Whatever the jew does is considered evil in the eyes of his haters.”

    -now yid, you know i agree with you 99% of the time. i know your smarter than this. I NEVER IMPLIED NOR STATED JEW’S(anything)
    the point i am trying to make is, slum-lords (plenty white, plenty that are managers of apartment complexes- i once had a cuban woman in eatontown) that rent to people they shouldnt. OFFENDERS ARE REQUIRED BY THE STATE TO LIVE IN CERTAIN AREA’S THAT ARE NOT NEAR PARKS/SCHOOLS/etc , and slum-lords dont even check; thus placing OUR CHILDREN AT RISK!!!! (forget renting to convicted felons, and drug dealers that go around pointing guns at innocent hard working people walking in our neighborhoods.)

  11. Let me tell you – all comments aside – it’s very scary when the Frum man is your son living in Lakewood. Hashem Yerachem. B”H nothing happened and the money and credit cards can be replaced. However, Lakewood with all it’s “Maalos” has become a rather high crime neighborhood.

  12. Mr Conservative has some very valid points, why when facts about what has taken place in this town you are immediatly called a racist?
    I have lived here long enough to see this town go from what was once a nice place to raise a family with decent schools to where neighborhoods have been destroyed by landlords who’s only concern is $$$$$$ and we now have a school system that has a 37% graduation rate you cannot change facts no matter how much you try
    sorry but I do agree with mch of what Mr Consevative states

  13. who cares who rents to who
    the problem is that they dont do any backround checks on the tenants !
    this town needs more patrols going around
    p.d where are you ?

  14. 951 am
    coincidentally this not very far from where someone else got stabbed a drop back
    however being very familiar with the area I have come to the conclusion that these two specific crimes are not “neighborhood ” crimes but rather outside crimes which for two unrelated reasons moved over from jersey gas to forest ave

  15. To Mr. Conservative:
    Perhaps you don’t remember the good old days when there were RIOTS in the downtown Clifton Ave area, and when you would rather walk through Harlem than the Ridge Ave area. Lakewood is not becoming a high crime area, it always was. If you would look at the statistics you would see that it’s actually getting better. Now thats not saying much if there is still a high crime rate but we are definitively going in the right direction.

  16. With the state of our economy …with more people unemployed, homeless and desperate….with accessability to drugs, guns, alcohol….with lack of moral thanks to facebook, youtube and other media….our entire society has gone to an all time low. It is not just Lakewood who is seeing a rise in crime, but all across America amd Abroad noone is safe from crime….noone is save to walk the streets alone day or night. Desperate people will resort to desperate measures. This is the way of the world now.

  17. #18 BBshodan says: “it’s very scary when the Frum man is your son living in Lakewood.”

    -as i understand it, this was your son who was robbed at gun-point? if so, i wish you and your family safety and security. I do feel your pain, as i have female family that live in lakewood, and i too fear for their safety. -and the only recourse that is pumped into the mainstream is an unarmed civilian patrol that has no legal authority to do anything.

    WE CAN CALL IN THE NATIONAL GUARD, BUT NOTHING WILL CHANGE. what needs to change is the types of people that LIVE in lakewood, and that starts with slum-lords getting their act together and evicting illegals, criminals, drug-dealers, offenders/predators, or anyone else that threatens a family oriented community. Once we have the criminals pushed out, their friends will stop coming around, their kids will stop imitating their parents behavior in our schools, and we will restore order in Lakewood.

  18. In all my time reading and posting on TLS, I have never read anything racist about Mr. Conservative’s comments. He speaks the truth and I am always very interested in what he has to say. Name calling is childish when you dont agree with someones opinions. Maybe Mr “Nice Guy” doesnt do background checks on his tenants and is feeling a bit guilty?

  19. To yitz says
    I do not know where you get your information ,nor do I know how long you have lived here, (I have been here probably longer than you have been on this earth ) but its definately worse here than when I moved here many many years ago . We are not moving in the right direction what ever that means crime is worse ,the school system is in shambles (37% graduation rate) thats the worse rate in the whole state of NJ . So back up your statement with some facts and not just rhetoric

  20. #29 resident says: “we need to get rid of all rentals in Lakewood. Take the properties and make fine developments for all people to live in peace.”

    -thats not true, and i certainly DO NOT condone that mentality.
    all that needs to be done is the rentals need to be taken off of section8, the land-lords need to conduct thorough background checks, predator checks, reference/employment and citizenship checks.
    Landlords need to be thoughtful to their neighbors and understand we have to live next door to your tenants, and our streets’ home values fluctuate based upon the conditions in or around your rental property.

    People need to stand up and speak up and against the slum-lords. Because of greedy slum-lords who accept tenants that might be child predators, gang-members, convicted felons, etc – our childrens, and our safety is at risk! IF YOU KNOW OF A SLUM-LORD, SPEAK OUT!

    This all smells of real estate property devaluation to me.
    To purposely raise crime by way of the undesirables- which then in return raises fear amongst property owners and creates a quick-sell mentality. That mentality forces property owners to lower prices to quickly sell and move out. Then all the devalued property is bought up at significantly lower prices, the undesirables are kicked out from the previously acquired properties, and then the large quantity of properties are held to one self.

  21. Mr. Conservative:

    Yes, we agree 99% of the time. Or rather, 99.99% of the time.

    I agree with you that slumlords are a huge problem in this town, and we all suffer from it. In fact, I would even venture to say that in my neighborhood we suffer from certain WHITE trash renters who don’t speak English as their first language.

    What I disagree with you, is the way you paint the situation. I have read posts from you where you painted the entire Orthodox community in a negative light, and somehow you connected slumlords with a so-called master plan by all the Orthodox residents of town.

    As I’ve pointed out to you, that picture that you paint is simply not the reality. The slumlords are a minority, and WE ALL SUFFER FROM THEM.

    In my neighborhood, every time a slumlord puts his house up for rent, all the JEWISH neighbors BEG him to rent only to upstanding law-abiding families. We have suffered from these slumlords together with the rest of Lakewood.

    But to somehow paint all Orthodox in a negative light due to the actions of a misguided few, is very insulting and misleading.

    99% of the Orthodox simply want to live their lives quietly and in peace. Yes, some of us drive like New Yorkers, but remember those who drive like New Yorkers are from New York, where EVERYONE drives like a New Yorker. But nobody means to be disrespectful.

    There are bad appples in every community, and we are no exception. But as a community, we are law-abiding, respectful, and family-oriented, and we try to be great neighbors as well.

    My comment was in poor taste; It was written at 2:30 AM. I apologize for creating the impression that you are a hater.

    I believe that we can work together to foster understanding and good will in Lakewood. I also believe that when the misunderstandings are put aside, we actually agree 100% of the time.

    Please contact me through TLS. Thanks!

  22. YID, its a pleasure to chat with you every time. its not often to meet someone level headed, understanding, and someone who can see both sides of the playing field.
    but in this instance, i really dont know why you feel the way you feel.
    but i repeat, i never painted SLUM-LORDS as JEWS. That simply would not be true, even if i did.

    SO MANY NON-JEWISH property owners fled lakewood simply due to the high crime, and dont want to sell their homes for half the value, they then RENT THE HOMES OUT. so even thinking, that im painting the frum community with this broad slum-lord brush is ludacris. i never, in a single post stated slumlords are any religion/race.
    The one who first brought up race & religion into a negative lime-light is you.

  23. Not all people on section 8 or some kind of housing assistance are criminals. I am on housing assistance because I got sick and couldn’t work anymore and I have not gotten Social Security Disability yet. I am tired of people thinking section 8 and housing assistance people are criminals.

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