LPD To BOE: Lack Of Busing Would Create Higher Accident Rate, Poses Added Pedestrian Safety Issues

[LETTER] “Based on my experience, the lack of busing within the school district would create a higher accident rate in town based on the thousands of additional vehicles on our already crowded roadways”, Lakewood Police’s Traffic and Safety department wrote in a letter sent to the BOE, obtained by TLS.

“In addition, this substantial increase in traffic volume would pose added pedestrian safety issues”, the letter stated.

Most Mosdos have already agreed to forgo evening busing on Thanksgiving to accommodate the drivers, but this letter puts the Mosdos in a tough situation, as it appears the Lakewood Police Department would rather the bus drivers work on Thanksgiving, to avoid any potential hazardous situations. TLS.


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  1. Thanksgiving is a National Holiday. This is The United States of America. Close the schools for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is not too much to ask.

    Instead of reporting the additional dangers, just close the schools on these days so that people that wish to observe these National Holidays can observe them, without restriction, with family and friends.

    This is merely a case of mutual respect, as well as respect for the National Holidays of this great and giving Nation.

  2. With all due respect, these schools are known as “private” schools. They choose when to have school and when not and this great country gives us the right to do as we so choose. If you have a problem with that, you might want to read the Constitution again.

  3. oh please…… look at the traffic on Route 9 from 2PM on it is grid locked, and Friday’s forget it, and you want to ADD HOW MANY BUSSES to this already congested problem.

  4. Private religious schools should not be told when they should or shouldn’t be open.That is what religious freedom is about.Nor for that matter should private enterprises like
    Wal Mart be told to close either.That is the essence of American Freedom.If there is an intrinsic insensitivity about being open on a specific day it should be taken into consideration but I don’t see even remotely how the behavior of the typical American on legal holidays gives reason to suspect such an insensitivity exists.

  5. But since Thanksgiving is not a working day their will already be thousands of less vehicles on the road which would off set an added increase in vehicle traffic because parents are driving their kids to school. Also if car pooling is promoted you wont see any increase from a normal day. Also thanksgiving is a national holiday and not a religous holiday. The communitee should be thanksful that they live in such a country that protects their beliefs and start to celibrate america.

  6. To Bill Hobday #2: While you do have a right to say that the schools should be sensitive to other who wish to take these holiday’s off, you don;t have the right to demand that schools be closed. The school administration has the right to set their schedule as they see fit and the parent body has the right to send to those schools are not. Personally, I think that educating children on national holidays sends a good message and is much more valuable for our nation than spending the day watching football and drinking… but that is what freedom is all about… the freedom to chose.

  7. In response to all those who question our patriotism and the need to have school on thanksgiving…
    1- The Jewish calendar is one that contains a significant number of religious holidays that cut into the number of school days per school year this unavoidable necessitates using as many other school days as possible. Many of you might be unaware but its not only Thanksgiving that is an orthodox Jewish school day but every Sunday of the year, and half of the summer. Most schools are off for only 4 weeks in the summer.

    2-Many of us actually do celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional manner or in other non-traditional ways.

    The foundations of our belief system not only warrant our heartfelt gratitude towards this great country for being the most generous and benevolent country ever, but warrants us to sincerely pray for its wellbeing and the success of its leaders. We are extremely proud to be Americans and consider ourselves very lucky to be a part of this great republic.

  8. Are you kidding?! Since when does the safety issue of no bussing play a role in the decisions of our mosdos? How many times a year do we brave unsafe road conditions when bussing is canceled due to inclement weather yet our schools are open? Carpooling on a legal holiday is a walk in the park compared to that!

  9. Hey Yankel:
    Where did you find EXTRA cops? We don’t have enough as it is and you found extra. I don’t think you know what you are talking about!!!

  10. how can i carpool? my car if full with my own children that have to be delivered to different schools and picked up in different locations at multiple times. and not everyone has off on thanksgiving. Just as the schools are open so are offices all over lakewood. it just means i will work hours less b/c i will need to sit in endless traffic waiting to turn onto my school’s block to drop them off. if you think there is less traffic during school drop-off and pick-up times on legal holidays it is clear to me that you have no school-age children and/or never carpooled them on such a day.

  11. Simple solution. Make believe thanxgiving is on Sunday and all your problems are solved. I never heard any complaints about carpooling on sundays before from anyone including the police dept.

  12. I agree with #5 that traffic is greatly decreased on Thanksgiving from regular traffic, so it should not be the big issue everyone is making it out to be. Just deal with it and show courtesy on the roads if you know everyone else has to steel their nerves to drive carpool just like you.

