Major Campaign Launched As A Zchus For 2 Critically Injured Crash Victims

cell shul campaign tls[‘COUNT ME IN!’ BUTTON BELOW] [CLICK HERE FOR A POSTER FOR YOUR SHUL] In light of two major car accidents that shook our community, a major campaign is being re-launched in the zecus of the two people who are still in serious condition and urgently require Rachamei Shomayim.

The campaign, which was originally launched in Lakewood back in Elul 5769, and posted on TLS, brought an awareness through its posters to the terrible epidemic of people using their cell phones, Blackberrys, iphones, etc to talk, text, and surf during Davening.
Since then, the campaign has expanded beyond Lakewood to many cities throughout the US, with growing demand for more posters and table cards, as well as very positive feedback how people have changed their lives.
At that time the poster campaign was for a young mother of 5 who was in a comma, WITHIN A SHORT TIME OF THE POSTER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, MIRACULOUSLY HAD A COMPLETE RECOVERY. 
Those whom have already made the Kabbalah will tell you it was extremely difficult at first, but became easier with time. Now they have a renewed appreciation and respect for our Mikdash Me’at, and have better concentration when Davenning & have developed a closer connection to Hashem.
Please click below now to join together – Kish echad blev echad, and be Mekabel from today until Shavouos, not to use your phone in Shul as a zecus for these two girls to have a complete speedy recovery!
Anyone who would like to volunteer to hang posters today in local shuls; please email: [email protected]. TLS.
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  1. Kol Hacavod!

    I would humbly suggest it to include turning the phone off during davening.
    And if you really be an extremist, no using phone (voice or text) at all in shul.
    Shul is the place we communicate with Hashem, stop being a slave to your electronic master.

  2. Until Shavuos? Come on people! That’s it, do it for always. About a year ago I was mekabel to not ever look at or pay attention to my cell phone in shul. What a difference in davening, learning and kavana! Do it because it is a tremendous lack of derech eretz and yiras shomayim. Could you ever imagine standing in front of a dignitary (I won’t say parent because unfortunately I see people texting while talking to their parents…gevald) and paying attention to your phone at the same time? Try to imagine what Hashem is thinking while you do that!? This phone thing has gone WAY too far. People talk at a chuppah, shiur, levaya and even while having an audience with Hashem. So, I do not think that until Shavuos will cut it. Resolve to be a respectable human being and get your life back. Stop with the phone. May Hashem see that we care about his kavod and listen to us, his children. We need yeshuos. Lots of them.

  3. I will not check my Blackberry whilst i am the Chazan waiting to commence shmounai esrai

    I will make sure that neither I or my wife or children use thier cell phones whilst driving.

  4. TO #3

    Take it one day at a time big fellow no need to be in the biggest rodeo. Though that would be a tremendous accomplishment.

    2) INTROSPECT AND FIND THE AREA YOU CAN IMPROVE THEN MAKE A KABALAH AND FOLLOW THROUGH. (many of us already have the good sense not to use any devices in shul or yeshiva).

  6. #3 you are making a HUGE mistake. Taking on Kabalos without a realistic deadline is EXACTLY what the Yetzer Hara wants. Because he knows that if we take on more than we can chew, we will fail.

    The key to kabalos and all teshuva in general is slow, steady steps. Like chazal say “Pischu Li K’Pischo Shel machat… Open up for Hashem like a small hole of a needle” ONLY small yet steady steps can work permanently.

    Rav Dessler Zatzal writes that “Moshe requested from Paroh to leave and serve Hashem “for three days”. He did not do this to fool Paroh, rather he did this to “fool” the Bnei Yisroel that they werent giving up the culture of Mitzrayim forever (something they couldn’t fathom, believe it or not) rather for only a few days!”


    Besides, ANY teshuva, even if only for aday, is loved by Hashem

    Please be careful before you say (or post) things that can scare people off and make them think that if they give up cell phones in shul only until Shavuos it isnt worth anything.


