LPD Explores Option Of Hiring Laid Off Police Officers

lpd_officersPolice Chief Rob Lawson tells TLS that the Lakewood Police Department is looking into the possibility of hiring previously laid off police officers from other Townships, should the department hire additional officers. Committeeman Meir Lichtenstien, who serves as Police Commissioner, presented the LPD and PBA with the idea, which he says is a good way to have the officers ‘hit the ground running’. 

The move, should it be approved, would save a substantial amount of tax payer money, as the officers are already trained by the P.T.C., the Police Training Commission, and would only require in-house training before getting them on the roads.

The flip side however, is that mentalities and strategies exercised by other departments, don’t always prove to be beneficial to the the new department.

That, says Lichtenstien, are some of the issues currently being discussed.

As earlier reported, the LPD is from the most understaffed department from surrounding Townships, and has a ratio of approximately 1 officer per 600 residents.

Brick Township, which has a population of 75,072 according to the recent Census, has a force of 125 officers, although the 2011 budget may require laying off some of their police officers.

Toms River, which according to the recent Census has a population of 91,239, has a police force of 153 officers, Chief Mastronardy tells TLS.

Lakewood, with a population of 92,843 according to the report, has a current police force of 115 officers, a ratio of 1 officer per 807 residents.

The Chief did not specify which Townships the officers would be chosen from.

If the Township Committee decides not to hire previously laid off officers, the officers would begin training in August. TLS.

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  1. “the LPD is from the most understaffed department from surrounding Townships, and has a ratio of approximately 1 officer per 600 residents” u forgot To write and the they get paid the most

  2. Get yur facts straight manchester makes more. they make 125k for a patrolman. Please get your facts straight before making comments thank you sir.

  3. Will they want to work here?? Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment- what if their old town finds the money and decides to offer the job back? Then you’re back to square one.

  4. “…As earlier reported, the LPD is from the most understaffed department from surrounding Townships, and has a ratio of approximately 1 officer per 600 residents…”

    Yes, it might be understaffed, – until you deduct the large number of fine, upstanding, law bidding group of citizens who moved here mostly from NY. Don’t forget- they amount to approximately 70% of the town’s population and they don’t cause any problems that would require a large police presence. Therefore, you cannot use the total population of the town to determine how many officers the town requires.

  5. #5- an LPD officer once told me that 3/4 of his calls for service (be in car accidents, first aid, you name it) are from that law abiding portion of the population you are speaking of.

    Just because they don’t tend to commit serious crimes does NOT mean they don’t use the police dept.

  6. The dept should not be wasting so much time and resorces on the upstanding portion. Maybe that way we would have less burglaries and murders in Lakewood.

  7. to 8 and 9- so are you recommending that the police don’t respond to residents’ calls unless they are burglaries or murders? When you get rear ended in your car or your child is missing, will you still call??

  8. No, I am recommending that the LPD changes their focus. They should spend less time securing events, directing traffic, community relations, predicting the weather and more time on combating crime.

  9. its easy to sit behind a computer and spit ideads….unfortunately policing encompasses al those things u describe #10 and more.

  10. The weather?? I didn’t know they were meteorologists. When they direct traffic for road work those are off duty officers who’s time is being paid for by whoever is doing the work- JCP&L, construction companies etc. The same for securing events. These things do not affect the number of police actually on duty and responding to calls/accidents/doing reports for the residents.
    The police dept is stretched thin by the volume of calls they have to respond to as it is. I’m sure there’s always room for improvement but they need more officers on the street to proactively fight crime.

  11. Great comment num 6. I love how other people try and make themselves.Sound better then everyone else. Please number 5 get over your self centered self and the belief that your community does no wrong

  12. There obviously many officers who are available to work, but instead they have the day off from LPD and are working for JCP&L. WHY??

  13. Why does Lakewood not hire some religious Jews from the community? There must have been a couple that took the NJ law enforcement exam. Heh?!?

  14. To number 16 we to get days off of work just like everybody else and some of us CHOOSE to work roadjobs with other companies such as JCPL but don’t worry the tax payers are not flipping the bill for those jobs the company pays for us.

  15. Number 20- Workers in the private sector get off when they NEED to take off, not to have second job. The idea that you can write “just like everyone else” shows you really do not understand what the average tax payers are going through.

    Before we hire anyone the Twp. Committee better work out a new salary and benifits package!!

  16. Out of the three townships mentioned in this article Lakewood is by far paid less… Also if they do decide to hire laid off officers from other towns what’s to say if their townships do find a way to hire them back why wouldn’t they leave Lakewood to go back. They would make more money and be in a town that they are familiar with. I’m pretty sure that most if not all people would leave Lakewood if that was to happen.

