Major Traffic Changes Come To Brookhill Estates To Prevent Traffic Jams

Brookhill new traffic pattern picPHOTOS: Yesterday afternoon, the Department of Public Works installed 50 new traffic signs to the large Brookhill development, making it illegal to park on both sides of the roads. The changes was implemented by the Township Committee following continuous traffic issues, particularly with school buses.

In November last year, close to twenty buses got stuck in a traffic jam during the morning run after vehicles parked on both sides of the road preventing buses from getting through.

Brookhill new traffic pattern mapFollowing that incident, Committeeman Lichtenstien contacted the Traffic & Safety division of the Police and provided a temporary solution to the problem by having all buses use one direction of travel throughout the development.

With the current changes, vehicle would not be allowed to park on both sides of the road, as indicated in the enclosed map.

See video below of November’s morning traffic jam which took police approximately 30 minutes to undo. TLS.

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  1. So Scoop can you tell us whether this is effective immediately or is there a grace period, this way bus drivers know if we can call the police and have the cars ticketed when we get stuck again at a bottle neck like usual.

    Fair is fair.

  2. i live in brookhhill and the signs dont seem clear that it is ILLEGAL to park on one side of the street. all the signs say is no parking with 2 arrows.

  3. The signs say no stopping or standing. Yet, on the signs at the corners, right under the stopping standing sign it says no parking here till corner. If you can’t park on that side of the street anyways, why do you need the no parking here till corner sign. It doesn’t make any sense.

  4. just spoke to the main people that arranged this and they agreed that they messed up
    it should have been no parking and not no standing zones lets see if they will correct this issue

  5. to #9 you don’t understand the no parking here till corner is for the bus stop. otherwise the bus could not stop to drop off or pick up the children.

  6. I think it will take a couple of days for the word to get out. If there are any chevra that feel the law doesn’t apply to them, well they will have to learn the hard way (chas vi shalom). This should now make it easier for Hatzolo, the Police and Fire departments to access the development (Hashem should help us that we should not need them).
    The fact that some are inconvienced by having to walk to shul vs drive is unfortunate, but a small price to pay for freedom and ease of movement. (one person was actially blocked in his own driveway for 20 minutes during our prvious “wild parking” days. The biggest issue is parking for basement tennants. Their landlords need to give them parking space that is not street based (they will feel the brunt of this new law and everyone needs to be sensative to their quality of life issues). These are growing pains that happen when a neighborhood is over saturated.

  7. To #11. You obviously did not understand my point! If they had put up the correct signs then they would not need another one clarifying “No parking here till corner.” If they had just put up “No Parking” then that would be insinuated automatically.

  8. No Stopping /No standing is more stringent then no parking, as NSNS means you can’t drop off or wait besides no parking. By State law there is NO Parking fifty feet from a STOP sign, twenty five feet from an intersection and ten feet from a driveway. This was on your driver test to get your license. The additional No parking signs were added to deter people from parking between the NS/NS signs and the corners blocking the sight lines. The ordinance was put in effect Dec. 2010.

  9. I am a Brookhill resident and I don’t understand what exactly they did. They basically put signs on 1 side of the street that there is NSNS & No Parking. There is not enough room for all the landlords with 2 cars and tenants with 1 or 2 cars, to park on 1 side of the street! Would it not have made more sense to make brookhill a 1 way street with parking on both sides except close to corners?!

    To Lkwd Scoop: What do you mean by “making it illegal to park on BOTH sides of the roads”? Does that mean you can only park in a driveway?

  10. oh who cares, no one listens to fire zones… you think anyone will listen to a no standing or stopping or parking sign? please.

  11. Which side is the nsns signs on? When coming from Sienna Way, and then making a right onto Arosa, which side is it on, the right or left?

  12. The problem could have been solved by making on side parking from 7-9 AM school days. The current move was done folowing a meeting of 6-10 people who all agreed with each other for complete one side parking. I live in Brook Hill and can testift that most people are upset on these new extreme measures.The person behind the effort was upset that cars park on his grass. So he made sure this law passes with no cars on his side. This is common knowledge in brookhill

  13. The problem could have been solved by making on side parking from 7-9 AM school days. The current move was done folowing a meeting of 6-10 people who all agreed with each other for complete one side parking. I live in Brook Hill and can testift that most people are upset on these new extreme measures.

  14. Perhaps when the development was planned there should have been more room on the properties to park the owner’s and tenant’s cars. That’s the problem throughout Lakewood – no room for off-street parking. The builders want to maximize the housing (to make more money) and the heck with the parking. The fire on Canary the other day proved that and that development isn’t even finished. Just wait until the time comes when there is a fire and the ladder truck cannot get close to the fire to rescue someone.

  15. the person who pushed this was not who you falsely say. There were 2 people pushing. One, a minor player, who got 5 people to sign on the patition, the other (main player) who is quite wealthy and a long time askin for the benifit of brookhill. Go back into your hole and be quiet.

  16. As someone who occasionally drives through Brookhill, I think this is a great idea. It was very dangerous driving, or more likely swerving to get through the street. This will definitely make it simpler and safer for everyone!! Thank you to everyone who made this happen.

  17. Before you start judging, let me just say that there was no notice – at least none that I received – I came home and found the signs there, half the cars you see parked “illegally” are still sitting there from before the signs came up. Yes, I’m a basement tenant, don’t have a driveway, can’t block the mailboxes, plus near my house there are nsns signs on both sides of the street, without very clear indicators of where exactly the signs pertain. And that’s besides for the fact that where I live doesn’t see much traffic generally and no buses come down here because it’s a cul-de-sac. Go figure. But I’m from Brooklyn and therefore I’m just thankful that I can park within a ten minute walk to my house. Have a great day, everyone!!!!!!!!!!! Stay happy!!

  18. Its sad that we need a house to burn down due to the fire trucks not being able to pass R”L, or for one of your family members in need of Hatoloh R”L not have the help arrive in time. Or perhaps the safety of your children when the buses have to back up… Its not that long ago that I remember reading on the scoop all your rants about the snow not being removed…
    So in the absence of all the shortsighted selfish people not being objective, I would like to thank the Township Police Dept, the Township Committee as well as the residents who organized this project.

  19. all this means is more tenants crossing with little children to get to their cars while traffic will b moving much faster…and how can that b safe?

  20. We read about this issue and another TLS story about Route 9 needing to be wider and we just see the results of the shortsightedness of all the people who built without any planning. What’s done is done, but let’s stop now and pay attention to the little people who protest this insanity so that the future of this town doesn’t bring us another ugly Borough Park.

  21. y is brookhill always on the talk you ppl grow up a bit and stop complaining nothing better what to do ??????? so if someone wants to drop of a child he has to stop across the street and the child should cross ???? or an elderly person on a wheelchair come on i am a layer and i am calling the state on nj to file a lawsuit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who wants to join should call me

  22. Hey EMES says:
    who you gunna sue?? The builder, the planning board, the township, yourself for not looking into the area you wanted to live in? You knew what it was when you bought it, now live with it or move.

  23. Why don’t you just cross at a crosswalk or intersection where it is legal to cross? Don’t forget pedestrians crossing the street are supposed to cross in crosswalks or an intersection. Yeah I know do I really expect someone to walk to the end of the block to cross the street and then walk back. What’s you or your childrens safety worth to you? Just remember pedestrians crossing the road illegally who get struck by vehicles are at fault, not the driver of the vehicle.

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