Attempted Robbery At Gunpoint

gunpoint9:55 p.m. Updated: A Frum man was held up at gunpoint a short time ago demanding cash, TLS has learned. The man was walking on the street when he was approached by at least one black male who pointed a gun at his chest demanding cash. The man replied that he did not have any on him because it was Shabbos, and the man fled.

The incident occurred in the East 4th area. Police are on the lookout for a black male wearing a hat.

Another two men were possibly involved in the incident.

TLS will keep you posted with any further information.

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  1. #5 1st it was shaboss so even if the guy normally carrys a gun he wouldnt have had it on him, but i digress. if he would have pulled a gun it could be it would have got ugly, but one of the advantages of carrying a gun is it brings with it a sense of awareness, to the person carrying it, so he would have never found himself in that situation. When someone is carrying they dont just walk around half spaced out, subconsciously you notice everything so he would have noticed this mugger coming and could have ran, or he would have had his hand on his gun before the other guy had a chance to draw his, being aware is most of it. for the people who will never have a gun if you just learned to be more aware of you surroundings at all time you will be much better off than a spaced out armed guy. if you practice, it will come naturally after awhile, And another thing is never let anybody come into your comfort zone ie.. personal space which is 4 feet all around you

  2. If the boys in the hood know that the jewish boys are packing heat they would think twice before shoving it in someone’s face so it would never come to a gun battle

  3. The E,4th Street area used to be a war zone. Then it got better but it seemds its getting worse again. You can’t blame this on investors. That area only started becoming frum in the last 5-10 yrs ago. But the oilam there just has to be careful where/when they walk. They should walk In groups. But I agree with the previous poster: Lock & Load boys. If one person hears that 1 Jew has a gun, they’ll think 10x b4 mugging anyone. We couls also ask the cops to occassionally walk therte dressed as fununzere & maybe make some arrests.

  4. however horrible this event was, we should show love for the person ,

    …….”do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.”

  5. Walking and not paying attention is the same as driving and not paying attention. Being aware of the area you are in, is half the battle, keeping your eyes & ears open to your surrounding is the rest. You need to protect yourself, because the police will only respond after the crime is commited. Arm up physically, mentally, and arm up lawfully via pepper spray. You have one life to live, and dont think that anyone will save you.

  6. You know we gotta walk and look around bec there are so many stores were I know of people walking around and NOT paying attion just keep ur head alert

  7. I carry my gun with me even on shabbos and this would not have happened if the guy was packing you become ver aware of ur soroundings when ur “packing heat”. I think that more people in our community should carry because this is just getting worse

  8. Why don’t they hire there own private security guards to drive around the neighborhood on shabbos, I know there are some communitys that did that after they had some problems. (example Detroit)

  9. If you have a concealled gun you had better make sure it is legeal in some states you are not allowed to carry a gun around while transporting a gun it needs to be locked I think jesrey is part of this. Jersey has crazy gun laws

  10. Well in NJ it is against the law to carry your 44 magnum unless you have a carry permit. So if you get accosted by some young dumb punk with a gun, just give them what they want and call 911 afterwords. I know you want to tell them to go ahead make my day punk, but leave that up to the professionals, remember you have a family at home who need you.

  11. smart talk!!!!

    a LPD officer told me he recently took a gun away from a 13 year old. No 13 year old has any sense and may in fact chas vshalom use a gun if he does not get wnat he wants (or that he is being told to get).

    we have been having so many breakins into cars and this sort of stuff in the east 4th – Negba Ridge area.

    I saw a 10-12 year old kid at 3AM hiding from Police in my neighbors window well. These kids are being trained by older adults to do the dirty work.

  12. to those of you saying “a 22 for every jew” better understand the result of your statement. you will be responsible for widows and orphans. Maybe the first jew might get his 22 out but the next one will not. these thugs will see the jew going for his pocket, think gun and just shoot! these thugs could care less about a life and they always think they will not get caught. Even worse they might just walk up and shoot assuming the jew has a gun. I under stand your feelings, you work for what you have and some lowlife comes along to take it and hurt you. I don’t have an answer for this but think long and hard before you start with guns.

  13. #22 sounds like you’v been indoctrinated my the libs in this country, fact is more guns = less crime Always in all circumstances period its proven fact.not because the good guy would whip it out cowboy style but because if they know people could be carrying they would stop the crime and move on to easier targets, why do criminals run and hide from cops? the only thing which turns them into a cop from an ordinary citizen is his gun, he doesnt have to even touch his gun they see him and they run. we can spend a week debating instead i’ll direct you to the book More guns = less crime

  14. to # 23 Ari

    There are too many unstable people out there to allow everyone to carry a gun. In a state like NJ with all the traffic and social problems we have how long would it be before normally good people start accidentally murdering people because they cut them off and in a moment of frustration they shot at them and killed them or someone else. I’ve seen many heated exchanges on the roadways and at convenience stores and said,” thankfully they didn’t have a guns because they would have shot each other”.

  15. Ok #25 i said read the book, dont say your feelings this is not about feelings its about fact. they said the same thing in florida when they were trying to pass concealed carry “there will be blood running in the streets” and did it happen NADA! in fact its not been the case in 38 other states which allow concealed carry. people who get into arguments dont become murderers! again read the book its fact. as a side note its not a liberal conservative issue its a safety issue there is a huge segment of liberals who are pro gun which is why obama is not going near the gun issue, its what brought clinton down when he went after guns people like their guns conservatives and liberals

  16. Ari with all due respect I am the last person you would call a Lib. Pulling out a gun takes a lot of commitment, that person must be willing to take a life, all of my are neighbors Jewish, they are good people I don’t see them being able to take a life. They would just get hurt.

  17. I know the frum world has become very politically conservative, including myself. However, I am in in agreement with the conservative opinion on gun control. Guns are not for amateurs and I believe in very strong gun control.
    I also don’t like to blame the victim, that area has been bad news always and I never understood how people were moving there. Of course we should not sit back and tolerate this, but please, don’t act shocked when something like this occurs.

  18. #31 the problem with the picture is that if had it been a white guy who was the mugger and tls would put up a picture of a black guy pointing a gun, everyone you can bet would be screaming racist picture. Now that it was a black man who did the mugging and instead of putting it like it was tls put up a picture of a white guy, its called reverse racism which is just as bad, it should just be shown like it is if a black guy did the crime it should be a picture of a black guy

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