  13. from what i have learned the schools are being nice and trying to accomodate the drivers by closing it should be left up to the schools they will do the decent thing , i have also heard that it is the parents that are pussing for the bussing because as you can simply read it is to much for them to drive their kids all ove let alone have to put them in the car now wbout them being so seroius about education how can that be when every month they have some holiday off how about if they come and celebrate there holidays in school, i bet the drivers wont be so nice to pick the children up at the door any more.

  14. Mr hobdy, welcome to the USA. Were we have a right to have school whenever we want. If those that don’t want to fufill a contract that they agreed to they have a constitutional right to go find another job!!

  15. I never heard the LPD suggest that Yeshivos close their doors in inclement weather when the BOE cancels transportation – many a time I have driven my children to school on such days. Please let’s keep the kiddush H-shem going by allowing our drivers the afternoon off! Private school administrators can help the situation by arranging that students across grade levels leave at the same time so parents don’t have to keep driving back and forth to the same building throughout the afternoon. And administrators of schools right next to each other should communicate and arrange staggered dismissal times to alleviate road hazards and congestion in those areas.

  16. this is super.. now i can take advantage and fly to boston for dinner after i get done with the morning run.. good thing all the airline employees are still working so they can fly me lol

  17. Since I have Thanksgiving off, I will happily sit in traffic and drive my kids to school. I know it will take about an hour, but I will happily give up my hour to accomodate the bus drivers.

    A side thought: If all the men driving to Yeshiva would agree to carpool on Thanksgiving, it would definitely help the traffic situation.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  18. Me & my fellow Bus drivers are desperately in need of this extra day of work. We need the cash to buy gifts, you know. We finally have the opportunity and why are you snatching it away from us? Trust me, my boss has many many workers in Lakewood & in other towns, & there are enough drivers in the company that are jeallous of the Jewish routes. If anyone doesn’t want to work, there are plenty others who will take over their runs on the holidays.

  19. To School Bus Driver- please only speak for yourself. there have been dozens of comments from bus drivers who would like the day off to spend with their families. if you need the extra cash, how about you take one of their routes?

  20. Bottom line, There a far too many bad drivers in town that need a little recalibration (tickets) to correct their bad driving habits. Get use to the traffic, another 150K people on their way. Welcome to the CITY

  21. all these private schools should have an alternate plan for these holidays, find a private bus company that will work during the holidays.

  22. Thanksgiving is a day we give thanks for ALL our blessings: family; shelter; food; hopefully, health; and the freedom we have now because our forefathers gave their lives for it. I had many, many family members in the millitary fighting for our freedom; some came back – others didn’t. So you can all go back and forth with this. I know where ever I am, I’ll do the same I do every year. I’ll say a prayer, and say thanks. that’s it. Wish you all well. Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. To #18- big difference between a Holiday and Sunday. Firstly, Sunday the girl schools are closed, and secondly (welcome to Lkwd) the largest boy school in town supplies Sunday bussing to avoid the extreme danger of having everyone carpool.

  24. Its about one word RESPECT. Its not about busing or anything else.The root of the issue is we need to appreciate whats important to others even if it doesnt mean so much to you. The truth is we want people to appreciate our values and be sensitive to our needs its only decent and proper to reciprocate. Nothing will happen to anyone by taking 20 minutes out of their day to respect the dedicted people who take our diamonds to school each and every day. BE A MENTCH!!

  25. To “Be a Mentch”: Based on the comments on this site and others, the vast majority of parents do have tremendous respect and appreciation for the drivers. The community overall does appreciate others’ values and are sensitive to their needs – which is why many parents wrote that they will gladly drive despite the great inconvenience. (BTW, it takes much longer than 20 minutes to get the kids home on days like these – 1 hour or more is the reality.) Despite this great inconvenience, it seems that most parents would gladly do it so that the drivers can have the day off. If you are concerned about respect, perhaps you should comment on some of the many very hateful comments that were posted on app.com. Respect goes both ways.

  26. The Lakewood Cheder provides bussing privately to their schools on Sundays. Before this was instituted, there was awful traffic both on Clifton and on James Street. Now that they don’t allow carpooling on Sunday the roads are manageable.

    Well, relatively at least.

  27. It is times like this, when all people of good will can have an honest dialogue with each other. In a topic such as this, there is no right or wrong, there are only individual opinions.

    Mutual respect is the key to a successful dialogue between people that hold different opinions. It is my sincere hope that this all ends well, where everyone is happy with the outcome.

    As we continue to grow as a Township, new issues will arise. As they do, let us have a meeting of the minds to work together for the common good. Communications is the key issue. May G-D bless all.

  28. Its unfortunate that some people on the app.com comment section use this issue as an opportunity to express very racist and hateful views towards the orthodox community. Mr. Hobday, you are very right. Mutual respect is always called for.

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