  17. It constantly amazes me the overall naivite of the people that post comments on this website. Does #16 really think that because a person is off from work that they choose to work an off-duty job over being at work humping calls? I’m sure if given the opportunity many officers would work 7 days a week, but that would cost so much in overtime that the town would definitely go bankrupt. Officers work 40 hours on the road just like the average employee of any job. Time spent beyond that is over time. This simple minded comments leads me to believe that the people do actually think of police officers not as people, but as robots or something of that nature. Really?!? Cops have families and bills and other responsibilities just like everyone else. The scehdules are made keeping that 40 hour work week in mind. For those that think that the Jewish population, the alleged “law abiding” population don’t take up much of the calls that the police go to, you are severely mistaken. 75% of the calls for service are for the jewish community or involve the community in some way or another. Whether its an accident, or the victim of a crime, or traffic or parking violations, easily 75% of the calls for service. A town very close to Lakewood has 92,000 residents roughly and 160 officers (roughly) Lakewood has more than we actually know due to a population that prefers to be uncounted, but conservatively 93,000 residents and 103 officers on the force. Plain and simple We Need More Cops. Don’t be ignorant to believe that you can deduct a portion of the population to determine how many police are needed in a given area.

  18. 21- Do you think the cops actually take a day off from there regular duty to work on the side??? They choose work those extra jobs on their days off- taking time away from their families. Just as others would take a part time job on the weekends or after their regular 9-5.

    Before people start telling the police dept how to improve or what is being done wrong- playing monday morning quarterback- they should inform themselves!! Ask questions and learn how things actually work!

  19. First the committeeman may have “suggested” the hiring of laid off officers but it has been suggested before. You hire them off the “RICE” bill. Officer’s, who are in good standing with their departments, but were laid off due to financial reasons.

    Second… Mr. Committeeman, please take a look around HQ before you hire more Officers. There are several Officers who continue to work INSIDE when they should be on the road. There are now SEVERAL supervisors who work side by side INSIDE who should be on the road. PUT THEM ON THE ROAD. You can hire an intern to do what they do inside, at 1/5th the cost.

    Third…I am not going to bash the community we work in. It can be very difficult at times to make everybody happy. We try to remain professional to the residents of Lakewood. Please just lock your car doors and your house doors and stop hiring “MARIA” to clean your house and watch your kids. When you do that it makes our jobs harder and we cannot remain proactive and police the town but instead we have to clean up your mess.

    Lastly…TLS may “moderate” this part nut here we go….2 Deputy Chiefs???? (moderated)

  20. You guys are right, how dare these cops have a day off… who says that really? Wow are you really serious guys with these comments. Also please have your facts straight regarding LPD being highest paid. Out of the top 5 “Big” Ocean County town, LPD is #5 by far, especially behind Manchester who has zero crime and patrolman who make 15k more than LPD patrolman.

  21. Hey pal you get real and your facts right…the governor makes 157k per year and Manchester patrolman do make 125k. Once again you people are misinformed

  22. I can’t believe the absurdity of so many of the comments on this post! I’ll just pick on the ones griping about “officers TAKING OFF and having second jobs”. You people obviously have no clue as to how the police department works. These officers work the same amount of hours any other employee does, just in 12 hour shifts. They therefore do not work every day of the week. If you wish to work 12 hour shifts,ask your boss. If he’s willing to work that way,you can also direct traffic for JCP&L the other days. I won’t say a word!

  23. Actually they work 10 hour shifts…4 days a week. They are over worked, dangerously understaffed, and under paid but they do their job well.

  24. It’s amazing how miss informed so many people are. The Lakewood police department handles far more calls for service with less officers then both Toms River and Brick. Lakewood is also the lowest paid and handle almost twice as many violent crimes as the other two towns combined. Lakewood is a town of 70,000 sheep surrounded by 25,000 wolves. If the sheep herders dont want to spend the money to protect the flock then they need to publicly state how much tax money is a human life worth. if the gang members don’t think twice about killing a police officer what do you think they will do to woman and children.

  25. Food for thought, that number of officers in the article of 115 is not entirely accurate. Of those 115 there are a number of officers who do not work in patrol and are in other areas. Say Detectives, Traffic and Safety, administration and so on. The number of officers on patrol is lower then what is used to average the amount of officers per resident.
    I think TLS should call the department and see if they can find out exactly how many officers are assigned to patrol so they can more accurately average how many officers are actually on the streets per residents in the town.

    The traffic jobs with the construction companies and utility companies again are all worked by officers on their scheduled days off, not on days when they are on duty. They are also payed solely by the company they are working for and the township also gets a cut of that money to cover fuel and vehicle costs.

  26. To #32, in dealing with the public at large, everyone should be treated equally across the board. There is no need to worry as an officer should be professional to all, but show favoritism to none.

  27. great posts!! its refrshing to see people who actually consult with their brains before using a blog to post their uninformed nonsense.

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