  7. Just wondering what I may have said that would turn you off from this program. of course each day and each baby step is a step in the right direction. However, we daven in shul three times a day and hopefully come back for learning too. We have to really get into the HABIT of taking our lives back. Do you not miss the days where you could actually do something with an attention span of more that 20 seconds? Do you not somewhere deep down miss the days where you could drive to New York and actually think or talk to your spouse or children? Do you not wish that you could talk to a friend or neighbor without having him or her glancing downward and scrolling a blackberry? Do you really feel more free with all this available technology or do you feel like a prisoner in your own body? Most of us CAN really change that if we were determined. It can not be done with a couple of days commitment. It will take you a couple of weeks just to get out of mourning for your 24 hr. sidekick and best friend known as your cell phone. I could almost guarantee though that once a couple of weeks pass, you will feel like a million dollars in shul when you rekindle your long lost distaction free relationship with Hashem. And the same would be for your family if you put the phone away while doing things with the family. The kidsmight feel like they have their father or mother back. And most of all, you will take YOUR life back for yourself. Yes, you are a prisoner. Admit it. So, make the LONG TERM commitment. It might take a while but you will be happier one day. Hatzlacha to us all!

  8. I suggest you wait until Shavuos, and then post your opinion about continuing the new hanhaga for a few more weeks to me Marbeh Zechuyos for others (including oneself).

    But please don’t belittle the power of a changed hanhaga until Shavuos, nor the difficulty that those who are trying it will face.

  9. Shul is a place for Torah and Tefillah. Not a business center, smoker’s hangout, or Lashon Horah center. What’s the issue here? Just act like you’re supposed to in Shul.

  10. Cell phones bb etc are just a cordless leash
    Even in the most private places one goes the thing manages to ring you can’t find peace anywhere today
    Time to put them aside just to let your brain have a rest

  11. Great idea, may I also suggest everyone take on something bein adam lechavero like having an ayin tov towards all yidden, treay everyone with respect, you never know what another yid might be going through

  12. I usualy try to leave my phone in the car (charging) when I go to daven I found thatim able to concentrate beter (to say the least)

  13. I don’t daven in shul (when I do, I NEVER talk), but, I will IY”H be mekabel to have more kavana when davening.

  14. people, stop at stop signs- obey the rules of driving and stay off the phone while driving. Life is way to short not to be responsible

  15. What happens these days with cell phones during Davening? We say to ourselves, Hashem i am not going to talk on the phone i don’t care who it is if its my wife or if it says 911 i promise you i won’t talk during davening I’m just going to look at the caller ID. Now you tell me why is that just as bad as talking on the phone or even worse? When you see this number on your caller ID, your entire Davening just got lost. (the person might as well take off his Tefillin & go home) For the rest of davening you are all worried what could my wife want from me? Is it good or bad? Maybe i just lost a big chance of a business deal. I f you don’t recognize the caller ID your always thinking who could it be? Is it good or bad? & then your hands are shaking for the rest of davening. PROBLEM: we don’t realize who we are standing in front of & that he sees you looking at your cell phone at the EXACT SAME time that you are davening to Hashem. If you keep you cell phone in the car until you come back, Hashem will hear & appreciate your Davening much much more.

  16. There should also be a kabalah to watch children playing outside, everyone must be in seatbelts and/or carseats, to drive safely within the speed limit and of course No texting or hand-held talking behind the wheel!

  17. the equivalent of bringing a cell phone etc into shul is like someone putting a pay phone net to the aaron hakodesh. (heard from r’ zev cohen shlita (chicago))

  18. What did you do in shul before cell phones? I am still young enough to remember those days so long ago. Hopefully You davened. Yes people always talked in shul but the ability to do so was restricted because it had to be out loud. Stam a ha’arah be’alma:maihaicha teisi u always have to answer every phone call right away. Lu yetzuar they waited 15 minutes 4 a response what would happen. What would have happened before cell phones. Don’t let your cellphone be your puppet master.

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