LPD: 26 Accidents Reported During Morning Commute

lpd snow tls Twenty six accidents were reported during this morning’s commute, and that was as of 9:15 AM, Detective Sergeant Greg Staffordsmith says.

Police have been responding to accident after accident, many of which involved cars spinning out and hitting other vehicles, poles or curbs. At least one involved a school bus as well.

Drivers are urged to use extra caution while traveling today, as snowy roads and freezing temperatures make for a dangerous combination. [TLS]

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  1. I’m just wondering if the roads were salted/sanded. If not, why not? Many accidents could’ve been avoided. My son’s school bus was skidding like crazy this morning! We pay taxes, and should get services. Instead, people have to pay for collisions, insurance premiums go up, etc. In addition, the police force is then stretched beyond their capability.

  2. Drive 5 minutes into Howell and the road is clear. Lakewood, with their wonderful public works dept. can not figure it out- SALT THE ROADS! Why do we pay property taxes and put up with this?

  3. Why in the world won’t the DPW start to salt/sand the roads the second it starts snowing?? I was out at 5 when it started and I didn’t see a single truck until 8:30??? Blows my mind how they get away with this again and again.
    How is what I asked so unreasonable?

  4. No need to wonder anymore… I’ll tell you…

    I was around town at 7am and did not see one salt truck or plow. Sure they are out now that the snow started melting a bit.

    This is an absolute joke that no one was out salting earlier… who’s job is it to make sure the trucks are out early enough? Whoever it is needs to get it together – If I do a bad job (or no work at wall for that matter) at my office… I’m fired.

    I hope money isn’t an excuse…. my taxes are paying for the loafing homeless people at “tent city” to have their garbage picked up, fires put put, & bodies removed. While all this money is going towards the freeloaders instead of going to more important things like plowing the street… meanwhile people who are actually paying taxes in this town have been involved in several accidents already today due to the lack of salting the streets.

    This happened last snow also. Who’s in charge here? This township is a joke!

  5. Wondering how many of the accidents were people rushing to get children to school? What is more important in weather like this,safety or education? Delayed openings or making up days later makes more sense. Call me crazy but I feel my child’s and my safety come first.

  6. I live outside west gate and from 7:00am until 9:00am my family saw to many accidents to count. one person going in even crashed into the stop sign knocking it down. many people did a complete 360 because it was slippery. buses were swerving all around too.
    I really wonder how many accidents there really was this morning including all the non reported ones?

  7. Doesn’t cost township anything when someone gets into a crash bec of slippery roads and their insurance goes up… Need fix two cars involved ..etc

  8. Lakewood: snowing and nice day, have a lot accident car. Every day special times. I am scare drive this time. The road mmmmmmm is better no speak about this. yes is true the road were unsalted.

  9. lets be clear Lakewood is broke , no money for roads . because this town spends way way way to much money on busing – free trash removal ect ect ect stop complaining. if we were to give up all the entitlements this town has there would be more then enough money !!

  10. I left work ( in lakewood) at 7:15 a.m. This morning and drove on same snow covered roads as everyone else and got home to see my road was still covered in snow as well and I made it safely!! Slow down..period. The speed limit is for dry normal driving conditions only!!

  11. to #18
    excuse me!! but when we pay taxes it is not called free entitlements. why do you say lakewood is broke? thats not true lakewood has had a surplus year after year. anyway bussing comes out of the board of ed. not the toenship coffers. so please don’t write things that are blattant lies!
    yes, shame on lakewood township for not taking care of the roads. other townships seem to figure it out. hey take a look at monsey, its a pleasure to drive there, all the streets are cleaned up in a very timely fashion.

  12. There were much more then 26 accidents this morning. I witnessed 2 within a 2 block radius, at the same time. people don’t always report them if there is minor damage. They just trade insurance info..

    After 30 reported accidents, there is no excuse for not salting/sanding the roads. This snow was no surprise. The people running this town are very nice people. However, being nice and helping certain interests is not enough. Particularly when the interests they are helping are decreasingly important to most residents in this town.

    If those running this town are incompetent in a task as simple as sanding the roads, they should be replaced. This is costing people money, and it is dangerous.

    i have seen comments that people should stay home, but it is not practical that every time there is an inch of snow on the ground that people have to stay home. The cost in lost productivity, in Yeshivas, Work and School far out weigh the cost of a some sand

  13. Would you people stop criticizing the twp i was out there at 7:00 this morning and saw them salting the streets there is only a certain amount of trucks that can salt it takes time maybe we should stop adding all this new roads bec we cant handle it will if everyone one wouldnt be rushing maybe there would be less accidents

  14. If they do such a good job in Monsey maybe you should move there. There are only so many trucks and workers,when the town says it want to hire more people everyone yells don’t raise my taxes. Can’t have it both ways,more workers or less taxes

  15. And in other news TLS is reporting that Township approval is being sought for another 62 homes to be built in an affordable housing project.

    The homes will require township services, like any other residents of Lakewood, but will have their real estate taxes deferred for 10 years. This amounts to roughly $480,000 in lost revenue to the Township, while increasing the costs.

    The houses are to be awarded by lottery. Does this make any sense. there are many residents of Lakewood who are in a similar financial state as the Potential “Lottery Winners”, yet their taxes will go up to subsidize them. I am failing to see the logic in this. Someone please enlighten me.

  16. to#23
    if they are adding new roads, that means adding new housing that means more taxes. so there is more money for more trucks/employees without having to raise taxes. believe me if the township were to be privatized it would be up and running on a fraction of the current cost.

  17. the county roads were not salted until 7 am which was normal starting time for the county workers. please call your freeholders and ask them why!!!!! the state was in at 12 am salting and lkw dpw was in at 5 am…….

  18. Slow down and pay attention, maybe you’ll realize the weather conditions NOT . There’s speed limits when its nice out, what do you think when it snows or rains. That doesn’t mean go faster !

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