Local Official: Ticket Blitz Continues, Despite Denial From High Ranking Cops

lpd ticket bliutz continues 4-22-10_wm“The Ticket-Blitz continues, despite the denials of high ranking cops” a Local Official, told TLS this morning. Over the last 48-72 hours, we have received dozens of emails about the out of ordinary Police activity, mainly in the Clifton Avenue area, as posted yesterday. “They are pulling people over for minor infractions-and I think it’s just pushing more and more people out of downtown” the Official, who for obvious reasons wishes to remain anonymous.” An email from Chief Lawson, which TLS posted yesterday, indicated that there was no official Ticket-Blitz currently taking place, others however, including the mentioned Official, wish to differ. (Attached photo submitted by a reader this morning)

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  1. I think Rob Lawson is trying to encourage everyone to fill out their Census Forms. I believe the cops ask two questions when they pull you over.
    1-Do you know why I pulled you over? (always say – NO officer… No Clue)
    2- Did You fill out your Census Form? (Always say Yes Officer, Now can I get off with just a warning please – you’ll be getting your bonus anyhow…?)

    Is that accurate?

  2. its the end of the month and thy are short theiir quota and people are being very careful as THEY AINT GOT NO MONEY TO PAY FOR TICKETS. p.s. who’s the wacko that’s obsessed with the census and keeps posting, please get a job sir!

  3. This is rediculous.You connot drive through clifton ave. these days without seeing someone pulled over. Its just not worth going shopping there. People will just start to avoid the place. The township is just so out of touch. They just inacted another ordinance(to let peds cross)to make it more difficult to drive around our downtown!!!

  4. I drive through lakewood every day. I think everyone is overreacting and making up hoaxes about a “ticket blitz.” Drive according to the law and with due regard for the other drivers and you wont get ticketed. Don’t blame the police. Keep up the good work LPD!!

  5. To Steve – No my friend – this is just a simple ploy to increase the Funding in the Township bank account.

    True – Ridiculous from a resident’s point of view but brilliant from a business perspective. This is similar to the Google strategy of paid per click – Every time a seat-belt isn’t clicked we pay the Township for it.. pretty simple. And just like Google adds premium features, the Township adds ordinances.. Here’s the retaliation strategy – Fill out the Census Form…….

  6. Dina Demalchusa Dina! Put on your blinkers, what.

    Tell the Cops that there’s free Coffee in BMG & efsher that will get them off Clifton.

  7. Oh no! We have to yield to pedestrians when they cross the road?! How horrible! Lets boycott all the businesses on Clifton Ave and start a riot!

  8. as i am doing a job on clifton i watched approx 3 – 4 cars a hour

    hershel too many cops on clifton nobody gonna come to your downdown u gotta be nuts to

  9. i love lawson hes a great guy but face facts cops are out to get bad drivers now … by the way lawson is a great guy do not i repeat do not say anything negative about him by the way they need to clean this gang stuff this can get bad real quick pss hershal for mayer

  10. Hey Bob – pretty stupid comment there……

    Did you fill out your Census Form? Just a little TLS Survey – trying to gauge the response amongst the ignorant….

  11. To # 7
    The pedistrian law is a state law not a local law.
    If you obey the law and dont do anything wrong you wont need to worry about getting pulled over!!!

    I dont understand why you (TLS and many ppl of this town) are making such a big deal out of this, just obey the law and there will be no issues!!!

  12. If you obey the law you dont have anything to worry about. Whats the issue here? Laws are made to maintain civility and to keep the people safe. I think its about time this happens. How many more lives have to be taken before the people in this town say enough. How many more lives have to be injured? You people that are complaining need to get a grip. I drive 2 miles from my home to work everyday. I cant get passed a stop sign without someone running it in front of me. I go down a street thats 25mph posted and I have been passed on the right, passed on the left, and 1 time passed on both sides while doing the limit. And I might add, there were children waiting on corners for school buses too. Everyone that has a drivers license has taken the same test and these laws are covered on this test. You have to understand these laws to pass the test. Thank you LPD for looking out for my safety and the saftey of the people of Lakewood. Some people just are never happy and theres nothing that ever will ever satisfy them. When they finally get things their way they will end up fighting amongst each other because they will find fault in them too. Run a stop sign, use a cell phone while driving, disregard traffic laws in other towns, you will get the same, so grow up and obey the laws and everyone be better for it.

  13. I have been driving down clifton avenue daily for the past 11 years and never ONCE gotten a ticket. WHY? because I dont speed, i dont run lights, run stop signs, double park, have unbelted children in my car, or break any other traffic law. There is no such thing as a “minor” offense that should be ignored by the police. A car is a 5,000 pound missile and the smallest of offenses can result in a death. PLAIN AND SIMPLE

  14. I wish this ticket blitz was real. maybe people would finally get off the phone will driving and make sure their kids are strapped in.

  15. Hey TLS – would you be able to enlarge the Picture for Bob to clearly see? After all he did fill out his Census Form and as a courtesy we should let him see the details before he jumps to conclusions. Would that be possible….

