List local establishments still requiring masks indoors

After Friday’s post asking readers to list places no longer requiring masks, many reached out to TLS asking for a list of places still requiring masks – as many would look to shop elsewhere so they’re not harassed for being maskless.

In the comment section below, list establishments still requiring and enforcing masks.

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  1. It could be worded a little nicer… I would like to know which places are still requiring masks so I should know where I need it. While I personally am not concerned anymore and prefer to not wear a mask, I understand some people are still worried. I want to know which stores I can comfortably walk into without a mask and which I still need a mask if I choose to shop there.

    • Your comments are cruel and rude.

      For the record, I am vaccinated and now allow myself to go to public areas maskless. Previously I did not, respecting the law of the land.

      The law presently allows businesses to still require masking.

      Businesses might want to continue their masking to make unvaccinated individuals able to shop without fear.

      Whatever their reason, if a store continues to require masking, they are doing so because they believe it is their customers’ best interest. You have to respect that.

      I think it is spiteful for you to encourage people to not patronize them.

  2. Agree 100% with Understanding’s comment. I’m ok with going without a mask as I’m fully vaccinated etc but last think I want to do is make anyone feel uncomfortable. I feel like it’s still a bit tricky to figure out what is most accepted.

  3. The rules were really only relaxed for those who are already vaccinated, encouraging people who aren’t vaccinated to shop maskless doesn’t really help anyone.
    And although I’m vaccinated, I’m happy to wear a mask wherever it’s still required or if it would make anyone else feel more comfortable, just have to know which places are still requiring it.

  4. Just got yelled at in a store that doesn’t require masks by a vigilante customer who failed to notice the other 60% of the shoppers not wearing masks but absolutely noticed the guy with the kippa not wearing one. I gently pointed out that it’s no longer required and he felt a little dumb (maybe disappointed that he couldn’t post about me on his Facebook page etc.) just saying beware of getting yelled at even where masks aren’t required.

  5. I agree with ‘understanding’. A business can choose to add safety measure, even if not required by law. And we want all business to have businesses, and not to even lose one sale. I do no think that they are ‘harassing’ anyone for being massless. If they have a sign at the front door, it is straightforward.

    • We live in a capitalistic society. Businesses can choose to make their own decisions as to what is best for their businesses. At the same time, customers can choose which businesses to patronize according to their interests. There is nothing wrong with posting different business’ policies so customers can choose where to shop. This isn’t a boycott, its just helping customers make their own choices.

  6. Encouraging people who are vaccinated to shop with a mask doesn’t really help anyone. And although I’m not vaccinated, I’m happy to take off my mask wherever required or if it would make anyone else feel more comfortable, as i am just trying to be polite and please everyone around me……………..

  7. From what I have read of the new regulations:
    You do not need a mask if you are vaccinated…………
    If you are not vaccinated – you still need the mask………..

    • From what I have read…
      The law does not require anyone to wear a mask (except in certain locations). Those that are not vaccinated are urged to wear a mask,but not required.

  8. Can we please get clarification on Stop and Shop, if they no longer require, perhaps take down first comment, so not to hurt their business unfairly.

  9. I don’t understand. You want to wear a mask, great. You don’t, also great. Publishing names of stores to avoid? So they’ll get less parnassa? Aren’t you sick of galus? Do you want HKBH to punish you? Do you even know what you’re saying? Am I the one who’s clueless? This post seems like bad middos. If you don’t like a store’s policy- don’t shop there.

  10. If everyone would spend their time getting vaccinated instead of being rebellious and posting senseless comments we would get to a point where all places would feel comfortable with not having to enforce masks. Do you complain and boycott airlines or are you not going on vacation because u have to wear s mask on the plane

  11. I was in howell Wal-Mart last night with my little girls (none of us were wearing masks). Halfway through shopping an employee comes after us… “excuse me!!! the kids need masks, cuz they can’t be vaccinated!!!!” I was shocked! Another customer nearby overheard and was just as appalled!

  12. Bank of America on Friday said that their company policy still requires masks.

    (That and a good pair of sunglasses will make for an easy getaway. LOL)

  13. Dollar general is not requiring masks for the unvaccinated but recommending. I was there without a mask but felt the odd one out as I was the only one not wearing a mask. So I put one on

  14. Reply to “caring”

    NO, I would NOT risk my life to get vaccinated. & it doesn’t mean rebellious if we know that masks don’t really help too much. Whoever wants to protect THEMSELVES & thinks that masks help them, they can continue wearing one or even two at a time, but not drive other people crazy cuz they didn’t do proper research if masks really work, or if those questionable “vaccines” work. B”h I have a natural “vaccine” for. Hashem, & have natural antibodies to protect me & I believe that’s the most healthy way for the body to protect oneself & even where the antibodies are gone or if anyone got corona & didn’t get antibodies, we still have the T-cells that protect us which is not shown on the blood test. & even for those that didn’t have corona yet, b”h it’s not a deadly disease anyone, cuz first of all there are so many things avail to get healed from it, from ivermectin, to hydrochloroquine, to plasma, to much more, & plus we basically don’t hear of it anymore cuz we established herd immunity, esp in the frum population. It’s not the vaccine that stopped it. It stopped already when the vaccines were starting to be given out. Actually most people in the hospitals that have corona are those that got it after taking the vaccine, interestingly.
    So basically there’s nothing what to worry about now, so no need for masks. I’m actually more worried being around people that DID get the vaccine cuz they shed off spike proteins which is not safe for anyone around. Do you research everyone.

  15. Actually u do research.
    The numbers in unvaccinated Americans right now are just as high as the winter except many are vaccinated so those are included in the total population so the numbers look lower. risks to unvaccinated are the same. Now if you’ve had covid and tested recently for antibodies that’s different

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