Live at 12: Mordechai Weinberger: Marriage: Common Mistakes that Cause Big Issues

mordechai weinberger tls[LIVE 12-2PM] Beginning at 12 p.m., Social Worker Mordechai Weinberger LCSW will be answering your therapy questions – live on TLS.

To submit your questions which may be asked live on the air, you can call in during the show at 718-683-5858, or text your question to 347-927-8398. You can also submit your question in the comments section of this article, which Mordechai will read during the show.

Mordechai Weinberger is an experienced therapist for many years, and currently hosts a free phone line of various psychological programs that combine Torah and psychology. To listen to these Shiurim and to his daily questions and answers, you can call 718-298 2011. His Yiddish Shiurim are sold by Uvilechtichu Baderch in Batei Medrashi, and his English Shiurim are sold in Seforim stores.

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  1. I wanted so if you can give some advice on how to pick a competent therapist. After I called relief they gave me a few phone numbers but I need someone that is as on a ball andintuitive like you how can I ask a therapist if they are experienced intreating the sub conscious and not cbt sub car

  2. Rabbi Weinberger, First of all thank you for being out there. I’m a male in my 30’s Very recently diagnosed with ADHD after my 9 year old daughter was diagnosed. Which is known to be very common to get diagnosed after having a child with mirroring symptoms.
    Even as a child I was never hyper, and B”H my daughter isn’t either. We have the inattentive type. I’m not going to take up your whole show talking about my self growing up. And about how I was treated for getting a 16 on my test. Or for not getting a %100. One thing I know is that B”H my daughter is much luckier than I was.
    My question to you now is. And it is for me.
    My daughter is in a very good program B”H
    What can you suggest for me, other than therapy which I’m in. and medication which I’m on. And I’m still trying to adjust but I’m in it to win it.
    What can you add? example: How can I daven one shmoina Esra with out my brain flying all over the place? I finish Thilim at least once or twice on Shabbos, but I do not remember what I read on the previous page. Any ideas? I’ll be on for the next two hours.
    I have so much more to ask and talk about that I think could help a lot of people. But I understand that we can’t take up to much time. maybe another time.

  3. In regards to the borderline grandparent/parents & the Mitzvah of Kibbud Av V’eim, would you be able to share which Rav is competent and knowledgeable in these issues and be able to guide thru Dass Torah?
    Thank you for your time and for such a great show!

  4. i’m really lucky to have gotten married to a very loving patient guy. however i’m a social person and love to go out with friends, and was very disappiointed when he refuses to go out together as couples with friends. hes’ friendly, but is more a family man. it made me over the years extremely lonely, when all my friends go out together, but i don’t get to join, since he doesn’t want to.

  5. hi my 9 year old daughter is the youngest in a family of older children. she is very manipulative and spoiled . when she comes home from school and i say hi- how was your day? she will say “Ma u didnt greet me loud enough say it again” or if i tell her to go get in pajamas and brush her teeth she will say “what shud i do after pajamas” she knows good and well what to do and like asking over and over the same thing as if she didnt hear me. she is driving us all nuts plz give me tips how to stay calm when she acts like a two year old that doesnt comprehend. she is very bright and top of her class thank you

  6. Love the show and I am envious of your schar.
    my son 16 yrs old, has a problem expressing himself (sort of keeps his emotions to himself). he also has a problem with word retrieval. Do you recommend a speech therapist that can work with his age.. He is not very young and I do not have time to play around..

  7. Thank you for taking my question above.

    *****PLEASE READ*******
    ****REPLY TO POST #2****
    By the way, you right on. I do have plenty of stress. And my meds are not completely adjusted yet. I also need to educate my self , with what are my expectations with the meds. And what am I really capable of doing as having ADD ? I always thought to my self, even before being diagnosed. Even if I don’t understand a word that I’m saying Hashem dose understand. And that’s what I need.

  8. Re: the 9 year old. The tougher i get wih her the tougher she gets. Shebecomes extremely chuzpadik and nasty and just ignores what i say and calls my name again and again and again! Ignoring her doesnt help. After a while she will come to say sorry and if she can start over. This happens every day. How can i explain to her ahe cant misbehave and then start over as if nothing just happened. Thank you

  9. Responding to the caller / teacher about the student with ADHD.
    If I my ad, the child is suffering.
    Please recommend the teacher tell the parent to call Ptach in Brooklyn. And maybe she calls her self ans ask if they give course for teacher.
    They save life’s.

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