    Bob- did everyone in your town fill out their Census forms? You still didn’t tell us where you live…..

  16. woman weaving this morning, between double parked trucks and heading head-on at me until I laid on the horn. of course, holding her cellphone chattering away and blissfully unaware of people and vehicles around her. Someone is going to get hurt. better in the wallet than b’gufo. Go to it LPD and you dont have to call it a blitz, call it a lifesaving campaign. The (normal) people are behind you.

  17. Is this why we pay cops–who don’t even live in Lakewood– to go around like bullies giving tickets–7 times the amount of other municipalities? If you think this is some anti-downtown policy ordered by deleted to make HH look helpless, well maybe you’re right.

  18. Hire Mexicans for the police force. They’re not arrogant and they
    live in Lakewood, unlike so many of Lakewood’s police. This is so out of control that even Chief Lawson can’t stop it. Does anyone not know of a family member or themselves who have not received some ticket in the past 5 years? 3 years?
    When you’re driving and see a cop car do you right away get a little
    nervous- like they are out to get you? I know I’m gonna get 10 responses about driving carefully and no need to be nervous if you’re doing nothing wrong but come on. Ask people whether or not they feel this way. Look at the police records( they’re available to the public) and compare the # of tickets to any other town in N.J. Even allowing for the Brooklyn driving records of some residents the numbers are shockingly high.

  19. they should do a blitz in the areas where the ctiminals and gang memebers are hangin out in order to make it uncomfortable for them and not harrass people going on with their daily lives

  20. I think you are all nuts!!!! In order to get hired as a Lakewood police officer you must be a resident of Lakewood. I know a lot of the guys on the force and I can tell you first hand that most of them are from Lakewood, and some still live in Lakewood. Don’t break the law and you won’t have an issue plain and simple!!!!!!!! Clifton Ave. is a disaster and you all know it people drive how they want and park how they want. If the PD did nothing you would complain about that, and they are ticketing eveyone no matter what race or religion and that is a FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. tip off—-we will be out there on clifton ave. between 5th and 9th street 04-23-10 between 7 and 3 pm it might be wise to keep off the cell phone and keep it at 25 mph

  22. did it ever occure 2 any of u that if u break the law u will get caught,instead of bashing the cops and complaing,stop breaking the law,that might be a start

  23. This morning i got a ticket for parking facing the wrong direction. I have been living in Whispering Pines for 3 years already and nobody has ever been ticketed for this. This is the way the parking goes in nearly all the developments in Lakewood. It is very impractical to turn around because you would probably have to wait for 5 school buses to pass and most probably lose the precious parking spot. I dont think that it harms anybody at all what direction our cars are facing. Do you guys agree?

  24. the cops in this town are such great guys. they put up with our crazy bunch of people who think they own this town. Just because there is gang violence does not mean they shouldnt be giving out tickets to people who drive like wack jobs. Im sure there are some cops that dont like us but we tend to give them the reasons for it, like coplaining about them giving tickets or getting upset when they tell people countless times to move from an mva and not listened to.

  25. I feel bad for hh ..his primary reason for running is to get people to come to the downtown area….but this blitz could impact the oilam’s excitement to the downtown…

  26. to # 42

    The only reason why they CAN’T give tickets in most neighborhoods is because until all the construction is over and the builder officially finishes all the paperwork required to “give” the township permission to patrol there they are not allowed to give tickets because its considered private property. – (I could be wrong with the exact details but its something along those lines) – that’s why they cant go and give tickets, otherwise they should be giving tickets. There is no reason why half of the developments have 2 way streets or even parking on both sides, you could barely get through them!!



  28. to #42 you got the tic because you were parked illegally!
    we can’t have the local cops pick and choose who gets the tickets
    if you are doing something illegal then you pay

  29. A cop certainly can give you a ticket on private property. Did you know that you have the register and insure every car that you have, regardless of where its parked. So if you have a car in your driveway thats not registered and insured, you can get in trouble. So i’m pretty sure cops can give tickets in any development they feel like.

  30. a high five for all the comments that support the rare practice [at least in this town] of following rules and driving safely! rock on people!

  31. I’ve been living and driving in this town for the last 14 years and I’ve never been ticketed, why, because I obey the rules of the road and I’m courteous to other drivers even when they are not that friendly to me.
    So if you all obey the rules of the road then no one will be ticketed.
    The police are doing a great job, you break the law you pay, it’s that simple, so please stop the crying and just do the right thing.

  32. Hey #53 is it so hard to believe that someone can do the right thing for a change. No one is perfect but I choose who to fight my battles with, this is why I’m a God fearing law abiding citizen.

  33. No its not that hard to believe that you do the right thing, fear G-d, are a
    law abiding citizen. Guess what? So am I. Why are you so angry
    that people are outraged by this ticket blitz ( or do you deny this pre-meditated police action) ? Don’t lecture us how righteous you are and how law breaking we are. I hope this doesn’t offend you in any way because my only goal in life is to have your approval.

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