Live From 12-2: Therapy with LCSW Mordechai Weinberger; Submit Your Questions

mordechai weinberger live 2[LIVE AT 12] Beginning at 12 p.m., Social Worker Mordechai Weinberger LCSW will be answering your therapy questions – live on TLS.

To submit your questions which may be asked live on the air, you can call in during the show at 718-683-5858, or text your question to 347-927-8398. You can also submit your question in the comments section of this article, which Mordechai will read during the show.

Mordechai Weinberger is an experienced therapist for many years, and currently hosts a free phone line of various psychological programs that combine Torah and psychology. To listen to these Shiurim and to his daily questions and answers, you can call 718-298 2011. His Yiddish Shiurim are sold by Uvilechtichu Baderch in Batei Medrashi, and his English Shiurim are sold in Seforim stores

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  1. Thanks for your great show. It’s a real service to the Klal!
    We have a son who’s turning 3 in a few weeks. He is extremely smart. He can name every letter of the ABC (out of order) and the sound each one makes. His vocabulary and grammar are equal to that of a 4, or even 5 year old. He has great reading comprehension. His memory is amazing – he can quote whole books! He can also grasp concepts that other children his age wouldn’t. Everyone who meets him is impressed, and to quote his Morah (with 27 years of experience), “He is an exception.”
    The yeshiva we’d like to send him to does not have a nursery, and he misses the kindergarten cut-off by literally 3 weeks. We have asked a few people what they think of us “pushing” him to start kindergarten next year, and across the board everyone advised us that you don’t push boys (albeit for different reasons). We can’t imagine him going through another entire year of playgroup before even reaching kindergarten – where he will probably know most of the material!
    If we start him in kindergarten next year, and see that it really is too much for him, we have the option of repeating kindergarten… whereas no yeshiva would allow him to skip a grade ahead regardless of how advanced he is.
    What is your opinion of “pushing” boys ahead? Is there a blanket policy, or does each child need to be evaluated in his own situation?
    (One point to consider is that he is on the small side, and he is not very assertive among his peers. If we push him, he will most definitely be the smallest in the class.)

  2. Do u have advice on what to do when people are hurtful because they r jealous? We never had much money and always struggled to make ends meet. I had a very lowpaying job that didnt provide much for my family. My parents were always there and we got tremendous emotional support through our difficult time. Over the past couple of years I have gotten a new job with outstanding pay. I would say we live quite comfortably. We are always giving money to anyone who asks and never turn away an open hand. However, family memebers are no longer supportive of us. Even though, we wud give anything to them, lest I say that I purchased something that is a tiny bit pricey-I immediately get rounds of “I shud be quiet because even though I have so much money others dont”. They attack me like wolves at a sheep. If I try to not sound so wealthy, they attack me for being a faker. Im doomed either way. I feel like even though many of them benefit from our money, we dont have the warm support we used to. Its as if I have done something very wrong by now having money. What should I do?

  3. hi this is regarding tragedies that occur which you spoke about earlier. subconsciously i tend to not think about such tragedies because if i do i wont be able to function. so basically i hear about tragedies and my mind sort of disregards them and i move on, i do have a little it of a reaction but thats it and i know if i continue thinking about it ill go crazy. is this okay/normal?

  4. Hi I am a father of 2 kids bh & i am so shocked from this story what happened last Thursday I cant sleep cant do nothing fair of everything. I thinking 5 times at night to go out on st. Or stay alone at home.

  5. hi my husband runs a shabbat minyan and he tells me that a few men there act like babies, their 50+ years old! for example the’ll make fun of each other and disturb the shiur etc. this bothers me when my husband tells me these things. why are they behaving like this and how do you deal with them? (my hus. ignores them)

  6. my 12 year old constantly argues and judges what I say? very negative, as much as i give compliments, i cant control it and be critical and yell at him when he argues. what can i do? should i just ignore it, or not tolerate it?

  7. also is it possible to put your stuff online from phone line. so much easier, no clicking beeps, and being able to pause and forward. please …. i would love to have all your speeches (not only from hidabroot) online? i’m sure i’m not the only one.

  8. Good Afternoon,
    I’m listening to your show on at work right now. Thanks so much for being out there. I don’t want to go in to much details right now because I will take up to much time of your show. I know it’s not a two minute answer.
    At a later time, I will try my best to write something not to lengthy, so maybe you can give me some tips and chizzuk.
    But for now, I’ll ask one question please. Do you have any good recommendations on a book for Adults with ADHD. I know if I start shopping for a book i’ll find to many books and won’t know which one to start with. I’d like one or two books, that will explain ADHD in general and also how to cope and tools how to change etc..

    Briefly, I’m an Adult in my 30’s and was very recently diagnosed with ADHD.
    Only ten days ago I didn’t even realize I have it or I should say this is what I had all my life, even though I do understand I had it all my life. Now looking back, I see all my symptoms going back as far I can remember.
    B”H I had the strength to start treatment right away and I’m aware that there is much more help “with” the pill to help me focus and change certain behaviors and coping mechanisms to help make life a little easier.
    Thank you again, and Hatzlacha Raba on everything you do.


  9. i suffer from anxiety not based on fears or phobias but based on perfectionism. never calm or happy. my head always jumps to worse case scenerios on how thing will not work as i planned, get dirty etc. im always exhausted from running after my to do list and cleaning up. i listened to ur hotline recording about anxiety. will just those tools help or do i need professional help? thank u!

  10. could it be for the swimming girl refusing to go to swimming it’s because she is self conscious about her over weight? the mother just mentioned that at the end of the call. can you please address the emotional self esteem side of the question please?

  11. Was my question answered on the air and I missed it? or you don’t give recommendation over the air? I got a call and couldn’t multitask.

  12. question for you:
    what do I do with a 13 year old girl who is trying to be cool by being nasty to other people especially her younger sister?
    also, when I try to correct her on anything, she gets really annoyed at me even if I am being very gentle and reasonable. she will not listen to any advice/criticism…

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